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(2024 July 12): Press Release: Remarkable convergence of gravity theory and empirical evidence has revealed the cosmic-scale geometry of the Universe.
The DSSU research article "Natural Cosmic-Scale Geometry of Our Universe" has now been published. Links are posted here. □

Meanwhile, the war on civilization escalates:
● See the reports at Big Sky Free Press –Beyond the Headlines (
● Assassination attempt on President Donald Trump (

(2024 June 21): After some now-familiar rounds of fake reviews and rejections, the latest DSSU research article —entitled Natural Cosmic-Scale Geometry of Our Universe— has been accepted for publication. It is an outstanding work, outstanding in the sense that the underlying theory agrees wonderfully with the empirical evidence —the abundant and incontrovertible astronomical observations. This is science of the highest standard. And yet, one reviewer flatly asserted, “It is completely unscientific,” and recommended rejecting the article (prompting the editor of the Journal of High Energy Physics, Gravitation and Cosmology to decline its publication). What!? Thirty-eight supporting references is not science!? And what about the text and diagrammatic content being as clear as a cloudless day? … Yes, that journal, and two others, recognized a serious threat to their sacred Worldview. □

Meanwhile the decline of civilization and the loss of freedom continues.
   There is an ongoing reinstitution of the ancient practice of slavery. "During this revival of servitude and oppression, the systems of enslavement have been greatly upgraded and enhanced, for the purpose of effectively enslaving the entire human race."
   "One of the true motivations behind the DNA altering vaccines, that are being imposed on all of humanity, is to genetically engineer mankind with a view to create a new model of human that will perfectly obey their modern masters."
–Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, Corona Investigative Committee, Grand Jury Summary ( )

(2024 March 8): The Cosmic Geometry paper is currently being peer-reviewed.

Meanwhile:The disintegration of Western civilization is proceeding so rapidly that I cannot keep up with it even as a full time job. … It is happening right in front of our eyes.” –

(2024 February): New research paper, focusing on the large-scale geometry of the Cosmos, is currently being readied for publication. It details the arrangement of gravity cells and how the rhombic dodecahedron is embedded within a superoctahedron.

Meanwhile: Reflect on the mega-crime of the last century —Dresden Hellstorm (February 13-15, 1945). It is appalling to think its perpetrators were actually hailed as war heroes!
The Blood of Dresden by Kurt Vonnegut
Dresden 1945: The Devil’s Tinderbox by Charles Lutton

(2023 October): The Gerhard Herzberg Award, 2023: Canada's most prestigious prize for science and engineering went to Yoshua Bengio, a scientist who helped make the AI revolution possible. As the scientific director of the Montreal Institute for Learning Algorithms and professor at the University of Montreal, he is both excited and cautious about the future of the technology he helped create. Congratulations.

(2023 October 12): George Orwell Free Speech Award, 2023: Congratulations to Jurgen Neumann who was presented with the award “For outstanding courage in challenging censorship and defending freedom in pursuit of the truth and for outstanding talent as a freedom communicator & videographer …”

(2023 September): Newly posted: Question regarding The Fermi Paradox. Where are other advanced civilizations?

Meanwhile, history continues to repeat itself and teach essential lessons:
“As is becoming increasingly more obvious, even to historical novices, mainstream academia, mass media and what passes for journalism these days is agenda driven, not truth driven. Certain narratives and ideas that advance particular agendas are elevated and promoted, while dissenting or alternative perspectives and viewpoints are hysterically dismissed or censored.” –The Barnes Review Vol.29, No.5 (Sept/Oct 2023, p69)

(2023 August): Important UPDATE to the so-call discovery/detection of gravity waves (the ones predicted by Einstein’s geometric gravity theory). Turns out no gravity waves were detected! Just as I had suspected and reported years ago. … What the LIGO and VIRGO teams actually found was a match-up between measured signal noise and preprogrammed idealized wave patterns (i.e., computer stored preexisting general-relativity gravity waves). It was simply the result of a computerized search to obtain a very approximate and partial fit between measured signal and simulated “chirps.” …What was presented to the ever-credulous public was not the actual recorded waves, but rather the pre-stored-in-computer-memory idealized wave patterns! Such are the findings of a collaboration of four researchers. [Abstract & link to full article in the International Astronomy and Astrophysics Research Journal]

Meanwhile, the collapse continues:
“The United States is falling apart in real time.” –The Barnes Review (July/Aug 2023, p30)

Suppressed is the essence of the spirit needed to resist the accompanying enslavement: “That traditional suspicion and disdain of an overreaching centralized government; that ambitious, fearless, risk-taking outlook; that love of individual liberty and personal freedom; that hardworking, productive, can-do attitude —these and similar characteristics are the essence of the true American spirit.” –The Barnes Review (July/Aug 2023, p22)

(2023 July 28): Author’s Curriculum Vitae has been updated to include the discovery of meta-thermodynamics processes.

(2023 July 21): The revolution in cosmology continues. The first documentation of Nature’s entropy-lowering mechanism —involving a structure encompassing two separate and independent processes— has been published. The latest DSSU article presents a discussion of how cosmic-scale entropy neutrality is maintained —how two processes prevent the Universe from ever running down. Press Release.
Meanwhile: The Great Enslavement continues. The ongoing implementation measures and events —including real and imagined crises— are too numerous for the average person to keep track of, let alone deal with. Sometimes too covert to recognize. Oftentimes seemingly benevolent, like the pending implementation of digital currency. And always propagandized.

(2023 July 1): The report on Nature’s Entropy-Lowering Processes has been accepted for publication. Five of five journal-appointed Reviewers deemed the research article to be "scientifically correct." ... Details to follow.

(2023 March 24 ... April 15): Latest research paper Nature’s Entropy-Lowering Processes is currently under review.

Meanwhile: Tyranny in Canada! The persecution of Pastor Artur Pawlowski. Listen to the incredible first-hand account: Just Right Program #802 (2023-3-16)

(2023 February): DSSU research article currently being prepared deals with entropy ... with a focus on Nature's remarkable entropy-lowering mechanism.

(2023 January 16): Who would believe it! An American official holiday for communism and its foremost promoter. Clearly the lessons of history have been ignored … all the while the repression, and enslavement, continues.

(2023 January):  DSSU Cosmology is now into its 22nd year on the Internet —the revolution continues.

ANNOUNCEMENTS & comments from earlier years are available HERE.

(2022 December 28): Now PUBLISHED !

“Laws of Physics Twentieth-Century Scientists Overlooked”

Available on
and on

The Nature of Gravitational Collapse

Subtitle: How the photon, the particle of light, is responsible for mass, gravity, superneutron stars, and supermassive black holes

—Reveals the truth about stellar and supermassive black holes.

This work contains 311+ pages, 67 illustrations, references, and index. …
Second printing details (2017 November)
First printing details (Lambert Academic Publishing, 2017 July)

Guide to the Construction of the Natural Universe

Participate in a unique exploration of the Cosmos: venture into the sub-atomic realm, even into the sub-quantum realm where the roots of reality reside, and into the domain of cosmic-scale cell-structure and beyond to infinity. Along the way, discover the cause of mass, the cause of gravitation, and rediscover Einstein’s “nonponderable” aether and Heraclitus’ harmony-of-opposites principle. … The book represents the ultimate vindication for all the skeptics who resisted the "preposterous" Big Bang mythology and who refused to join the exploding-cosmos religion.
The book contains 317 pages, 61 illustrations, references, and index …
Available from C-FAR Books.
Or use this mail-in Order Form.
(Also available at  Niagara Falls Public Library)


Mass-to-Energy Conversion, the Astrophysical Mechanism –Published in Journal of High Energy Physics, Gravitation and Cosmology, Vol.5, No.2 (2019). HTML version.

Nature’s Supreme Mechanism for Energy Extraction from Nonmaterial Aether –Published in Infinite Energy Magazine Vol.24, Issue#144 (2019 March/April)

The Nature of Gravity –How One Factor Unifies Gravity’s Convergent, Divergent, Vortex, and Wave Effects –Published in the International Journal of Astrophysics and Space ScienceVol.6, No.5, 2018.
Natural Mechanism for the Generation and Emission of Extreme Energy Particles –Published in Physics Essays Vol.31, No.3, p358 (2018). (Reprint)
Sachs-Wolfe Effect Disproof –Published in the International Journal of Astrophysics and Space Science, Vol.6, No.1, 2018. ( Abstract & Links.)

"The Nature of Gravitational Collapse"
–Published in American Journal of Astronomy & Astrophysics. ( Abstract and Links.)
(Note, there is a typo in AJA&A posted version in the Fig-10 caption. It should read: … acceleration is proportional to 1/r2.)

Glossary of Terms used in Cosmology and Astrophysics with particular emphasis on DSSU theory.
(Opens in separate Window or Tab)


Mysteries & Paradoxes that Plague Standard Cosmology  (Updated 2015-7)

Cosmology Crisis of 1998 (Revised 2015-5)

Critique of Conventional Cosmology ... comments relating to the 'preposterous' expanding-universe paradigm.
Bafflement —the remarkable admission of a physicist.
The Cosmology Debate That Never Happened   —During the 20th century there was a decades-long debate: The cataclysmic expanding universe VS the stable expanding universe. But there has never been a debate of the dynamic expanding universe VS the dynamic non-expanding universe. (Posted 2011 Oct)

Models of the Universe —Historical, Expanding, and Cellular universes. INCLUDES USEFUL TABLES FOR COMPARING THEORIES.

The Universe Is Infinite (Part 1) —overcoming a "central" problem of cosmology theories.

The Universe Is Infinite (Part 2) —an explanation of how the universe can always have existed and will always exist.

DSSU, The Non-Expanding Universe: Structure, Redshift, Distance —A long sought-after goal of astrophysicists has been a formulation of cosmic distance that is independent of the speed of light. The goal has now been achieved. The present Paper details the surprisingly simple distance expression and its validating agreement with Supernova data.

Why Copernicus Did Not Need a Force of Gravity —Explores the question of why no one, except Newton, invoked a force. (Re-Posted February, 2014)

Gravity and Lambda —A Story of Opposites (.htm) —A story of opposites in harmony. Key differences between the Conventional Cosmology and the New Cosmology are presented.

Dynamic Cosmic Cell —The Structural Component of the DSSU —Animated image and discussion of the self-sustaining, self-balancing system.

Why Einstein Did Not Receive the Nobel Prize for His Theory of Relativity —“By 1922 Einstein had been nominated about fifty times —most were for his relativity theories.”

Questions & Answers & Comments


(2016 June) FREE DOWNLOAD details:
DSSU Validated by Redshift Theory and Structural Evidence
, Physics Essays, Vol.28, No.4, p455-473 (2015 Dec) —Delivers the coup de grâce to the Big Bang. Abstract & Links.
Both Reviewers enthusiastically endorsed this "well-written and incisive article."

The Dynamic Steady State Universe.
This work brings together the main pieces of the cosmic puzzle in a step-by-step construction of the Natural Universe. Published in Physics Essays Vol.27 No.2 (2014 June issue) (PDF download)  "... the arguments are well-made. The article is competent, enjoyable and readable." —Reviewer for Physics Essays Journal

Olbers’ Paradox Resolved for the Infinite Non-Expanding Universe
, American Journal of Astronomy & Astrophysics Vol.4, No.1, (2016 January). Abstract & links. Reprint PDF.
● “The man accredited with discovering universe expansion did not believe that the universe was expanding. Hubble was convinced that the key evidence, the cosmic redshift, was caused by some other factor, something more fundamental than mere expansion.”
● “With the recent discovery of a new cosmic-redshift mechanism, and its theoretical validation, it turns out that Hubble was right.”
● Explains how “an infinite, non-expanding, perpetually regenerating universe" is able to predict a dark night sky.

Cosmic Redshift in the Nonexpanding Cellular Universe  ( Journal links ) —details the actual causal mechanism. Published in the American Journal of Astronomy & Astrophysics, Vol.2, No.5 (2014) Abstract.
Local copy with quality images: (Reprint pdf).
• Entirely new concept for cosmic redshift mechanism;
• Retains the foundation premise of all modern cosmology;
• But does not require whole-universe expansion;
• A redshift based on the DSSU theory of unified gravity & cosmic cellular structure;
• Remarkable agreement with independently established redshift distances.

The Cosmology Debate That Never Happened
What historians call "the greatest cosmological debate in history” was between TWO  expanding universes —two hypothetical models that share the same, I repeat, the same foundational property! If one is to claim some great clash of ideas (let alone the "greatest") then surely there must exist some deep dividing difference! (Posted 2011-10)

The Case for a Cellular Universe
—the Story of a Baffling Omission in Modern Cosmology    (Rev2014)

Large-Scale Structure of the Dynamic Steady State Universe published in the American Journal of Astronomy and Astrophysics, Vol.4, No.6, 2016, pp.65-77. Astract and Links.
■ Presents the first 2 of the 4 main postulates that define the DSSU.
■ Space-medium expansion and contraction are perpetually held in balance, thus ensuring a non-expanding universe.
■ Explains how the two dynamic processes of the DSSU’s space medium sustain the cellular structure responsible for the pattern of matter distribution in our Universe.

Galaxy Morphology:

Ellipticity, Its Origin & Progression in Comoving Galaxies,  American Journal of Astronomy & Astrophysics, AJAA, Vol.3, No.2, 2015.
Journal  Abstract and Links.
Local  high-resolution PDF.
HTML version available from AJAA here.
• Provides the first-ever natural explanation for the cause of the elliptical shape of nonrotating galaxies
• Retains the foundation premise of all modern cosmology but rejects the absurd concept of whole-universe expansion
• Takes full advantage of the universe’s cosmic cellular structure and exploits the DSSU theory of unified gravity domains
• Amazingly, the mechanism that stretches galaxies turns out to be the very same mechanism that causes the cosmic spectral redshift!

Cosmic-Redshift Distance Law Without c Without H Comments & Links Simplifying the redshift-distance formula by removing the speed-of-light constant and the Hubble parameter —while maintaining agreement with observational evidence.


Cosmic Core website: Lavishly illustrated. Includes many articles discussing DSSU theory and cosmology.

New Illuminati
–The DSSU is The New Cosmology

New Illuminati –Hidden Substrate of Reality

Big Bang Never Happened –Home & Summary

Just Right program #623
Canadian broadcaster Robert Metz focuses on cosmology. This is a superb show in which he exposes the absurdity of the Big Bang hypothesis, delves into some key aspects of the DSSU, and praises the veracity of the modern steady-state perspective.
Originally aired 2019-9-19.


DSSU Theory:

DSSU Validated by Redshift Theory and Structural Evidence, Physics Essays, Vol.28, No.4, p455-473 (2015 Dec) —Delivers the coup de grâce to the Big Bang. Abstract & Links.
Both Reviewers enthusiastically endorsed this "well-written and incisive article."

A historical tour of universes culminating with the Natural Universe —This essay gives a thematic tour of historical and modern universes. ... While the Universe is endlessly speaking, forever sending signals; philosophers and scientists listen and interpret.

Currently undergoing revision and updating: Theoretical Foundation and Pillars of the Dynamic Steady State Universe —The first complete presentation of all four postulates of DSSU theory. A powerful paper that resolves the cause-of-causes paradox, explains the non-independent nature of time, and reveals the 'supreme advantage'. It includes a concise comparison with standard cosmology focusing on real-world viability.

The Fundamental Process of Energy —A Qualitative Unification of Energy, Mass, and Gravity. (Abstract & Reviews & Links) … This article reveals the secret behind photon confinement. (Contains only a bare minimum of mathematics and mainly in one of the 14 sections.)
PART 1 published in Infinite Energy Magazine Issue #113 (Jan/Feb 2014)
PART 2 published in Infinite Energy Magazine    Issue #114 (Mar/Apr 2014)

Headlined as:
A "Conceptual Unification of Energy, Mass and Gravity"

Dynamic Cosmic Cell —The Structural Component of the DSSU —Animated image and discussion of the self-sustaining, self-balancing system.

Unified Gravitation Cells of the DSSU —Constructing the Universe with Cosmic Gravity Cells

Aether Flow Equations and Expansion-Contraction Rates (pdf) —This paper explores the mathematical aspects of the two space-medium postulates of DSSU theory —and uncovers some profound consequences.


Documentary movie footage in which Einstein states, "There exists an aether"
High resolution .mpg video.
Low resolution .wmv video.

The Aether Experiments and the Impact on Cosmology —Aether was detected first in 1887 and then several more times during the 20th century. Its 21st–century "rediscovery" (in 2001) led to the long-sought causal mechanism of gravity —a discovery which has revolutionizing cosmology.

Michelson-Morley and the Story of the Aether Theory —Richard Milton's analysis of the historical details involving the misrepresentation, bias, and cover-up that hampered the Aether theory.

The History of the Aether Theory —The historic development of the aether as a scientific theory of the universal space medium. What started as the "fifth element" of Antiquity becomes molded by theoretical constraints and experimental evidence into the dual-dynamic sub-quantum medium —the Essence of the Universe. (Updated 2019-12)

Relativity of Time in the Aether-Space of the DSSU —How intrinsic time and relative time are related.

DSSU Relativity –The Lorentz Transformations Applied to Aether-Space —Ranzan
Reprinted by permission of Physics Essays Publication, Physics  Essays Vol.23, No.3, p520. (2010). ABSTRACT

Physical Nature of Length Contraction —the DSSU Theory of Length Contraction Induced by Absolute Motion.
An easy to follow examination of how the mode by which matter is “conducted” through luminiferous aether causes the matter to contract. A simple derivation of the mathematical expression for this physical phenomenon is presented. There is also a brief discussion of relevant historical aspects and of nonphysical length contraction.
Reviewer's comments: “This is amazing …”  “The paper is interesting …” –Applied Physics Research reviewer. Published in Applied Physics Research journal Vol.5, No.1 (2013 Feb).

Contradiction Divides Two Aether Theories —An exploration into the three parts of the speed-of-light postulate.
Reprinted by permission of PEP, from  Physics Essays Journal (Vol 24, No.3, Sept, 2011) ... ABSTRACT

Basic-level mathematical and graphical exploration of dynamic aether flow: PDF

Here is an external webpage with an extensive list of research papers on the aether-drift experiments, and the larger question of energy in space.


Sachs-Wolfe Effect Disproof (published in in the International Journal of Astrophysics and Space Science Vol.6, No.1, 2018.)
Abstract & links.

DSSU Cosmic Redshift-Distance Relation (htm) —Converting the cosmic redshift into distance for our Cellular Universe using a simple and elegant equation.

Large Scale Structure of the Dynamic Steady State Universe (pdf)   How a dual-dynamic space medium sustains the cellular structure (published in AJAA in 2016).
  —Presents the postulates and implications of regional space-medium expansion and contraction.

Cosmic-Scale Structural Features Explained (pdf) (Chapter 2 of original DSSU Manuscript)
—The Spacing of Clusters
—Sheets of Galaxies
—Right-angled Walls of Galaxies.

The Cosmic Background Radiation in the DSSU —The natural explanation of the microwave background radiation applicable to the natural Cellular Universe.

Ellipticity, Its Origin & Progression in Comoving GalaxiesAmerican Journal of Astronomy & Astrophysics, AJAA, Vol.3, No.2, 2015.
Journal  Abstract and Links
Local  high-resolution PDF.
HTML version available from AJAA here.
• Provides the first-ever natural explanation for the cause of the elliptical shape of nonrotating galaxies
• Retains the foundation premise of all modern cosmology but rejects the absurd concept of whole-universe expansion
• Takes full advantage of the universe’s cosmic cellular structure and exploits the DSSU theory of unified gravity domains
• Amazingly, the mechanism that stretches galaxies turns out to be the very same mechanism that causes the cosmic spectral redshift!


The Nature of Gravity –How One Factor Unifies Gravity’s Convergent, Divergent, Vortex, and Wave Effects –Published in International Journal of Astrophysics and Space Science (IJASS), Vol.6, No.5, 2018, pp.73-92. (Abstract and Links.) "Revolutionary"

The Nature of Gravitational Collapse
–Published in American Journal of Astronomy & Astrophysics Vol.4, No.2, 2016, pp.15-33. (Abstract and Links.)
(Note, there is a typo in AJA&A posted version in the Fig-10 caption. It should read: … acceleration is proportional to 1/r2.)

Gravity and Dark Energy (How they Shape the Universe) –An Introduction. Provides a preamble and overview for a couple of earlier DSSU articles.

The Processes of Gravitation –The Cause and Mechanism of Gravitation by C. Ranzan –A revolutionary paper on gravity published in J. Mod. Phys. Appl. Vol.2014:3 (2014).
(Abstract & Reviews & Links. Includes link to hi-resolution PDF)

Why Copernicus Did Not Need a Force of Gravity —Explores the question of why no one, except Newton, invoked a force. (Rev 2011-9)

First ever, journal-published paper featuring the DSSU:
The Story of Gravity and Lambda –How the Theory of Heraclitus Solved the Dark Matter Mystery –Ranzan
Reprinted by permission of PEP, from Physics Essays, Vol 23, No1, p75-87 (2010 Mar). ABSTRACT
This is the cure for the fallacious belief in cosmic-scale Dark Matter.

The Story of Gravity and Lambda –How the Theory of Heraclitus Solved the Dark Matter Mystery (Color version) –Ranzan Considered "an excellent contribution to the [PE journal]" --professional reviewer (2010).

Unified Gravitation Cells of the DSSU —Constructing the Universe with Cosmic Gravity Cells


Why Einstein Did Not Receive the Nobel Prize for His Theory of Relativity (●Abstract ●Links ●Excerpts ●Extras) —“By 1922 Einstein had been nominated about fifty times —most were for his relativity theories.”

Einstein’s Simple Mathematical Trick –and the Illusion of a Constant Speed of Light  (Abridged version with links to Journal-published version. Posted 2013)

Extended Relativity –Exploiting the Loopholes in Einstein's Relativity. A Logical extension of special relativity. Reprinted by permission of PEP, from Physics Essays Vol.25, No.3 (2012).
Abstract & Links & Reviews

The Three Components of the Speed-of-Light Postulate.  Published in Physics Essays journal Vol.26,No.1 (2013)
Local copy: The Three Components of the Speed-of-Light Postulate (pdf) Absolute vs relative. Variance vs invariance. Another instance of the Heraclitian "Harmony of Opposites." (Reprinted by permission of PEP, from Physics Essays, Vol.26, No.1, 2013).

Relativity of Time in the Aether Medium of the DSSU —Absolute Motion and Intrinsic Time

Resolving a Paradox in Special Relativity –Absolute Motion and the Unified Doppler Equation.
(Posted 2011, July). Reprinted by permission of PEP, from Physics  Essays Vol.23, No.4, p594 (2010). ABSTRACT

How DSSU Relativity Resolves the Speed Paradox (Introductory Discussion)   —Absolute Motion Resolves a (speed) Paradox in Einstein’s Special Relativity. (Supplementary Discussion)

DSSU Relativity –The Lorentz Transformations Applied to Aether-Space (Posted 2011). Reprinted by permission of Physics Essays Publication, Physics  Essays Vol.23, No.3, p520. (2010). ABSTRACT

The Key that Extends Einstein’s Relativity (Part 1) —Response to a reviewer critical of DSSU aether-based relativity
The Key that Extends Einstein’s Relativity (Part 2) —How to convert abstract-space equations into aether-based equations

Restoring the Physical Meaning of Energy
Published in Applied Physics Research journal Vol.5, No.2 (2013).
LOCAL COPY: Restoring the Physical Meaning of Energy —distinguishing between the apparent energy and the real energy of moving mass.

An Open Letter to the Scientific Community
(Published in New Scientist, May 22, 2004)

"The big bang today relies on a growing number of hypothetical entities, things that we have never observed-- inflation, dark matter and dark energy are the most prominent examples. Without them, there would be a fatal contradiction between the observations made by astronomers and the predictions of the big bang theory. In no other field of physics would this continual recourse to new hypothetical objects be accepted as a way of bridging the gap between theory and observation. It would, at the least, raise serious questions about the validity of the underlying theory. ..."  continues ...

A devastating Declaration of opposition to Big Bang cosmology signed by more than 400 Researchers.

Full text: or alternate site.

This website is mainly concerned with revisionism in cosmology. Those of us involved in replacing the unnatural expanding-universe paradigm are aware of the difficulties involved.
   However, other revisionists have unimaginable difficulties. Consider the ongoing persecution of revisionists in other fields of intellectual pursuit: 
"It makes you wonder —about the immense effort being made by State and State-sponsored organizations with budgets of tens of millions of dollars and thousands of employees and associates to smother and punish these few men and women. Every punishing instrument imaginable is used, every vicious slander conceivable, every flagrant and pervasive form of censorship that law allows, including the imprisonment of simple writers for thought crimes against the State. ... Makes you wonder." —Bradley R. Smith (2011)

"Discussing truth is so controversial, so dangerous … In most of the world it is simply illegal.” Gordon Duff, Senior Editor, Veterans Today (2011)

"The further a society drifts from truth the more it will hate those who speak it." –George Orwell

● Pro-Freedom RADIO: Rense Radio
● Pro-Freedom NEWS: Vanguard News
● InfoWars NEWS: InfoWars  |  AlexJones
● Freedom Force Red Pill University for truth-seekers.

DEDICATION: This website is solemnly dedicated to those individuals who have conducted research in their chosen field and have informed others of their inquiries and suffered the consequences when subpoenaed by the Inquisition or some variant thereof. The dedication extends to those individuals currently imprisoned, and those facing trial and persecution simply for exercising their basic human right of freedom of expression supposedly granted to them under the UN Charter of Human Rights.
"Every year, hundreds of writers and other literary professionals around the world are imprisoned, prosecuted, persecuted, attacked, threatened, forced into exile or even murdered as a result of their work."

ALSO: Be aware of the continuing threat to our precious freedom of expression on the Internet. The threat is serious and relentless. It is described as “… the formal effort to mimic Communist China’s system of Internet censorship.” –
More information on threats to internet freedom:

Reporter-journalist Arthur Topham, Canadian victim of the Inquisition, arrested (2012) for posting his research.
“Arthur Topham faces prison time for daring to speak his mind on his own website, as he faces criminal charges under Canada’s hate crimes legislation contained in Section 318 - 320 of the criminal code.” –Rights and Freedoms Bulletin Issue No. 204 Feb 7, 2015.
VERDICT: Arthur Topham found “guilty” AND “not guilty” of hate speech by a brain-dead jury!
 –Dr. James Sears, reporting in “The world’s Largest Anti-Marxist Publication” (Issue 2015 December, NOTE: This website has been taken down by court order pending appeal. --2020)
2016 Update: Panel Discussion on The Trial of Arthur Topham

Free-speech crusader
Bill Whatcott defies British Colombia Human Rights Tribunal efforts to impose gender language tyranny.

“I have no intention on wasting money on a lawyer for the Morgane Oger vs Bill Whatcott case, as human rights tribunals are kangaroo courts and the odds of … getting justice in these biased tribunals is next to zero.” –2017 June ( …)

End of free speech in Britain:

A publisher of history books in Britain has reported that “due to new laws in the UK all their books will have to be censored moving forward” to avoid criminal penalties for “inciting racial hatred.” –The Barnes Review (2020 March/April) p77

A hostile jury, by a hasty unanimous verdict, decided that Nationalist Leader Jez Turner deserves to be sent to jail for his critical views! Report (2018-5-15).

British Maverick Psychologist jailed for publishing his research. … “The ambivalence of librarians getting writers imprisoned quite defies comprehension.” –Simon Sheppard (2013)

The repression of free speech in Canada has degenerated to the point where …

■ Freedom advocates, such as Marc Lemire, are censured for merely expressing their reasoned opinions. Freedomsite, whose motto is “Fighting for freedom against the censorship enforcers”, documents the official persecution.
■ A tenured professor has lost his position for revealing his research and views on history. This is unprecedented. Professor Anthony J. Hall at the University of Lethbridge, Alberta, has been suspended (2016 October 5) without pay.
“… Any thinking person should recognize that there is something deeply wrong when a history professor is persecuted for saying we should be able to examine our history.” –Monika Schaefer 2017
■ A publisher/editor, for expressing his reality-based views, has been denied postal services. Dr. James Sears, publisher and editor of Your Ward News was stripped of Canada Post Mail Service by government order (2016 June).
■ A violin teacher and truth revealer, Monika Schaefer, for posting a video (an apology to her dead mother), has been attacked by various so-called community leaders.

The treatment of violinist Monika Schaefer signals the end of our free and democratic society.” –The American Herald Tribune, 2016 Sept

American Speaker Arrested in Canada for the textual material on his iPad
—2017 June 24
While the invasion continues, the “guardians” of the nation are busy suppressing the freedom of expression: going after deemed violations in what people think and write and say.

Canada Claims Authority to Censor Your Internet Searches –Reason magazine

The Persecution of Dr James Sears

■ The "justice" system is being used to suppress opinions: In a legal battle (2018) for freedom of speech in Canada ... the prosecution and silencing of Dr James Sears expected to cost taxpayers $20 million!

“I estimate the Board of Review, police investigating and Crown prosecuting us on criminal matters, will cost the taxpayers over $20 million, assuming no appeals past 2018 (murderers & rapists will walk free as huge blocks of court time bump their cases, causing them to be thrown out).”
–Dr James Sears, Your Ward News, Fall, 2018, p17

Updates are posted at .
Update for 2019 April 8:  Why the ruling against Your Ward News hurts free speech in Canada
Updates for 2019 Aug: LINK to Several postings.
Update for 2020: Sentenced to one year in jail for revealing the truth.
Update for 2021 July: Political Prisoner James Sears.

(2021 November 18): The Canadian Association for Free Expression Honours Dr James Sears with the 2021 George Orwell Free Speech Award
● Editor of (anti-Marxist) Your Ward News
● Brilliant satirist, researcher, writer, free speech warrior & dedicated anti-masker
● Recently (Oct 1) released political prisoner

(2022 February): Dr James Sears, Editor of Your Ward News and winner of the 2021 George Orwell Free Speech award, was arrested at GUNPOINT (Feb 3) by three police while leaving his regular appointment with his parole officer. Sears is now back in prison. Protests continue.

The Continuing Struggle for Freedom

A ray of hope in the ongoing struggle for freedom. Populist and nationalist movements around the world are gaining ascendancy over the New World Order’s effort to establish global governance and impose tyrannical control over every last square meter of the Earth’s surface. –The Barnes Review Vol.23 No.1 (2017 Jan p70)

"This Is Very Serious" –S. Molyneux, 2018-7
(7-minute video on the importance of freedom of speech)

The ongoing fight for freedom and truth. –Just Right Media (2020, Sept 18, program)

In repressive Germany:

Ursula Haverbeck, 89, Sentenced to 14 Months in Jail for Heresy! –2017 November
This amazing 89-year-old woman continues advocating under the dictum: "Only the truth will set you free”.
Mrs. Haverbeck, along with her late husband, founded the education facility Collegium Humanum in 1963, but which was banned by the Marxist thought police in 2008.

Update (2018-5-16): Ursula Haverbeck will celebrate her 90th birthday in a German prison cell. The sprightly grandmother is now serving a two-year prison term without parole merely for stating a sincerely held opinion that is supported by acclaimed academics worldwide!!
“Frau Haverbeck is now sentenced to two years in prison, merely for her peaceful historical research” –The Barnes Review Vol.24, No.5 (Sept/Oct 2018) p71

UPDATE (2019-11): On November 9th (2019), the very day of Ursula Haverbeck’s 91st. birthday, hundreds of German nationalists, patriots and friends, well-wishers and admirers rallied in her support. Report on the Rally to Celebrate Political Prisoner Ursula Haverbeck.

Update (2020-12): This 92-year-old peaceful woman has just been released from jail, having spent 2&1/2 years behind bars, and less than 2 weeks later was in court in Berlin for more charges ...  was again sentenced to prison!!!

INFO on Monika Schaefer's case:
For expressing her opinion on historical events, Canadian citizen Monika Schaefer has been arrested and imprisoned (2018-1-3) in Germany. She had committed no crime. Author Mike Walsh warns potential visitors to Germany to stay away from this dangerous police state. –Merkel Madness Grips Germany, (2018-1-7)
... Found guilty and sentenced to 10 months of imprisonment (time served); her brother Alfred was sentenced to 38 months!! –(2018 November)
UPDATE (2019 August 10): Corruption of justice in Germany continues. Alfred Schaefer Receives 18 Months Additional Prison Time for Defending Himself!  Punished for simply presenting evidence for his own defense in court!

The 2022 George Orwell Free Speech Award was presented to Alfred and Monika Schaefer, July 30, 2022 in Vancouver.
A Response & Appreciation of the Awards to Monika & Alfred Schaefer, by Timothy Cuish of the Daily Rake.

For more on Freedom (and Objectivism),
Freedomain Radio (
presented by Stefan Molyneux.

 Just Right Media (

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  1. The Big Bang is a MYTH  –Press Release (2014 December)
  2. How do we know that the DSSU is the Real Universe?
  3. Press Release (2015 Oct 15): The Big Bang is no longer a viable hypothesis
  4. Press Release (2017 Dec 30): The Sacks-Wolfe Effect has been disproved!
  5. Press Release (2018 August): The Mechanism driving astrophysical jets has been discovered
  6. Press Release (2018 December): Unprecedented Unification of Gravity Theory
  7. Press Release (2019 March): How Nature Extracts Energy from Aether
  8. Press Release (2019 May): Simple extension of Einstein’s relativity theory radically changes black-hole physics
  9. Press Release (2019 June): Remarkable Paradoxical Aspect of Length Contraction has been Uncovered
  10. Press Release (2020 May): The Definitive Cause of Galaxy Rotation
  11. Press Release (2021 July): Discovery of the Cosmic Law of Energy Conservation
  12. Press Release (2022 August): The Ultimate Source of Energy has been Uncovered – the Mainspring of the Universe Resolved
  13. Press Release (2023 July): Contrary to twentieth-century science, contrary to the big-bang paradigm, our Universe is not running down
  14. Press Release (2024 July): Remarkable convergence of gravity theory and observations reveals the nature of cosmic-scale geometry
  15. End of a Century-Long Experiment
  16. The Case for a Cellular Universe –the Story of a Baffling Omission in Modern Cosmology
  17. New DSSU Book: “Laws of Physics Twentieth-Century Scientists Overlooked”


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game-changing arguments, and appropriate principles."

■  presenting articles and research papers relating to all aspects of what is known as DSSU Theory* for the professional and amateur explorers of our Universe —and for the interested spectators;

■  presenting the continuing research resulting from the discovery (in August 2001) of the four fundamental processes that constitute the Universe and manifest all that is observable;

■  presenting the on-going exploration into a new realm of cosmology, astrophysics, and fundamental physics;

■  the real Universe explained without employing advanced mathematics, without invoking fanciful speculations, and without resorting to faith-based revelations.

The extensive research into Dynamic-Steady-State-Universe Theory is presented as
The New Cosmology

* The Dynamic Steady State Universe theory ---the definitive model of our Universe based on the premise that all things are processes.

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The Big Bang is a MYTH 

Press Release 2014 December:

The claim has long been that the Big Bang is supported by two powerful Pillars.

  • The expansion-of-space cosmic redshift.

  • The cosmic microwave background radiation (CMBR).

The problem is, for Big-Bang believers, the cosmic redshift occurs not only in regions of space expansion BUT ALSO occurs in regions of space contraction. The Big-Bang school cannot handle this new 'discovery'!! The breakthrough is detailed here:
 Cosmic Redshift in the Nonexpanding Cellular Universe and Abstract. Journal article Preprint (with high-quality images).

The problem with the 2nd Pillar is that the CMBR is simply the background temperature of our infinite Universe. It is merely ultra-distant starlight that has undergone extreme cosmic redshifting (light wave stretching).

The Big Bang has lost its Pillars. It is no longer a viable hypothesis. A theory or hypothesis that has no supporting pillars is merely pseudo-science, at best. The Big Bang has been exposed for what it has always been, an elaborate misconceptional myth wrapped in pseudo-science —a  grand creation myth!

Time to wake-up to reality.
If you have been led to believe that the Universe birthed from an explosion and the whole Cosmos is expanding, then you can be led to believe anything. Then sadly, you can be led to believe anything the mind manipulators in our modern indoctrination institutions want you to believe.

If you still have some ability to think freely, then reflect on  the foregoing and ponder: what other false "realities" have you been led to believe?

--C. Ranzan (2015-01-01)   Back to Top

How do we know that the DSSU is the Real Universe?

We know on the basis of several recent discoveries and the overwhelming convergence of the evidence.

  • The DSSU incorporates the causal mechanism of gravity. Space-medium expansion (Lambda), space-medium contraction (Einstein’s contractile gravity), mass & energy, gravity-domain limits, … all fit into a unified fully-functional mechanism of gravity. Details: "The Processes of Gravitation –The Cause and Mechanism of Gravitation," J. Mod. Phys. Appl. Vol.2014:3 (2014). 24-page pdf .
  • Employs a foundational process of energy that beautifully fits reality. As revealed in a remarkable research paper, the fundamental particle of energy, the photon, is the ultimate cause of gravity: "The Fundamental Process of Energy –A Qualitative Unification of Energy, Mass, and Gravity." Part 1 & Part 2
  • Uses the recently discovered redshifting mechanism —one that reveals the true nature of Hubble’s great 1920s discovery. … Edwin Hubble had long-believed that the universe was not expanding, but rather that the astronomical redshift, in his words,  "represents a hitherto unrecognized principle of nature." That long-unrecognized and surprisingly simple principle of nature has now been found! For the amazing details see: "Cosmic Redshift in the Nonexpanding Cellular Universe: Velocity-Differential Theory of Cosmic Redshift," abstract & links to paper.
  • Its new velocity-differential redshift agrees with independent observation-based cosmic-distance scale. Details [Reprint of journal article].
  • DSSU is the only known cosmology able to explain the most intractable observable anomalies. Its predicted cell shape agrees with astronomically observed structures, thereby resolving long-standing astronomical anomalies —while still retaining the foundation premise of all modern cosmology! Details: "DSSU Validated by Redshift Theory and Structural Evidence"
  • It predicts the process by which galaxies acquire their observed elliptical shape. Details: “Ellipticity, Its Origin and Progression in Comoving Galaxies.”  American Journal of Astronomy and Astrophysics. Vol.3, No.2, 2015, pp12-25.
  • The DSSU has no initial-condition problems. It requires no initial conditions to get the universe started —none whatsoever. And no breakdown of physical law within black holes.
  • Validation is achieved through the remarkable convergence of the evidence. Details: "The Dynamic Steady State Universe." Reprinted by permission of PEP, from Physics Essays, Vol.27, No.2, pp.286-315 (2014)

We know on the basis of unambiguous evidence convergence.

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Press Release (2015 Oct 15):
The Big Bang is no longer a viable hypothesis

It has now been confirmed, the Big Bang is no longer a viable hypothesis.

A major game-changing event: The publication of the proof of validity of the DSSU (Dynamic Steady State Universe) and the exposé of Big Bang’s utter failure.

DSSU Validated by Redshift Theory and Structural Evidence, Physics Essays, Vol.28, No.4, p455-473 (2015 Dec). (Doi: 10.4006/0836-1398-28.4.455) Abstract & Links ...

The Big Bang has now, as of 2015 October 10 (the on-line publication date), been definitively disqualified as a representation of the real Universe.

Two physicists agree by unhesitatingly endorsing publication.

“… this is a well written and incisive essay.”

The author is fundamentally correct ... that the central pillar of the big bang theory is discredited.”

“I was skeptical, at first, that redshift could arise both from regions where the speed of light varied positively over the photon wave-train, and negatively. I have been convinced otherwise.”

“I love the depth behind the analysis of the universal dodecahedral structure, and the manifest  agreement with experiment, as demonstrated.”

“… an enjoyable, well-written, well-reasoned article which was a pleasure to read.”

HIGHLIGHTS of the Article:

●   Foremost, it resolves what is undisputedly the most intractable astronomical anomaly

●   Exploits an amazingly simple cosmic-redshift mechanism overlooked by the experts!

●   New cosmic redshift mechanism is detailed and applied to void-and-galaxy-cluster network

●   The cause of several characteristic structural features of our Universe are explained

●   DSSU actually predicts the cosmic-cell shape evident in the astronomically observed structures

●   Profound cosmological implications —the Big Bang hypothesis is rendered untenable

●   Yet the DSSU retains the foundation premise of all modern cosmology

--- The astounding feature of the cosmic redshift is that wavelength elongation can occur in both expanding and contracting portions of the Universe!


It is revealing to note the reaction of the premier journal in the field. The Astrophysical Journal refuses to comment on the major discovery/proof that the Universe is cellular and not expanding. The Journal is simply not interested. Furthermore, it seems oblivious of the biggest anomaly in astrophysics!


“We have now completed our review of your manuscript, and I regret to tell you that we are not able to undertake further consideration of your submission for publication in The Astrophysical Journal.
       The standard model of cosmology is based on General Relativity, a theory which is internally self-consistent and has passed all available experimental tests. Naturally, it could still be wrong. However, we are not interested in exploring alternative theories …” –Ethan T. Vishniac, Editor-in-Chief, The Astrophysical Journal (Email dated May 13, 2015)



What!? What about the obvious evidence presented with quality images? What’s going on here?

The problems are so serious that Lee Smolin, a physicist at the Perimeter Institute in Canada, has written a book in which he makes it clear “The problems are rooted in the way the career and funding structures of the academy reward me-too science, lack of courage, entrenchment of failed research programs, legacy building, empire building, narrowness, defensive strategies and groupthink.


Meanwhile, this website remains steadfastly dedicated to presenting
truth in cosmology.

"Gateway" webpage to the game-changing evidence —incontrovertible and devastating evidence:
DSSU Validated by Redshift Theory and Structural Evidence ●Abstract ●Links ●Highlights ●Reviews

 –C. Ranzan (2015-10-15)

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The World is changing. Witness the on-going social revolution, succinctly described as a full-blown orchestrated decline of Western nations. The devious and highly effective divide-and-conquer strategy of the New World Order continues to be implemented; and the predictable nightmare of Marxist multiculturalism continues to unfold.

Press Release (2017 December 30):
The Sacks-Wolfe Effect has been disproved!

While society, sadly, is suffering through a regressive revolution, positive and pronounced changes are happening within the ages-long Quest of our species. Astrophysics and cosmology are undergoing the greatest, most profound, revolution in the history of science as Mankind progresses towards a breathtaking new understanding of the way the Universe works.

The latest development: It has been revealed that the Sacks-Wolfe effect is founded on a false assumption. A straightforward argument has shown that the Sacks-Wolfe effect is invalid. This means it can no longer be used to explain the patchiness of the Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation —it cannot be used to explain temperature variation of cosmic regions. Most important of all, the Sacks-Wolfe effect can no longer be used to support the Big Bang hypothesis!

The newly published research paper “Sachs-Wolfe Effect Disproof” [Ref.#1] presents a foolproof argument based on three unambiguous facts, as follows:

1. The particle of light, the photon, is an extended entity —it has a wavelength.

2. The space of the Universe, by which is meant space-as-a-container or the background space of three dimensions, is NOT a region of nothingness.

3. The closer an object is to a massive body, the stronger is the “pull” of gravity, and the greater is the gravitational acceleration. (This gravitational influence, of course, also applies to photons.)

These facts negate the viability of the Sacks-Wolfe Effect. Any sort of counterargument, advanced in an attempt to defend the Effect, requires a rejection of one or more of those three foundational conditions. No reputable physicist, no rational person, is willing to do that.

None will deny the photon, or a wave packet, is an extended entity —that it has a wavelength.

No one would dare claim that “space” is an empty nothingness!

And it is inconceivable that anyone would reject the reality of the gravity premise.

And so, the argument against the Sacks-Wolfe Effect is foolproof. It collapses the last Pillar of the Big Bang hypothesis. This is the Pillar acting as the supposed explanation of CMBR temperature variation. It now joins the other fallen Pillars.

The “Pillar of receding galaxies” was previously debunked. See the article, Cosmic Redshift in the Nonexpanding Cellular Universe [Ref.#2].

The “Pillar of CMBR” turned out to be nothing more than the unchanging background temperature of the Universe.

The “Pillar of universe expansion” required, as it was believed, by Olbers’ paradox was overturned in 2016 (in conjunction with the discovery of the velocity-differential cosmic redshift). See the article, Olbers’ Paradox Resolved for the Nonexpanding Infinite Universe [Ref.#3].

There are no other remaining pillars, only makeshift braces and portable props.

The Emperor of 20th-century Cosmology has been exposed. The Big Bang has turned out to be a mega-myth! —an embarrassing concoction of misinterpretations!


“Physics desperately needs not new ideas but new facts. Discoveries, not inventions. Ideally, physicists will stumble on something so startling that they abandon their pursuit of multiverses, strings and other fantasies and return to reality.” –John Horgan, teacher and science writer. [Source]



Exactly. Facts are needed to return us to reality. And the new fact is that the Sachs-Wolfe effect has no foundation —it is not real.

The Sacks-Wolfe Effect has been disproved!

The last Pillar of the Big Bang has collapsed.

The Expanding-universe cosmology has no valid scientific support.


Here is the link to the Sacks-Wolfe-disproof article. ... This is simple enough for the layperson. So don’t let the math discourage you. Some of it is merely basic algebraic addition and subtraction. Most of the math is not even necessary; it merely gives the presentation a scholarly flavor. Just know that the underlying logic is simple —a foolproof and compelling argument presented with the aid of various figures (14 in all).


Supplementary: A good description and illustration of the Sachs-Wolfe effect may be found in the cover story of Scientific American (the 2016 August issue), “The Emptiest Place in Space” by István Szapudi.

 –C. Ranzan (2017- December)

Ref.#1.  C. Ranzan, Sachs-Wolfe Effect Disproof –The fundamental flaw in the spectral analysis of gravity wells, International Journal of Astrophysics and Space Science, Vol.6, No.1, 2018, pp.1-17 (Abstract & links.)
(Doi: )

Ref.#2.  C. Ranzan, Cosmic Redshift in the Nonexpanding Cellular Universe, American Journal of Astronomy & Astrophysics, Vol.2, No.5, 2014, pp.47-60. (Doi:

Ref.#3.   C. Ranzan, Olbers’ Paradox Resolved for the Nonexpanding Infinite Universe, American Journal of Astronomy and Astrophysics Vol.4, No.1, 2016, pp1-14. (Doi:

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Press Release (2018 August)

The Mechanism driving astrophysical jets has been discovered
The mystery behind the source of ultra-energy particles
has been resolved


Approved for journal publication, a new DSSU research paper addresses some long-standing questions:

What drives astrophysical jets? What process or mechanism generates the stupendous power of those spectacular emission jets associated with certain compact stars? Even the energies of the individual particles are mind-blowing. The emissions include gamma photons and neutrinos with energy equivalent to a million hydrogen atoms!! Imagine that much energy contained in a single gamma photon or a solitary neutrino!

The causal driver has been one of the biggest mysteries of the universe —one that has baffled the academic cognoscenti for decades.

The DSSU paradigm now brings to astrophysics a new mechanism by which a gravitationally collapsed body produces energy —the energy that feeds emission beams and then drives polar jets.

Traditionally, energy-extraction theories fall into two categories:

First category. The energy is extracted from external magnetic fields —generated by the rotation of an accretion disk diffused with charged particles. An example is something called the Blandford–Znajek process. Its major weakness is its inability to explain the presence of jets for objects that have no accreting mass.

Second category. The energy is extracted from the rotation of the collapsed body itself. The logic here is that the angular momentum (the energy of the rotation) of the black hole’s mass is conveyed to the external world by way of frame dragging. Then the external environment responds by somehow producing jets. An example is the Penrose mechanism. The fatal weakness of this hypothesis is its inability to explain the presence of jets for objects that have negligible rotation.

Both extraction methods fail to explain the truly extreme energy, the ultra-energy particles.

Now there is a third way. While the traditional methods all require that radiant energy be generated in the external environment, the DSSU approach has radiant energy emanating from within!


Table 1. There are only three basic ways to explain the energy source for the jets associated with critically-collapsed stars (commonly called stellar black holes).

Explanatory Theory

Source of Energy


Traditional view requiring an ACCRETION DISK:

Magnetic fields associated with the dynamics of an accretion disk surrounding a stellar black hole.

Various complex relativistic and electromagnetic effects involving the rotating disk and its charged particles.

Problem: FAILS to explain the jets of disk-free objects.

Traditional view requiring significant ROTATION:

Energy is derived from the rotation of a black hole. This would have to be the energy of the mass’s angular momentum. The rotation causes frame dragging, which then somehow causes jets.

The frame dragging is caused by the rotation of the singular mass; but there is no plausible explanation of how a singularity —a point mass of zero dimensions— can possess angular momentum or rotational kinetic energy!

Superneutron Star

(DSSU theory):

Processes WITHIN the Superneutron Star; inside the “event horizon.”

Generation mechanism: Velocity differential blueshift acting on photons and neutrinos.

Escape mechanism: via bipolar magnetic portals.


Most profoundly, the new approach is a mechanism whereby energy is released from INSIDE a totally collapsed gravitating body (misleadingly called a stellar black hole). The result of recent research into the DSSU, it is the only such mechanism ever devised without violating the laws of physics and without incurring infinities. DSSU theory offers the first and only method for powering jets that does not require rotation or an accretion disk.

The latest research paper under the DSSU paradigm delivers another devastating blow to conventional physics and astro-science.


■ First compelling explanation of the mechanism powering astrophysical jets.

■ First reality-based explanation of the energy source when there is no spin, no accretion, no disk —when conventional theories fail.

■ Details the mechanism for the generation of ultra-energy gamma particles and Peta-eV-energy neutrinos (neutrinos having 1,000,000,000,000,000 electron volts of energy!).

■ The first and only theory for the emission of energy from the inside of a totally collapsed (gravitationally collapsed) structure.

■ And as the followers of DSSU theory have come to expect, the explanations are perfectly natural; the concepts are straightforward, the arguments logical, the conclusions compelling, the implications profound.


The details are contained in the revolutionary article* —Natural Mechanism for the Generation and Emission of Extreme Energy Particles by C. Ranzan— published in Physics Essays Journal in the 2018 September issue. According to the PE Reviewer: “This is a scholarly and erudite article that deserves to be published in recognition of its tutorial nature and … the validity of the author’s proposals.”

DOI link:

FREE Reprint: Download PDF *

* Reprinted by permission of Physics Essays Publication, from Physics Essays, Vol.31, No.3, p358-376 (2018).

–C. Ranzan (2018-8)   Back to Top

Press Release (2018 December 28)

Unprecedented Unification of Gravity Theory

For the first time in history, the diverse manifestations of gravity are brought together by one surprisingly simple process.

The new research paper, entitled The Nature of Gravity –How One Factor Unifies Gravity’s Convergent, Divergent, Vortex, and Wave Effects, details the unification of the various aspects of gravity. It also presents a remarkable new development in the theoretical nature of gravity waves and proves the existence of a strict limit on the centrifugal effect.

Ongoing research into DSSU Theory has uncovered a way, a perfectly natural way, to bring all four (five if the primary cause is included) manifestations of gravity together under the “aether” umbrella —under the distinct aether that serves as the foundation of DSSU theory and DSSU cosmology.* Unified by a simple factor (a two-sided process) are, two primary manifestations, and two secondary effects, and acoustic-like gravity waves.

Here is a brief description of the gravity effects:

(1) Convergence gravity. This is your normal everyday gravity. It includes Primary gravity associated directly with mass AND Secondary gravity associated only with the convergent gravity field.

(2) Divergence gravity. This is what Einstein called Lambda (the cosmological constant) and popularly known as cosmic antigravity.

(3) Vortex effect. This is best described as a spiral-motion amplification of gravity. It manifests in the region around significant rotating structures.

(4) Gravity waves. These are acoustic-like effects conducted by the universal space medium.

In each and every case, the energy involved can be linked to aether.*

Yes! Linked to the universal space medium —but not in the way that others have been attempting for centuries.

The Vortex effect, it turns out, has profound implications for understanding spiral galaxies —for making sense of their rotation curves. As noted in (3), the effect acts as a booster of gravity; this, in turn, makes it appear as if there is significantly more mass present than what astronomers actually observe, or estimate to be there. It is quite elementary to see how this gravity amplification makes the invoking of “dark matter” entirely redundant.

However, the strangest implication to emerge from the research into the Vortex effect must surely be the diminishment of the centrifugal effect. Here was yet another gravity-amplifying mechanism. Following the carefully constructed logic and taking the Vortex effect (often called the frame-dragging effect) to its ultimate conclusion, it was found that the centrifugal effect totally vanishes! It was a stunning conclusion. Under the given conditions, the rotation rate of a gravitating body has no upper limit!

--- The research reveals how, in the real world, the centrifugal “force” depends on the rotation speed through aether —and how Nature has a way of reducing that speed (via the mechanism of aether drag), even to the extent of entirely cancelling all centrifugal manifestation.

Last on the list is gravity’s acoustic aspect. And here again the investigation revealed something unexpected but unavoidable. In a surprising development, it was found that gravity waves fall into two categories of waves —only one of which carries defined energy.

Summary Table of the major stresses to which the universal medium is subjected.

Primary stress
(Concentrated stress)

Secondary stress
(on surrounding aether)

Tertiary stress
(across cosmic Voids)

Torsion stress
(Shear stress)





Manifests as MASS (& energy particles) —the PRIMARY ABSORBER of aether

Manifests as negative aether strain:


Manifests as positive aether strain:


Manifests as negative aether strain:











A unique aether theory of gravity —based on DSSU’s dynamic aether— has been developed to explain the several guises of gravity. The convergent, divergent, vortex, and wave effects all have one thing in common: They all result from the stress-induced change in quantity of aether.

The opportunity this presents is nothing less than revolutionary. It opens the door to a new level of understanding our Universe.

And, for the benefit of all the spectators and participants in the ongoing search for truth and reality …

For the benefit of all those still struggling with the preposterous big-bang hypothesis …

For the benefit of physicist Janna Levin who has been optimistically searching, since at least 2001, for an answer to the most pressing question dealing with gravity,


“Is there a theory beyond Einstein’s that will avoid the ugliness of infinite singularities; a theory that can handle … black holes without becoming singular? … We’re inspired by the predictions of relativity to look for an even greater theory, a theory that looks like Newtonian gravity when gravity is weak and looks like general relativity when gravity is strong, but may look entirely different when gravity is strongest.”**


For the benefit of all those seeking to expose the foundationless big-bang hypothesis and other unscientific cosmologies …

… here is the icing on the cake:

DSSU gravity, based on a subquantum medium, encompasses a full range of manifestations —from autonomous cosmic-scale gravity domains, down to the maximum compaction and intensity of terminal-state neutron stars— without ever becoming singular. In other words, there is no black-hole paradox.

LINKS to the abstract and the full Article at the International Journal of Astrophysics and Space Science:
The Nature of Gravity –How One Factor Unifies Gravity’s Convergent, Divergent, Vortex, and Wave Effects.

DOWNLOAD Reprint of Article: PDF file.

* Unfamiliar with DSSU aether? Here is a quick overview:

DSSU aether is a nonmaterial substrate consisting of discrete subquantum entities (pulsations). It possesses no energy when in a static state. Yet its presence is essential for manifesting energy —any and all forms of intrinsic energy. The energies associated with gravity are the most immediate examples in the context of this article.

** J. Levin, How the Universe Got Its Spots (Weidenfeld & Nicolson, London, U.K., 2002)

–C. Ranzan
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Press Release (2019 March)
How Nature Extracts Energy from Aether

Awesome astrophysical mechanism for the amplification of energy has been uncovered.

Following several years of research, it is now understood how Nature is able to extract energy from the universal space medium (aether). What has been uncovered is a fundamental mechanism whereby limitless energy is extracted from nonmaterial aether. Sounds bizarre, but is supported unambiguously by the science. What is so remarkable about this process is the fact that it does not require the universal space medium to possess energy. Let me make this absolutely clear, energy is extracted from the aether, yet the aether itself contains NO energy! It is a stunning finding.

The process can be easily understood. Based on the spectral shift caused by a velocity differential of aether flow, it is as straightforward as changing the wavelength of light. It is just the opposite of what is familiarly known as redshift.

Artistic rendering of a Terminal star as it emits both neutrinos and gamma particles that can be detected by the IceCube Neutrino Observatory as well as by other telescopes on Earth and in space. Image Credit: IceCube/NASA

The process is enormously powerful. The profusion of the energy that emerges staggers the imagination … 1000 times more powerful than anything (mass or energy particles) produced by CERN or any other particle accelerator.

Then there is the considerable breadth of applicability: The process plays a crucial role in resolving five of the greatest mysteries in astrophysics.

The great mystery of stellar black holes. The energy-extraction Mechanism exposes the black hole singularity as an obsolete and untenable concept.

The mystery of electromagnetic radiation bursts. The Mechanism explains how energy extracted from aether contributes to the cosmic source of electromagnetic radiation bursts (ranging from radio to gamma frequencies).

The mystery of the ultra-energy neutrinos. This is resolved by revealing how ordinary neutrinos undergo a vast amplification, thereby generating the most potent energy particles in the universe.

The mystery behind astrophysical jets. This is resolved by providing the veritable source of the driving energy.

The greatest mystery of them all. The energy-extraction Mechanism solves the mystery of how Nature transfers energy from the interior of an end-state collapsed star —from the forbidden side of the lightspeed boundary (conventionally called the event horizon).


For the record, a totally revolutionary feature: The energy is extracted from the space medium (aether) yet this space medium itself has NO MASS and NO ENERGY! … Furthermore, the amount of energy that can be extracted is limitless!

Published in Infinite Energy Magazine (2019 March/April) is the fascinating story [1] of how a totally collapsed (gravitationally collapsed) body —a type of neutron star best described as a terminal-state star— takes in comparatively low energy radiation particles and spews out high-energy and ultra-energy radiation particles, namely photons and neutrinos.

It is the story of the universe’s most powerful, most prodigious, energy amplifier. The published article reveals how aether is able to generate and amplify energy. Described is a process whereby low-energy CBMR energy is converted to gamma radiation and ultra-energy photons —and neutrinos with energy far beyond anything ever produced by Man’s particle accelerators.

Take a moment and reflect on the profound implications, both scientific and philosophical, of what has been uncovered [1] [2]: We are now able to recognize, at a fundamental level, what regenerates the energy of the Universe. We are now able to comprehend the mechanism by which the Universe perpetually regenerates its energy! —even to fathom how the Universe perpetually regenerates itself !

–C. Ranzan

Ref [1]: C. Ranzan, Nature’s Supreme Mechanism for Energy Extraction from Nonmaterial Aether,
............. Infinite Energy Vol.25, Issue#144 (2019 March/April).  Reprint PDF

Also see the related article:
Ref [2]: C. Ranzan, Natural Mechanism for the Generation and Emission of Extreme Energy Particles,
............. Physics Essays Vol.31, No.3, pp.358-376 (2018). (Doi: Reprint PDF

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Press Release (2019 May)
Simple extension of Einstein’s relativity theory
radically changes black-hole physics

The latest DSSU research extends Einstein’s relativity theory in a way that makes possible the 100-percent conversion of mass to energy WITHOUT involving matter and antimatter annihilation.

Moreover, the easy-to-understand new (and more inclusive) interpretation of mass and motion resolves paradoxes associated with conventional black holes.

Essentially, this article† shows: How to use basic relativity equations to explain mass-to-energy conversion. It provides the mathematical support for the recently discovered astrophysical mechanism that powers Terminal-star jets (popularly called “black hole” jets). More specifically, it details the theoretical foundation of the total conversion of mass to energy without invoking matter-antimatter annihilation.

The proof: If you like mathematical arguments, a basic algebra proof is presented in step-by-step detail. If averse to mathematical reasoning, no problem; a straightforward graphic/diagrammatic sequence works just as well. Either way the logic is foolproof; the conclusions compelling. What this means is that we now have the theoretical underpinnings for the recently discovered mechanisms detailed in two previous articles:

Natural Mechanism for the Generation and Emission of Extreme Energy Particles, Physics Essays Vol.31, No.3, pp.358-376 (2018). [Reprint]

Nature’s Supreme Mechanism for Energy Extraction from Nonmaterial Aether, Infinite Energy Vol.25, Issue#144 (2019 March/April). [Link to Issue#144]

A precedent for DSSU theory. For the first time, it is being published in a journal dedicated to high-energy physics. The periodical is the Journal of High Energy Physics, Gravitation and Cosmology. The article title is “Mass-to-Energy Conversion, the Astrophysical Mechanism.”†

Highlights of the article detailing the new interpretation:

 ■ The presentation uses relativistic motion and mechanical energy equations, combined to form a simple energy triangle; and then the triangle is manipulated to explain mass-to-energy conversion. It’s as simple as that. With a child’s play manipulation of triangles the standard and new interpretations are clarified and compared.

■ Exploited is the enormously important distinction between apparent and intrinsic aspects: including motion, momentum, kinetic energy, and total energy.

■ Recalled is Sir James Jeans prescient insight from the 1920’s into how the process of mass conversion (to energy) is merely that of “unbottling” imprisoned wave-energy and setting it free to travel through space.

Implemented is a three-part strategy to accomplished TOTAL mass-to-energy conversion:
1. Make the motion relative to the universal space medium. This allows the introduction of the concept of intrinsic energy (total, kinetic, and mass energies) as counterpart to the apparent version.
2. Recognize that a particle’s mass property diminishes with increase in speed. This means introducing the concept of intrinsic mass (which varies with intrinsic speed).
3. Impose a change in the particle’s gravitational environment. Instead of applying an electromagnetic accelerating force/energy in order to alter the particle’s total energy, there is simply an environmental change.

■ Explored is the remarkable consequence of this mass-to-energy conversion and the associated limitless energy-amplification process. When combined, the two processes lead to a compelling explanation of the mechanism driving astrophysical jets.

■ Followed is a conceptual trail that starts with “unorthodox” relativity and “bottled” energy, takes the reader along a natural course through to limitless power, and finally leads to stellar astrophysical jets. All in all, another great success for DSSU theory.

And so, the revolution in cosmology continues …

–C. Ranzan (2019-4)

† C. Ranzan, Mass-to-Energy Conversion, the Astrophysical Mechanism, Journal of High Energy Physics, Gravitation and Cosmology Vol.5, No.2, pp.520-551 (2019).  [Reprint]

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Press Release (2019 June)
Remarkable Paradoxical Aspect of Length Contraction has been Uncovered

First, some background into what led to a remarkable new feature of special relativity —a feature dealing with the nature of intrinsic-motion length contraction. It relates to a previous research paper, into DSSU theory, entitled Mass-to-Energy Conversion, the Astrophysical Mechanism (revolutionary in its own right). In the conclusions section of that work, it was stated,


Unexpected implication. After completion of the main body of this article and the write-up of the various, mostly self-evident, implications, there emerged an additional ramification. At first it was just something incidental, then it became an annoyance. However, it could not be ignored. What it revealed was so unexpected, so logically inevitable, and so deeply profound, that a simple assertion of this implication would fail to do it justice and, in the absence of full and proper context, may risk sounding scarcely credible. Decidedly, it demands a proper exposition. It will be the subject of the next DSSU research documentation.



It turns out that while atoms undergo physical length contraction (as detailed in the Part 1 article from 2013) the subatomic particles, the electrons, protons, and neutrons actually undergo elongation! This is the stunning conclusion of the newly-published “Part 2” article. While the electron’s atomic orbit contracts (as expected when there is significant motion), the electron itself elongates!

The new interpretation —the aether-referenced elongation of fundamental particles— provides a remarkable fit to the reality. (i) It facilitates the conservation of intrinsic energy. (ii) It incorporates the decrease of mass (intrinsic mass) with increased motion (with respect to aether). (iii) And provides the key element in the mechanism of mass-to-energy conversion. A noninteraction-hundred-percent conversion (i.e., no particle-antiparticle annihilations involved). (iv) Furthermore, it precludes the formation of singularity-type black holes.

The new interpretation solves the paradox inherent in black hole physics —the paradox of having infinitely dense mass inside an infinitely small domain.

The following Table summarizes the main points and the benefits to physics of incorporating the concept of elongation.

Arguments in support of elongation (of fundamental particles)

Why it is important

1. If elemental particles did not elongate and contracted instead, it would lead to a major problem —their mass (by definition) must increase. But such increase is contrary to the evidence.

■ Avoids the mass-increase pitfall (as detailed in Natural Mechanism for the Generation and Emission of Extreme Energy Particles, Physics Essays Vol.31, No.3, 2018; page 372).

■ Conformance to physical reality —mass simply does not increase with motion.

2. Conservation of total energy (mass + aether-referenced kinetic energy) requires elongation.

Conformance to the total intrinsic energy equation (for total mechanical energy).

3. Facilitates mass-to-energy conversion.

(Total conversion rooted in aether-referenced motion.)

■ Solves the paradox of stellar black holes.

■ Provides the driving energy/force behind astrophysical jets.


The new understanding of intrinsic motion resolves the textbook problem involving the energy of a particle or object undergoing extreme length contraction (due to extreme motion). … The problem can be expressed this way: Where within the orthodox picture does the energy go, if the particle, atom, or object becomes a cross-section of itself? Where does the mass-energy go when the thing has no volume, when it exists only as a cross-sectional area and no thickness dimension? Where indeed!

Under the traditional view combining unrestricted length contraction and energy conservation has always been problematic. Because of this, the long-standing rule has been that a mass particle/object can never attain lightspeed. And that rule, in turn, has led to a failure to understand the nature of the strangest objects of the Cosmos —Terminal neutron stars.

But now, by understanding the nature of aether-referenced motion, the conflict between mass energy and mass contraction vanishes. The problem of energy being squeezed within a “cross-section” simply does not arise.

The article also addresses this question: What happens to mass particles during a gravitational collapse and these same particles end-up within a no-escape zone —within the most extreme gravitational environment Nature has to offer? Within this extreme environment particles are subjected to the ultimate speed of aether flow.

The discussion focuses on the electron. The standard argument is that “for an electron, it is theoretically impossible to obtain the speed of light.” But there is a situation where an electron finds itself being placed into a lightspeed environment —of a gravitational kind. So, what happens? An electron, of course, cannot travel at lightspeed; so therefore it must transform into a massless particle —it must transform into a pure energy state. … The new interpretation of length “contraction” explains how this comes about. □

Publication details and links:

C. Ranzan, Physical Nature of Length Contraction (Part 2) How the Electron Elongates While Its Orbit Contracts, International Journal of High Energy Physics Vol.6, No.1, pp.1-12 (2019).


Abstract & link to PDF document.

Link to Journal (IJHEP):

–C. Ranzan (2019-6)

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Press Release (2020 May)
The Definitive Cause of Galaxy Rotation

First ever, cogent cause of galaxy rotation and the concomitant explanation of the relationship
between galaxy morphology and spatial distribution.


Pinwheel Galaxy. What produces such grand-scale rotation?

The adventure into 21st-century cosmology continues. For the first time in the history of modern cosmology and astrophysics, the cause of galaxy rotation has been worked out. We now have a remarkably compelling explanation of what drives some galaxies to come together as participants in a spiral dance. And as a bonus, the research includes the resolution of the galaxy-distribution mystery and the dark-matter mystery. However, a major astrophysics journal was not interested in promoting awareness of any of this! The research article was rejected outright; no reason given; no reply to a polite enquiry for some explanation. Strange as it may seem —or maybe not— the elitist Astrophysics Journal does not want its readership (mostly front-line researchers) to gain awareness of the natural cause of galaxy rotation!

Could it be that the theory is a threat to the “professional” view? It certainly looks that way. Another over-rated journal rejected on the basis, get this, that anyone can make-up a theory for how the universe works. Here was an accredited astrophysicist who actually claimed “Anyone can make up a description to explain the Universe.” Does this person not realizing that the professionals have tried and failed throughout the 20th century with their preposterous expanding-universe fantasies? And what about the rotation mystery they tried to solve over the many decades since astronomers first discovered rotating spiral galaxies? … Researcher and author, Conrad Ranzan, had this reaction: “I was immediately reminded of the words of warning by the brilliant physicist Richard Feynman, words aimed at any would-be theorists or anyone who thinks the process of original reality-based ideation is easy:"

“In physics there are so many accumulated observations that it is almost impossible to think of a new idea which is different from all the ideas that have been thought of before and yet agree with all the observations that have already been made.” –R.P. Feynman, The Meaning of it All, p22

Speaking from his own experience, the author of the Cause of Galaxy Rotation says that to construct a theory to explain the Universe to agree with “so many accumulated observations … is almost impossible.” Difficult but not impossible. With the detailed explanation of the cause of galaxy rotation, the success of DSSU Theory continues. This is why the DSSU model stands peerless and unrivalled; and why no meaningful response has ever been forthcoming to the routinely-asked reasonable question: “Regarding the assessment of the Paper’s scientific merits: Did the reviewer(s) or the editor find any errors in the reasoning used in the presentation, any lack of clarity of the ideas, or any ambiguity of the supporting evidence?”

Presenting what was long missing from the field of cosmology and astrophysics, a completely natural cause of galaxy rotation, this is the paper many DSSU followers have been waiting for. It presents aspects of galactic motions that astronomers and astro-theorists need; and it exposes the total redundancy of so-called Dark Matter.

Article: Natural Cause of Galaxy Rotation, Abstract & Link to article
Journal: American Journal of Astronomy and Astrophysics, Vol.8, No.2, pp19-29 (June 2020).
High-resolution Reprint: PDF download


In the year 2019, the man who many believe to be the greatest living cosmologist was awarded the Nobel Prize for Physics. The Nobel Committee stated that its motivation for so honoring astrophysicist James Peebles was “for theoretical discoveries in physical cosmology.” What, may you ask, were these great “theoretical discoveries”? … It is generally acknowledged that Canadian-born James Peebles’s research concentrated mainly on (1) constructing an account of the evolution of an expanding universe and the formation of cosmological structure culminating in galaxy clusters; (2) developing theories for the formation of galaxies; and (3) in order to give some degree of credibility to the first two, inventing and developing dark matter physics.

The problems here are staggering. Contrary to Peebles’ strange beliefs and mathematical models, the Universe does not evolve and does not expand. The problem regarding his work on galaxies will be explained in a moment. Then there is the utter irrelevancy of his "dark matter" physics. There is no dark matter mystery; such matter has never been found; it does not exist; and it is completely unnecessary.

These problems are evidently of no concern to the Awards Selection Committee as it continues to promote the failed cosmology of the last century. With the awarding of the 2019 Physics Award to James Peebles, the Nobel Foundation, in its considerable prestigious capacity, was endorsing his life-long theoretical speculations on the Big Bang fantasy. It was effectively reaffirming its commitment to supporting the Religio-Cosmology founded in the last century.

Turning to the problem of galaxy evolution, James Pebbles is widely credited for having developed “the theoretical framework … of how galaxies have formed and evolved.” As expressed in an editorial in Nature Physics dated November 2019: “Peebles shaped our current understanding of how galaxies and galaxy clusters form.” But take a closer look.

The most iconic characteristic of a large percentage of galaxies is large-scale rotation. In the case of face-on spiral galaxies, this rotation is revealed most spectacularly. Yet Peebles’ theoretical framework fails to identify the basic cause of the rotation. It is an omission comparable to having a theory of blood transmission through the arteries and veins of the body and failing to include the beating heart!

And worse, Peebles’ theory of the evolution of galaxies is flat out contrary to reality.

Within the framework of Peebles’ Big Bang cosmology, extremely distant galaxies are now routinely discovered that are supposedly not much older than one-half billion years —yet appear fully mature. But Peebles, expert that he is, knows full well that galaxies cannot possibly form in such a short time span. On the cosmic scale, 500 million years is just a coffee break —barely time enough for two rotations of our Milky Way Galaxy.

Surely, an appropriate reaction here is to shake one’s head in disbelief —disbelief in that there are people who actually believe such nonsense.

One can understand big bangers nominating Professor Pebbles for the Physics Award, but how does one fathom the gullibility of the Nobel Selection Committee?  It’s hard to believe they failed to notice the obvious contradictions. Did the Committee bother to ask these simple questions? —Where is the cause of rotation? —What miracle produces pre-prepared galaxies? —And why is there no evidence for Dark Matter?

To the credit of the Nobel people, one notices something interesting in their citation literature relating to Peebles’ work. Conspicuously, they did NOT capitalize the word “universe”; while they did capitalize “Earth.” Could it be that the decision-makers recognized that Peebles is strictly a practitioner of mathematical cosmology (the domain of fanciful possible worlds, speculative universes) quite unrelated to the real capitalized Universe? The real Universe is always capitalized, a hypothetical universe is not. (Incidentally, it seems they expressed this same subtle message before, namely in awarding Arno Penzias and Robert Wilson for the background radiation.)

As for Professor Pebbles, he constructed a mathematical world able to imitate some observed values but founded on false assumptions. Instead of advancing cosmology, he did much to lead it down the wrong path and help widen the disconnect between officially approved cosmology and reality. The divergence between the two can be quite embarrassing, as it is so easily shown to be wrong and it increasingly tends towards fake science.

 In any case, it was this gaping deficiency in the awareness of acclaimed experts and award bestowers that motivated Ranzan to present this latest DSSU exploration.

–C.R. (2020-5-20)

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Press Release (2021 July)
The Discovery of the Cosmic Law of Energy Conservation

Armed with a powerful definition of the fundamental process of energy, DSSU theory solves one of the deepest mysteries of cosmology.

In standard textbook physics, the claim has long been that the conservation of energy law does not apply to the cosmic system. In the normal everyday world, energy (including the energy of mass) can neither be created nor destroyed —it can only be transformed. That’s the strict rule. However, supposedly, it does not apply to the universe as a whole. Why not? Why does Mainstream Physics reject what is undoubtedly the most important law of nature?

The answer is simple. Mainstream Physics champions the belief in a Created universe —one created from nothing. Mass, energy, space and time, all emerge from nothingness —or in the jargon of the Believers, from some BIG out-of-control quantum fluctuation. See the dilemma here? The choice was between a Created universe, on the one hand, and a no-free-lunch energy conservation law on the other. As it happened, the Believers demoted the conservation law and as a result textbooks and professors teach that the universe itself is the law-breaking exception. Accept it, for that’s just the way it has been ordained.

Physics and astrophysics are said to be in crisis (a common theme in Scientific American, for instance). Evidently there is a stagnation of ever more bizarre and unworkable ideas promoted by the usual big players.

However, advances are being made. Fortunately, there are a growing number of non-believers, dissident scientists, and real truth-seekers.

Thanks to several recent breakthroughs in physics, we have gained ever deeper insights into the nature of reality and our Universe.

Most notably, the highly-successful unified theory of gravity[*], based on DSSU aether, has been instrumental in the development of the cosmic conservation of energy mechanism.  The latter simply emerges as a logical extension. But the consequences are far-reaching.

The discovery of the energy conservation mechanism is unprecedented in the long history of cosmology. For the first time ever, we have a cosmology that complies with the paramount law of nature. More specifically, it makes the DSSU the first true scientific theory of the Universe.

The short title of the Article detailing the mechanism is the “Cosmic-Scale Conservation of Energy”. After having undergone extensive peer review, over a period of almost six months, the work has now been published.

Cosmic-Scale Conservation of Energy,” Physics Essays Vol.34, No.3, pp.331-339 (2021). [** See links below]


■ Revealed is the conservation of energy mechanism pertaining to the universe system —our Universe. Overturns the long-held belief that the energy conservation law does not apply to the Universe.

■ This conservation mechanism makes the DSSU the first true scientific theory of the Universe —one that complies with the nature’s most important law.

■ Yet no radical physics was required, rather, the conservation of energy mechanism emerged as a logical extension of the highly-successful unified theory of gravity based on DSSU aether.

■ The mechanism is pleasingly straightforward —everything fits together in a self-evident way.

■ Reveals the secret of how cosmic-scale energy conservation is maintained within the physical realm and within the sub-physical realm; and how physical existence is entirely dependent on the aether medium.

■ Arrives at the profound conclusion that we live in a two-particle Universe.

    That last item was an unexpected bonus: All existence is based on only two elementary particles.

–C.R. (2021-7)

[*] C. Ranzan, “The Nature of Gravity –How one factor unifies gravity’s convergent, divergent, vortex, and wave effects,” International Journal of Astrophysics and Space Science, Vol.6, No.5, pp.73-92 (2018). Abstract & Links.

[**] C. Ranzan, “Law of Physics 20th-Century Scientists Overlooked (Part 6): Cosmic-Scale Conservation of Energy,” Physics Essays Vol.34, No.3, pp.332-340 (September 2021). Abstract.

[PDF REPRINT] Reprinted by permission of PEP. (Journal website:

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Press Release (2022 August)
The Ultimate Source of Energy has been Uncovered – the Mainspring of the Universe Resolved

Announcing a four-function mechanism —evidence-based and theory-consistent— that drives the Cosmos

The 20-year quest for the ultimate truth has paid off.

It is said that with a good scientific theory, you get more out of it than you put into it. At least that’s what theoretical physicist Max Tegmark said, in his 2014 book detailing his “Mathematical … Quest for the Ultimate Nature of Reality”. Although Tegmark found that his approach ran into major disappointments, the dictum certainly rang true for DSSU theory. Here is what happened. When the highly successful aether theory of gravity was combined with three recently discovered laws of physics, what emerged was the most unusual kind of object imaginable. … When these surprisingly simple theory components are brought together, what comes out is an object of unlimited energy-generating capacity. This is a stunning finding! It stands as the culmination of 20 years of research into the Dynamic Steady State Universe (DSSU). It revolutionizes modern cosmology.

The recently published article Mainspring of the Universe –The Mechanism Sustaining the Universe’s Steady State presents the remarkable story of how the energy of the Universe is continuously replenished. Discovered and pieced together over the past two decades, the elements of the “Mainspring mechanism” have now been assembled together in this very readable article. From an unprecedented and unique perspective, the research article delves into the Mainspring object and its four functional components:

A Mainspring object functions as a 4-component mechanism that drives the Universe. Its role as an energy generator involves three essential functions: (1) Matter input, mass and radiation capture; (2) Blueshift amplification of surface-trapped photons and neutrinos; (3) Radiant energy emission through opposite poles. Independent of those three, there is also another crucial feature (4) for the elimination of any excess mass. … Understand that every Terminal star (as defined by DSSU theory) is a metaphorical perpetual Mainspring and operates as presented here.

(1) The raw input and conversion component. This consists of any radiation reaching the surface and any mass that has been gravitationally captured. (Some of the infalling mass transforms to pure energy.)  

(2) The energy amplifying (Blueshifting) process —the key component of the system. Applicable to the Mainspring’s surface-trapped photons and neutrinos, this is the process of energy generation by the law of velocity differential propagation of radiation.

(3) The Primary radiation component. It is the ejection of amplified energy, and includes energy derived from mass infall.

(4) The extinction/annihilation of excess mass by aether deprivation —a heretofore unrecognized component. It follows logically from the straightforward way that mass is defined at the fundamental level. Since mass only exists as something continuously consuming aether, it stands to reason that when the supply of aether is cut off, the so-affected mass can no longer exist —it simply vanishes. Any excess mass acquired by the Mainspring object leads to mass extinction at the core.

It is these four components or processes, manifesting in the amazing Mainspring objects, that make it possible for the energy of the Universe to be continuously replenished. It is how our grand Cosmic system is perpetually sustained —now and forever.

The Fundamental Question
. No matter what theory of the universe one accepts or actively promotes, the fundamental question has always been, where does, or where did, the energy come from? Where indeed! It had to, or has to, come from somewhere. The foundation principle of physics —the rule of cause and effect— demands it. The demand for an answer extends into the depths of philosophy. This is what is known as the First Cause dilemma —or paradox. The experts of the 20th century never did find a plausible answer.

They never found the root cause, never detected the initiating spark. (As we all know, the Big Bang hypothesis is missing a realistic ignition factor.) The easy way out, of course, was to turn to a Divine "First Cause". In any case, here is what happened. Believing the dilemma irresolvable, scientists abandoned the search and focused on trying to understand, not the source of the energy, but rather its progressive dilution and final fate. The debate turned to the question of What happens to the universe as it "runs down"? —as the entropy-rule of thermodynamic law takes its toll? And so was born the popular myth of the gradual heat death of the cosmos —meaning that, as usable energy is dissipated, the universe dies of lack of heat.

Generating Energy
. It is important to note, energy is not created in the sense of getting something from nothing. Nowhere, in the context of the Mainspring mechanism, is energy being created from nothing. It is not as if an energy particle suddenly appears without having some sort of pre-existence. … Rather than energy from nothing, energy is being generated by amplifying the energy of already existing particles (photons and neutrinos).

Theoretically, there are three ways to generate energy:

● From nothing. Ignore the law of energy conservation and extract energy from absolutely nothing —nothing whatsoever. Problem is no one knows how this can be done.

● From pre-existing energy via some form of transformation. This is the well-understood energy-conserving extraction of useful energy from mechanical, thermal, chemical, mass, and nuclear pre-existing forms of energy. Always from pre-existing energy.

● From pre-existing energy WITHOUT transformation. There is only one why to do this. It is by the unique energy amplification process based on the principle of the velocity differential propagation of radiation.

We now know where the Universe’s energy comes from. The ultimate source energy comes from the amplification of already existing energy particles —the photons and neutrinos fortuitously located within the surface layer of Terminal stars (the Mainspring objects). The process is a boosting of energy without actually adding any pre-existing energy to bring about the amplification.

This is revolutionary. □

Publication details: C. Ranzan, Mainspring of the Universe –The Mechanism Sustaining the Universe’s Steady State, International Journal of Cosmology, Astronomy & Astrophysics Vol.3, No.1, 130-142 (2021).

Link to DOI   |   Abstract & HTM version    |    PDF Reprint.

–C.R. (2022-8-20)

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Press Release (2023 July)
Contrary to twentieth-century science, contrary to the big-bang paradigm, our Universe is not running down

The Universe, rest assured, will not suffer a so-called “heat death.”  A heat death has long been predicted by the conventional second law of thermodynamics. This is the physics principle governing the QUALITY of energy —the quality known as entropy.

Some background. Two of the most important laws of standard physics are the First law and Second law of thermodynamics. Both deal with energy. The First law governs the QUANTITY of energy —the quantity of energy must be conserved in any and all transformations/conversions (it cannot be created or destroyed). The Second law specifies the energy’s nature or QUALITY —a measurable aspect called entropy. In general, this principle describes heat and its loss during any energy conversion. For an isolated system, entropy is not conserved. In short, while the quantity of energy is always conserved, its quality is always deteriorating.

“Entropy” is just a fancy way of referring to the usefulness of energy in its various forms and states of concentration. … In a very real sense, it is a measure of disorder.

Consider the following typical sequence of energy conversions. Sunlight is converted to chemical energy (by, say, plants). Plants are converted to heat energy (by, say, combustion). The heat-energy of combustion is converted to mechanical energy (by, say, an internal combustion engine). The mechanical energy is then converted to kinetic energy (the energy of motion). At each stage there is a loss factor, a deterioration in the potency or usefulness of the original quantity of energy. The loss (in the form of heat) is due to the unavoidable inefficiency of the process of energy transformation itself.

… It has long been believed that this sort of running down of energy applies to the universe as a whole; and that the relentless trend would lead to the dissipation of all useful forms of energy … stars would all burn out; radiation would become redshift to ineffectuality. The result would be a dark, cold, dead cosmos.

However, the gloomy prognostication was unwarranted. It turns out that 20th-century Science had missed something crucially important. The experts failed to notice that our Universe has entropy-reversing processes.

The latest research in cosmology has found that the Universe actually has a way of reversing the ongoing entropy rise, a way of neutralizing disorder —a way of preventing the grand system from ever “running down”.

A newly published article explains how Nature circumvents the Second law of thermodynamics and maintains cosmic-scale entropy neutrality:

Nature’s Entropy-Lowering Processes
How Nature circumvents the Second law of thermodynamics and maintains cosmic-scale entropy neutrality[*]

Five of five peer Reviewers judged Nature’s Entropy-Lowering Processes to be “scientifically correct”

Described are two entropy-lowering processes. But note carefully: The existence of these processes does not mean there is anything wrong with the Second law; it does not mean the Second law must be changed. No. The two ‘mechanisms’ explored in the research article are simply outside the domain of conventional thermodynamics.


Needless to say, there are profound implications.

● The Second law of thermodynamics does not apply beyond its proper domain. It becomes invalid when extrapolated to the cosmic realm —when extrapolated to the entire universe.

● There are two entropy-lowering mechanisms that operate independently of standard thermodynamics. This independence rests on the fundamental feature of there being no particle-to-particle interaction involved.

● Moreover, the two entropy-lowering mechanisms constitute one side of a self-balancing system —a system which, on the cosmic scale, maintains entropy neutrality.


The far-reaching conclusion:

The Dynamic Steady State Universe is perpetually sustained in a thermodynamic steady state.
Our Universe will never ‘run down’ from lack of heat or energy.
It will never ‘die.’



● An unprecedented development for DSSU theory. …

Five of five journal-appointed Reviewers rated the research article,

Nature’s Entropy-Lowering Processes, as being “scientifically correct.”

● First ever documentation of Nature’s entropy-lowering mechanism —a structure encompassing two separate and independent processes.

● Explains why the Second law (the relentless rise in entropy) does not apply to the Universe as a whole.

● Extends our understanding of Nature’s ultimate source of energy.

● Reveals how Nature circumvents the Second law of thermodynamics and maintains cosmic-scale entropy neutrality.

● Another affirmation of the steady state order of the Universe.

The revolution in cosmology continues.

* Publication details: C. Ranzan, Nature’s Entropy-Lowering Processes: How Nature circumvents the Second law of thermodynamics and maintains cosmic-scale entropy neutrality, International Astronomy and Astrophysics Research Journal Vol.5, No.1, Pages 128-149 (2023).  |   PDF Reprint.

–C.R. (2023-7-20)

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Press Release (2024 July)
Remarkable convergence of gravity theory and empirical evidence has revealed the cosmic-scale geometry of the Universe

First comprehensive published article that focuses on the way our cellular Universe is structured. It reveals the interlocking nature of three key geometric shapes —three polyhedral cosmic-scale cells.

We have long known the Universe is cellularly structured, but the actual shapes of the cells have always eluded the experts.

Now, based on the comprehensive aether theory of gravity, and the mass-and-radiation recycling system, and entirely in accordance with DSSU cosmology: The Universe’s cosmic structure is revealed to be an interlocking geometry of dodecahedra, octahedra, and tetrahedra. There is even a ‘superoctahedron’ in the cell packing.

We now understand the geometric relationship between the structural cells and the gravity cells. The structural cells of the Universe are primarily rhombic dodecahedra, while the gravitation cells are octahedra, and tetrahedra. (In the technical jargon, when one has a dodecahedral array —a close-packing of dodecahedra— one also has an associated packing of dual shapes. For the dodecahedron these shapes are the octahedron and the tetrahedron; together they form a reciprocal or dual network.)

Structure cells interlocked with gravity cells, so much was known —but how did they all fit together? The solution lay in the evaluation of evidence and basic geometry.

The nodes of the dodecahedral structures are the sites of galaxy clusters —the regional centers of gravity. Significantly, there are two types of nodes. For an extended tessellation of such structural cells, there are twice as many Minor nodes as there are Major nodes. This ratio is a straightforward fact-of-geometry of ‘packed’ rhombic dodecahedra. It follows that the Universe should have twice as many tetrahedral gravity cells as octahedral gravity cells.

Furthermore, the existence of two node sizes, of Minor nodes and Major nodes, within the theoretical tessellation is a crucial link to real-world evidence. It turns out, the rhombic dodecahedron is the only close-packed shape that agrees with an amazing empirical fact —astronomers have found that galaxy clusters come in basically TWO SIZES.


What is most remarkable (and most difficult for followers of the old paradigm to accept) is that cosmic cells never formed —never grew to be. They never evolved into a state of being. Rather, they have always existed. The revolutionary advancement in the understanding of cosmic geometry is that the cosmic cells (the structural units and the unified gravity domains) are perpetually SUSTAINED (meaning there was no initial formation origin).

 The initial reaction of the scientific community was as expected, based on the author’s previous experience. Several cosmology/astrophysics journals declined publication, having foregone any formal review. One journal, however, did attempt to justify the rejection. First some perspective, it should be made clear: This present piece of research is an outstanding work, outstanding in the sense that the underlying theory agrees admirably with the empirical evidence —the abundant and incontrovertible astronomical observations. This is science of the highest standard. And yet, and yet, one reviewer flatly asserted, “It is completely unscientific,” and recommended rejecting the article (prompting the editor of the Journal of High Energy Physics, Gravitation and Cosmology to decline its publication). Who could have guessed!? Material backed by thirty-eight supporting references is not science!? And what about the text and diagrammatic content being as clear as a cloudless day? … But to that journal, and the others, truth and objective reality contained in the article was not something to be embraced …  There was a recognition of a serious threat to their sacred never-to-be-challenged Worldview —a mytho-science view still stuck in the previous century.

One can only imagine the frustration and confusion of some astrophysicist/cosmologist encountering for the first time a theoretical framework that is far superior to what such individual had been taught and has long since been following. What other explanation can account for the irrational assessment of this latest DSSU work? No reasoned arguments, no specific criticism, just ridicule: The DSSU cosmology and the aether theory of gravity are merely ridiculous. The Paper is deemed not merely unscientific but “completely unscientific”!  Yes, one can taste the exasperation.

 Links to the article:

Natural Cosmic-Scale Geometry of Our Universe   [PDF Reprint]

… published in the International Journal of Cosmology, Astronomy and Astrophysics Vol.6, No.1, pp254-271 (2024). Doi: 10.18689/ijcaa-1000147

As always, the presentation is supported by sound theory, straightforward logic and irrefutable empirical evidence. This article’s insight into cosmic geometry represents another successful application of DSSU-defined aether. As a space-permeating dynamic medium, it bestows the property of mass, it manifests gravitation; its nature is responsible for the several guises of gravity. And gravity, of course, is what rules the Universe. It sustains the geometric shapes of the cosmic cellularity.

The decoding of the Universe’s cosmic structure reveals an interlocking geometry of dodecahedra, octahedra, and tetrahedra


With the current revolution in cosmology, the situation seems somewhat ironic. Was it not Galileo back in the 17th century who had wisely pointed the way? —pointed to the conceptual tools for decoding the Universe?  Consider his famous quote:

... this grand book of the universe which stands continually open to our gaze ... is written in the language of mathematics, and its characters are triangles, circles and other geometric figures, without which it is impossible to understand a single word of it; without these, one wanders in a dark labyrinth.
—Galileo Galilei, 1623, The Assayer

Unfortunately, 20th-century cosmologists used the cryptic geometry of an abstraction, the curvature of space, then they applied an outrageous extrapolation, and thus completely misread the nature of the universe.

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End of a Century-Long Experiment

The year 2015 marked the 100th Anniversary of the founding of the theory of gravity called General Relativity —the theory upon which Universal-Expansion cosmology is based. In 1915 was born the theory that became, in 1917, the mathematical foundation of single-cell cosmology. And it was later modified to serve as the bedrock of the Big Bang hypothesis —the speculative idea that the Universe exploded in the past and is currently expanding!

In the milestone year of 2015 the Old and the New cosmologies collided. The New exposed the fatal flaws of the Old. It was the year in which all whole-universe expansion models —this means all General Relativity Universe models— became untenable. They lost their validity. The century-long experiment of extending Einstein’s brilliant local-gravity theory to encompass the entire Cosmos had failed. … The unrestrained extrapolation of what was primarily a mathematical theory had flunked the test of reality.

With the publication of the definitive resolution of a long-standing mystery of our age  —the greatest structural mystery in astronomy and astrophysics— the Expansion models have forever lost their scientific credibility.

Welcome to the nonexpanding Dynamic Steady State Universe!

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The Case for a Cellular Universe
–the Story of a Baffling Omission in Modern Cosmology

Conrad Ranzan   (2008)

“We have to return to this foundation and start over again asking ancient but fundamental questions
 hoping that today we are in a better position to answer them.”
–Dr. Johan Masreliez

“Beneath the apparently haphazard motions ... may lie a formative tendency
 toward simplicity of form, order and regularity.”
–Lancelot Law Whyte


In this essay we explore cogent arguments in favor of an intrinsically cellular Universe —why it is not mere accident that the Universe is structured this way.

Finding that the case for cellularity is overwhelmingly convincing we are led to ponder why the astrophysicists and cosmologists of the 20th century failed to adopt the concept as a key feature of the Universe. Think about it: Intrinsic cellularity implies some sort of regularity, some sort of orderly arrangement; but if the opposite, chaos and randomness, is the guiding principle of one's cosmology then grand-scale order makes little sense.  If the Big Bang is part of one's belief system, then entertaining the idea of systematic cosmic patterns is strictly heretical.

The experts of the 20th century blundered —badly. They knew the World was a cosmos of dynamic space; they knew that, since "space" is not nothingness, it has to be "filled" with a dynamic space medium; they knew these things on the acknowledged authority of Albert Einstein.  In fact, these essentials were known as early as 1839 when when the French polymath Augustin Cauchy (1789-1857) proposed the very first dynamic space medium, an aether-like medium that had the ability to contract. And whatever has the ability to contract surely has the countering ability to expand (this was later confirmed by Einstein's theory of gravity).

In any case, the experts were faced with a basic choice: There were FIVE ways the space medium of the Universe could be dynamic. They extensively investigated four categories of "dynamics."  In the end, they settled on one —the consensus was that there is a universal expansion of the space medium.  And so, with the some extraordinary extrapolation the 20th century became the age of EXPANDING universe models. ... However, in making the choice, they missed the FIFTH way!

Yes they did. Unbelievable as it may sound, they failed to see what they could easily have seen.  In fact, they failed to see what they should have seen because it is well within the domain of the foundation principle of all modern cosmology!

Now why does all this matter?

Well, it turns out that the expanding-universe models don't work.  The steady-state expanding models don't work; and explosive expanding models (think Big Bang) don't work.  All are problem plagued constructs.

It matters because the real Universe is cellular —it is innately, stably, provably, cellular.

It matters because the consequences are revolutionary.

LINK to the complete essay:
The Case for a Cellular Universe
–the Story of a Baffling Omission in Modern Cosmology


There are five possible combinations of vacuum expansion and contraction. Each combination defines a category of universe models. ... Only one leads to a consistently problem-free cosmology.


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Laws of Physics 20th-Century Scientists Overlooked

Reveals amazing new insights into the working of the Universe! … Includes the recently discovered Law of cosmic-scale conservation of energy.


Reveals how, if your theory of gravity is wrong or incomplete, then so is your cosmology.


Overview: The book is an exploration into the key principles and processes that rule the Universe. All rest on legitimate scientific grounds, all are based on sound physics and validated or supported by observational evidence —yet all were missed by the experts of the 20th century!

What they all missed

In the early years of this century, Oxford physicist Roger Penrose wrote a massive book entitled The Road to Reality (published in 2004). After following the scientific road to reality, detailing the history of theoretical physics, page after page, for more than 1000 pages, Penrose arrives at the somber conclusion that in spite of its magnificent achievements, modern science remains a flickering candle surrounded by inky mystery. As one reviewer put it, “With refreshing candor, Roger Penrose forcefully underscores the extent of our ignorance about the origin —and indeed the very nature— of the physical laws that govern the operation of our magnificent universe.

Remarkably, Penrose (Nobelist, 2020), the world’s foremost expert on the nature of the Real World, claims that mankind is substantially ignorant of the physical laws that govern the operation of our magnificent universe.
What could those laws be? … And how are they to be discovered?

Quoting from the concluding passage of The Road to Reality:

“… we shall need powerful new ideas, which will take us in directions significantly different from those currently being pursued. Perhaps what we mainly need is some subtle change in perspective —something that we all have missed. –Roger Penrose

Yes, definitely, a change in perspective. Or better still, a new paradigm!  But, what had they all missed?

Steven Weinberg (Nobel Award 1979), in an interview (2009) with science writer Amir D. Aczel, expressed a hopeful attitude about the conceptual unification of the forces of nature and our efforts to decipher the ultimate laws of the universe using new theories. “I don’t know if the human race is intelligent enough to decipher the laws of physics,” he said, “but I hope that it is.” Emphasizing the challenges theorists face, he speculated, “Maybe it will take thousands of years.” (–As in Amir Aczel's 2010 book Present at the Creation, p203)

Thousands of years!

Sadly, the experts had missed something —something, as it turned out, embarrassingly straightforward. Consequently, they had failed to uncover the laws of physics that operate the Universe.

This book is about those laws —laws that all rest on legitimate scientific grounds, all based on sound physics and validated or supported by observational evidence.

Understand those laws and you understand the deep nature of the Cosmos.

This book is about that crucial something that all the scientists of the 20th century missed.

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Book specifications:

  • Title: “Laws of Physics Twentieth-Century Scientists Overlooked”

  • Author: Conrad Ranzan

  • Publisher: DSSU Research

  • Size: 6″ x 0.83" x 9″; approx. 350 pages (Weight: 1.32 lbs)

  • Includes: Over 77 figures (many in color); tables; references and footnotes; index

  • ISBN: 978-0-9938823-1-9 (Softcover, color)

  • List Price: US$34. (CAN$36.)

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