Subject: Cellular Universe

Date: 2019-08-26



Esteemed Mr. Ranzan,

For approximately the past seven years I have repeatedly had the pleasure of reading, by using the language-translation function on the computers, the material on your website. It is fascinating to follow the progress of the research/development and exploration into this theory of cosmology. DSSU is the theory that harmonizes with reality. Of that I am convinced. Many thanks also for your work. If a Nobel Prize were to be handed out for Cosmology, then you should be its recipient.

Since I am native German and have but a poor command of the English language, it would be nice if your website could present material in the German language. I am not able to judge how good the quality of the translation from “Google” or from “Microsoft Edge” is.

I have been reading on your website since 2014 and am enthusiastic about DSSU and the Cellular Universe. I am a layman and have no scientific education.

All along I have always been interested in two things, namely largeness and reality.

There (in DSSU theory), the spatially and temporally infinite universe represents reality of processes and their resulting manifestations (subquanta and quanta), both are taken into account.

However, it was a long way for me to come to this realization. And it wasn't until 2018/2019 that I understood the theory to some extent.

I have a Christian biblical background, which is also called Christian Fundamentalism. That is why I first dealt very much with theological issues.

In particular, I had studied the teachings of the Calvinists —under the assumption that the Bible translations are consistent (which they are not) and that the Bible is errorless (which it is not), making for a perfect theological system.

From today's point of view, I would think that the understanding of the Bible of the reformist-influenced people is not really oriented towards the historical background and the original languages, but that these are, if at all, only means to an end.

However, my belief in traditional theology was rather shaken when I began to deal with the question of the Trinity and found that there are good arguments against the Trinity and for Unitarianism.

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The question of whether Christ was pre-existent and whether he really was born of a virgin I had to finally answer with a clear no.

But now I come to the questions of philosophy and cosmology. A friend was a nuclear physicist and belonged to a creationist organization. He tried to calculate a model according to which the Earth could be 6000 years old and the most distant galaxies could still be 10 000 000 000 or 12 000 000 000 years old. I found this idea somewhat strange and confusing.

On the other hand, ideas were advocated that God had simply created the light from the distant galaxies. The friend also said that many of the members who belonged to the aforementioned organization did not understand the problem of physics. I also note that (some of it has been admitted) there were difficulties with the dating. (Radiometric age determinations.) The resulting ages did not fit the model of a young Earth.

The Casimir effect led me to ask questions. The already mentioned friend spoke of the possibility of particle formation from the quantum field, which is everywhere, and that it is even possible that the universe and the field of waves everywhere always existed. For the time being, I put this aside.

Through the critique of the doctrine of the Trinity and through the attempt to defend Unitarianism, I was prompted to think about how creation might have gone. Some Jews argued that God had set a point, and it then expanded more and more, and so Heaven and Earth were created. Still others believed that God had pulled himself together to this one point. (All of this is very reminiscent of the Big Bang, which I only realized later).

Of the so-called power traits of God, I have always found the omnipresence the most fascinating. Therefore, over time, I realized that the highest state-of-being could not actually have a human form. Contrary to this, God was often described in the Bible, although not exclusively, quite anthropomorphically.

In any case, at that time I came to the place where I recognized the omnipresence of God as infinite. In some philosophically very profound Jews, I found this idea confirmed. They had concepts for the infinite being such as AIN Soph, Ain Aur and AIN. Here, the nothingness of absolute space (infinite expansion) and consciousness were conceptually brought together. From that time on, I began to identify God with absolute space.

In a philosopher who has converted to the Christian faith, I found for the first time the idea that both God and the Universe are God.  For both God and the Universe are infinite in space and time. However, God had been formed from so-called judgments before time immemorial, and galaxies were not everywhere and not always present. Therefore, this idea could not be in accordance with a real infinite universe in space and time. However, this finding should not materialize until a later date.

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From the Jewish philosophy, after reading an article by Hans Peter Dürr (successor of Werner Heisenberg), a bridge to the boundless and infinite quantum field, or the aether, arose for me. A field of waves and possibilities. From the theistic point of view, I then interpreted this in such a way that the particles were created by conscious decisions of a supreme being and in this way the whole creation came into existence. There are views that the observer creates the reality of the particles. There was a time when I too believed this, at least in part.

However, some articles of theosophical authors have made me aware that spatial and temporal infinity and omniscience are incompatible. Consciousness or knowledge always revolves around a certain limited area. Infinity is always completely outside all knowledge, partly because it has no center nor can it have one.

So I continued to search for posts on the Internet in which an infinite universe was represented.

Uwe Wurditsch orients himself on the thought of the physicist Marmet and also believes that the universe must be infinite both spatially and temporally.

Physicist Werner Pohl sets forth on his website “Hauptplatz Uni” Pohl's view of a spatially and temporally infinite universe, but seems to be more focused on the "infinite universe theory" of Glenn Borscharahdt (Progressive Science Institute).

Helmut Hille is more of a philosopher than a physicist, but he takes the view that the universe must be boundless/infinite in space and time, and that there can be many cosmos in it.

In addition to Progressive Science Institute (Glenn Borschardt), I then ended up on your great website the Cellular Universe. It took me a few years to understand the functions, processes, and laws of nature as they apply to the infinitely numerous cosmic cells in all directions.

The physicist Scymanski also argues that the universe must consist of limited areas of gravity and antigravity. He, too, has realized that the universe is infinite in space and time. (I think, he emigrated to Canada in 1970.)

One of the questions I have always had was, for example, if God was infinite and he had created everything (should have put everything out of himself) had he not become smaller and weaker afterwards?

DSSU or Cellular Universe answers this question:

Everything (the primal ground, expanding vacuum space and all manifested) is integrated into the infinity of the 3-dimensional space, which consists of cosmic cells with a diameter of about 350 million lightyears: All processes, the laws of nature, vacuum force, quantum, energy (photons and mass) the antigravity and gravity, subquanta without mass and energy, the manifestations, continuous formation and expansion and perpetual extraction and eventual destruction (negation), regardless of Mind and consciousness. Everything has always happened in this way and will always be done in this way.

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Since the universe is infinite in all directions of space, it can never have emerged from a point. This means that there can have been no beginning. The universe was therefore not created, but also exists in time infinitely in all directions.

Today I would call myself a Pantheist. The universe works in all directions of infinity everywhere according to the same principles, forces and laws of nature. Each cosmic cell is a self-balanced system of processes that manifest all visible things.

In this I also see the Divine. The properties of infinite (omni)presence and omnipotence are expressed in all directions of the infinite universe. Consciousness or omniscience does not matter and are, if anything, clearly subordinate.

But I assume that, as there have always been planets, suns, galaxies, galaxy clusters and supergalaxies, there have already been intelligent and highly intelligent beings in the universe and in every cosmic cell. The highly conscious and highly intelligent life has reached Earth through extraterrestrials. Some life forms have been created by evolution. Although evolutionary development has probably always played a role.

Of course, a universe infinite in all directions remains and is for every conscious being completely beyond our imaginations.

What I find particularly impressive is that all observations, including the research results of modern physics (relativity theories) can be in agreement with the DSSU with correct interpretation. Many other representations of an infinite universe have their problems and question Einstein's physics in the first place.

Continue like this and stay healthy. I hope that we will still have a lot of enjoyment with the website “Cellular Universe.” It would be good if there were other people with such knowledge and such teaching to spread the Cellular Universe paradigm. The predominance of mainstream cosmology (primarily that of the Big Bang), and its mathematical speculations, makes it almost impossible to have a debate about reality, the true essence and nature of the universe, and the question of infinity.


Kindest greetings

Markus Schumacher

(2019-08-26   Germany)