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(2024 March 8): The Cosmic Geometry paper is currently being peer-reviewed.

Meanwhile:The disintegration of Western civilization is proceeding so rapidly that I cannot keep up with it even as a full time job. … It is happening right in front of our eyes.” –

(2024 February): New research paper, focusing on the large-scale geometry of the Cosmos, is currently being readied for publication. It details the arrangement of gravity cells and how the rhombic dodecahedron is embedded within a superoctahedron.

Meanwhile: Reflect on the mega-crime of the last century —Dresden Hellstorm (February 13-15, 1945). It is appalling to think its perpetrators were actually hailed as war heroes!
The Blood of Dresden by Kurt Vonnegut
Dresden 1945: The Devil’s Tinderbox by Charles Lutton

(2023 October): The Gerhard Herzberg Award, 2023: Canada's most prestigious prize for science and engineering went to Yoshua Bengio, a scientist who helped make the AI revolution possible. As the scientific director of the Montreal Institute for Learning Algorithms and professor at the University of Montreal, he is both excited and cautious about the future of the technology he helped create. Congratulations.

(2023 October 12): George Orwell Free Speech Award, 2023: Congratulations to Jurgen Neumann who was presented with the award “For outstanding courage in challenging censorship and defending freedom in pursuit of the truth and for outstanding talent as a freedom communicator & videographer …”

(2023 September): Newly posted: Question regarding The Fermi Paradox. Where are other advanced civilizations?

Meanwhile, history continues to repeat itself and teach essential lessons:
“As is becoming increasingly more obvious, even to historical novices, mainstream academia, mass media and what passes for journalism these days is agenda driven, not truth driven. Certain narratives and ideas that advance particular agendas are elevated and promoted, while dissenting or alternative perspectives and viewpoints are hysterically dismissed or censored.” –The Barnes Review Vol.29, No.5 (Sept/Oct 2023, p69)

(2023 August): Important UPDATE to the so-call discovery/detection of gravity waves (the ones predicted by Einstein’s geometric gravity theory). Turns out no gravity waves were detected! Just as I had suspected and reported years ago. … What the LIGO and VIRGO teams actually found was a match-up between measured signal noise and preprogrammed idealized wave patterns (i.e., computer stored preexisting general-relativity gravity waves). It was simply the result of a computerized search to obtain a very approximate and partial fit between measured signal and simulated “chirps.” …What was presented to the ever-credulous public was not the actual recorded waves, but rather the pre-stored-in-computer-memory idealized wave patterns! Such are the findings of a collaboration of four researchers. [Abstract & link to full article in the International Astronomy and Astrophysics Research Journal]

Meanwhile, the collapse continues:
“The United States is falling apart in real time.” –The Barnes Review (July/Aug 2023, p30)

Suppressed is the essence of the spirit needed to resist the accompanying enslavement: “That traditional suspicion and disdain of an overreaching centralized government; that ambitious, fearless, risk-taking outlook; that love of individual liberty and personal freedom; that hardworking, productive, can-do attitude —these and similar characteristics are the essence of the true American spirit.” –The Barnes Review (July/Aug 2023, p22)

(2023 July 28): Author’s Curriculum Vitae has been updated to include the discovery of meta-thermodynamics processes.

(2023 July 21): The revolution in cosmology continues. The first documentation of Nature’s entropy-lowering mechanism —involving a structure encompassing two separate and independent processes— has been published. The latest DSSU article presents a discussion of how cosmic-scale entropy neutrality is maintained —how two processes prevent the Universe from ever running down. Press Release.
Meanwhile: The Great Enslavement continues. The ongoing implementation measures and events —including real and imagined crises— are too numerous for the average person to keep track of, let alone deal with. Sometimes too covert to recognize. Oftentimes seemingly benevolent, like the pending implementation of digital currency. And always propagandized.

(2023 July 1): The report on Nature’s Entropy-Lowering Processes has been accepted for publication. Five of five journal-appointed Reviewers deemed the research article to be "scientifically correct." ... Details to follow.

(2023 March 24 ... April 15): Latest research paper Nature’s Entropy-Lowering Processes is currently under review.

Meanwhile: Tyranny in Canada! The persecution of Pastor Artur Pawlowski. Listen to the incredible first-hand account: Just Right Program #802 (2023-3-16)

(2023 February): DSSU research article currently being prepared deals with entropy ... with a focus on Nature's remarkable entropy-lowering mechanism.

(2023 January 16): Who would believe it! An American official holiday for communism and its foremost promoter. Clearly the lessons of history have been ignored … all the while the repression, and enslavement, continues.

(2023 January):  DSSU Cosmology is now into its 22nd year on the Internet —the revolution continues.

(2022 December 28): Now PUBLISHED !

“Laws of Physics Twentieth-Century Scientists Overlooked”

Available on
and on

(2022 November 11): Remembrance Day in Canada (Veterans Day in USA, Remembrance Sunday in Britain). Take a moment to reflect on the Allied scheme for genocide: The Morgenthau Plan.

"After World War II ended, some in the Allied coalition wanted to crush the already-prostrate German nation for standing up to its banker-dominated New World Order agenda. Drafted by the Soviets and initially scrapped, it was resurrected after the war for the sole purpose of genociding as many Germans as possible." –The Barnes Review Vol.28, No.6 (2022 Nov) page 54

(2022 August 30): Press Release (2022 August).

(2022 August 20): The 20-year quest for the ultimate truth has paid off … We now know how the energy of the Universe is continuously replenished.
The details are revealed in the Open Access Article “Mainspring Mechanism of the Universe” published in the International Journal of Cosmology, Astronomy and Astrophysics. Presented is the four-process mechanism that drives and sustains the grand Cosmic system —now and forever. Hi-resolution REPRINT.

Meanwhile … the decline of Western Civilization continues. Let us not forget Ayn Rand’s warning:

When you see that in order to produce, you need to obtain permission from men who produce nothing – When you see that money is flowing to those who deal, not in goods, but in favors – When you see that men get richer by graft and by pull than by work, and your laws don’t protect you against them but protect them against you – When you see corruption being rewarded and honesty becoming a self-sacrifice – You may know that your society is doomed.” –A. Rand, Atlas Shrugged, 1957

(2022 August 12): In the Just Right Media program #771, Robert Metz reveals one of the great secrets of our Universe. The Universe was never created! It had no beginning! … The elegant and profound reasoning substantiating this claim is presented in the fourth-quarter segment of the August 11th podcast.

(2022 August 1): The third DSSU book is ready for publication. Particulars: Laws of Physics 20th-Century Scientists Overlooked

(2022 July 1): Current project: The third DSSU book is nearing completion.

(2022 February 13-15): Dresden Hellstorm days of remembrance. Ask yourself, what could possibly motivate a people to machinate and implement the total destruction of the most beautiful and cultural city on the planet? Search deeply into your inner self, and reflect on the mind-polluting power of indoctrination.
Remembering Dresden 77 years after the terror bombing.

(2022 January 1): The "Directory" webpage has been updated.

ANNOUNCEMENTS & comments from earlier years are available HERE.


The Nature of Gravitational Collapse

Subtitle: How the photon, the particle of light, is responsible for mass, gravity, superneutron stars, and supermassive black holes

—Reveals the truth about stellar and supermassive black holes.

This work contains 311+ pages, 67 illustrations, references, and index. …
Second printing details (2017 November)
First printing details (Lambert Academic Publishing, 2017 July)

Guide to the Construction of the Natural Universe

Participate in a unique exploration of the Cosmos: venture into the sub-atomic realm, even into the sub-quantum realm where the roots of reality reside, and into the domain of cosmic-scale cell-structure and beyond to infinity. Along the way, discover the cause of mass, the cause of gravitation, and rediscover Einstein’s “nonponderable” aether and Heraclitus’ harmony-of-opposites principle. … The book represents the ultimate vindication for all the skeptics who resisted the "preposterous" Big Bang mythology and who refused to join the exploding-cosmos religion.
The book contains 317 pages, 61 illustrations, references, and index …
Available from C-FAR Books.
Or use this mail-in Order Form.
(Also available at  Niagara Falls Public Library)


Mass-to-Energy Conversion, the Astrophysical Mechanism –Published in Journal of High Energy Physics, Gravitation and Cosmology, Vol.5, No.2 (2019). HTML version.

Nature’s Supreme Mechanism for Energy Extraction from Nonmaterial Aether –Published in Infinite Energy Magazine Vol.24, Issue#144 (2019 March/April)

The Nature of Gravity –How One Factor Unifies Gravity’s Convergent, Divergent, Vortex, and Wave Effects –Published in the International Journal of Astrophysics and Space ScienceVol.6, No.5, 2018.
Natural Mechanism for the Generation and Emission of Extreme Energy Particles –Published in Physics Essays Vol.31, No.3, p358 (2018). (Reprint)
Sachs-Wolfe Effect Disproof –Published in the International Journal of Astrophysics and Space Science, Vol.6, No.1, 2018. ( Abstract & Links.)

"The Nature of Gravitational Collapse"
–Published in American Journal of Astronomy & Astrophysics. ( Abstract and Links.)
(Note, there is a typo in AJA&A posted version in the Fig-10 caption. It should read: … acceleration is proportional to 1/r2.)

Glossary of Terms used in Cosmology and Astrophysics with particular emphasis on DSSU theory.
(Opens in separate Window or Tab)


Mysteries & Paradoxes that Plague Standard Cosmology  (Updated 2015-7)

Cosmology Crisis of 1998 (Revised 2015-5)

Critique of Conventional Cosmology ... comments relating to the 'preposterous' expanding-universe paradigm.
Bafflement —the remarkable admission of a physicist.
The Cosmology Debate That Never Happened   —During the 20th century there was a decades-long debate: The cataclysmic expanding universe VS the stable expanding universe. But there has never been a debate of the dynamic expanding universe VS the dynamic non-expanding universe. (Posted 2011 Oct)

Models of the Universe —Historical, Expanding, and Cellular universes. INCLUDES USEFUL TABLES FOR COMPARING THEORIES.

The Universe Is Infinite (Part 1) —overcoming a "central" problem of cosmology theories.

The Universe Is Infinite (Part 2) —an explanation of how the universe can always have existed and will always exist.

DSSU, The Non-Expanding Universe: Structure, Redshift, Distance —A long sought-after goal of astrophysicists has been a formulation of cosmic distance that is independent of the speed of light. The goal has now been achieved. The present Paper details the surprisingly simple distance expression and its validating agreement with Supernova data.

Why Copernicus Did Not Need a Force of Gravity —Explores the question of why no one, except Newton, invoked a force. (Re-Posted February, 2014)

Gravity and Lambda —A Story of Opposites (.htm) —A story of opposites in harmony. Key differences between the Conventional Cosmology and the New Cosmology are presented.

Dynamic Cosmic Cell —The Structural Component of the DSSU —Animated image and discussion of the self-sustaining, self-balancing system.

Why Einstein Did Not Receive the Nobel Prize for His Theory of Relativity —“By 1922 Einstein had been nominated about fifty times —most were for his relativity theories.”

Questions & Answers & Comments


(2016 June) FREE DOWNLOAD details:
DSSU Validated by Redshift Theory and Structural Evidence
, Physics Essays, Vol.28, No.4, p455-473 (2015 Dec) —Delivers the coup de grâce to the Big Bang. Abstract & Links.
Both Reviewers enthusiastically endorsed this "well-written and incisive article."

The Dynamic Steady State Universe.
This work brings together the main pieces of the cosmic puzzle in a step-by-step construction of the Natural Universe. Published in Physics Essays Vol.27 No.2 (2014 June issue) (PDF download)  "... the arguments are well-made. The article is competent, enjoyable and readable." —Reviewer for Physics Essays Journal

Olbers’ Paradox Resolved for the Infinite Non-Expanding Universe
, American Journal of Astronomy & Astrophysics Vol.4, No.1, (2016 January). Abstract & links. Reprint PDF.
● “The man accredited with discovering universe expansion did not believe that the universe was expanding. Hubble was convinced that the key evidence, the cosmic redshift, was caused by some other factor, something more fundamental than mere expansion.”
● “With the recent discovery of a new cosmic-redshift mechanism, and its theoretical validation, it turns out that Hubble was right.”
● Explains how “an infinite, non-expanding, perpetually regenerating universe" is able to predict a dark night sky.

Cosmic Redshift in the Nonexpanding Cellular Universe  ( Journal links ) —details the actual causal mechanism. Published in the American Journal of Astronomy & Astrophysics, Vol.2, No.5 (2014) Abstract.
Local copy with quality images: (Reprint pdf).
• Entirely new concept for cosmic redshift mechanism;
• Retains the foundation premise of all modern cosmology;
• But does not require whole-universe expansion;
• A redshift based on the DSSU theory of unified gravity & cosmic cellular structure;
• Remarkable agreement with independently established redshift distances.

The Cosmology Debate That Never Happened
What historians call "the greatest cosmological debate in history” was between TWO  expanding universes —two hypothetical models that share the same, I repeat, the same foundational property! If one is to claim some great clash of ideas (let alone the "greatest") then surely there must exist some deep dividing difference! (Posted 2011-10)

The Case for a Cellular Universe
—the Story of a Baffling Omission in Modern Cosmology    (Rev2014)

Large-Scale Structure of the Dynamic Steady State Universe published in the American Journal of Astronomy and Astrophysics, Vol.4, No.6, 2016, pp.65-77. Astract and Links.
■ Presents the first 2 of the 4 main postulates that define the DSSU.
■ Space-medium expansion and contraction are perpetually held in balance, thus ensuring a non-expanding universe.
■ Explains how the two dynamic processes of the DSSU’s space medium sustain the cellular structure responsible for the pattern of matter distribution in our Universe.

Galaxy Morphology:

Ellipticity, Its Origin & Progression in Comoving Galaxies,  American Journal of Astronomy & Astrophysics, AJAA, Vol.3, No.2, 2015.
Journal  Abstract and Links.
Local  high-resolution PDF.
HTML version available from AJAA here.
• Provides the first-ever natural explanation for the cause of the elliptical shape of nonrotating galaxies
• Retains the foundation premise of all modern cosmology but rejects the absurd concept of whole-universe expansion
• Takes full advantage of the universe’s cosmic cellular structure and exploits the DSSU theory of unified gravity domains
• Amazingly, the mechanism that stretches galaxies turns out to be the very same mechanism that causes the cosmic spectral redshift!

Cosmic-Redshift Distance Law Without c Without H Comments & Links Simplifying the redshift-distance formula by removing the speed-of-light constant and the Hubble parameter —while maintaining agreement with observational evidence.


Cosmic Core website: Lavishly illustrated. Includes many articles discussing DSSU theory and cosmology.

New Illuminati
–The DSSU is The New Cosmology

New Illuminati –Hidden Substrate of Reality

Big Bang Never Happened –Home & Summary

Just Right program #623
Canadian broadcaster Robert Metz focuses on cosmology. This is a superb show in which he exposes the absurdity of the Big Bang hypothesis, delves into some key aspects of the DSSU, and praises the veracity of the modern steady-state perspective.
Originally aired 2019-9-19.


DSSU Theory:

DSSU Validated by Redshift Theory and Structural Evidence, Physics Essays, Vol.28, No.4, p455-473 (2015 Dec) —Delivers the coup de grâce to the Big Bang. Abstract & Links.
Both Reviewers enthusiastically endorsed this "well-written and incisive article."

A historical tour of universes culminating with the Natural Universe —This essay gives a thematic tour of historical and modern universes. ... While the Universe is endlessly speaking, forever sending signals; philosophers and scientists listen and interpret.

Currently undergoing revision and updating: Theoretical Foundation and Pillars of the Dynamic Steady State Universe —The first complete presentation of all four postulates of DSSU theory. A powerful paper that resolves the cause-of-causes paradox, explains the non-independent nature of time, and reveals the 'supreme advantage'. It includes a concise comparison with standard cosmology focusing on real-world viability.

The Fundamental Process of Energy —A Qualitative Unification of Energy, Mass, and Gravity. (Abstract & Reviews & Links) … This article reveals the secret behind photon confinement. (Contains only a bare minimum of mathematics and mainly in one of the 14 sections.)
PART 1 published in Infinite Energy Magazine Issue #113 (Jan/Feb 2014)
PART 2 published in Infinite Energy Magazine    Issue #114 (Mar/Apr 2014)

Headlined as:
A "Conceptual Unification of Energy, Mass and Gravity"

Dynamic Cosmic Cell —The Structural Component of the DSSU —Animated image and discussion of the self-sustaining, self-balancing system.

Unified Gravitation Cells of the DSSU —Constructing the Universe with Cosmic Gravity Cells

Aether Flow Equations and Expansion-Contraction Rates (pdf) —This paper explores the mathematical aspects of the two space-medium postulates of DSSU theory —and uncovers some profound consequences.


Documentary movie footage in which Einstein states, "There exists an aether"
High resolution .mpg video.
Low resolution .wmv video.

The Aether Experiments and the Impact on Cosmology —Aether was detected first in 1887 and then several more times during the 20th century. Its 21st–century "rediscovery" (in 2001) led to the long-sought causal mechanism of gravity —a discovery which has revolutionizing cosmology.

Michelson-Morley and the Story of the Aether Theory —Richard Milton's analysis of the historical details involving the misrepresentation, bias, and cover-up that hampered the Aether theory.

The History of the Aether Theory —The historic development of the aether as a scientific theory of the universal space medium. What started as the "fifth element" of Antiquity becomes molded by theoretical constraints and experimental evidence into the dual-dynamic sub-quantum medium —the Essence of the Universe. (Updated 2019-12)

Relativity of Time in the Aether-Space of the DSSU —How intrinsic time and relative time are related.

DSSU Relativity –The Lorentz Transformations Applied to Aether-Space —Ranzan
Reprinted by permission of Physics Essays Publication, Physics  Essays Vol.23, No.3, p520. (2010). ABSTRACT

Physical Nature of Length Contraction —the DSSU Theory of Length Contraction Induced by Absolute Motion.
An easy to follow examination of how the mode by which matter is “conducted” through luminiferous aether causes the matter to contract. A simple derivation of the mathematical expression for this physical phenomenon is presented. There is also a brief discussion of relevant historical aspects and of nonphysical length contraction.
Reviewer's comments: “This is amazing …”  “The paper is interesting …” –Applied Physics Research reviewer. Published in Applied Physics Research journal Vol.5, No.1 (2013 Feb).

Contradiction Divides Two Aether Theories —An exploration into the three parts of the speed-of-light postulate.
Reprinted by permission of PEP, from  Physics Essays Journal (Vol 24, No.3, Sept, 2011) ... ABSTRACT

Basic-level mathematical and graphical exploration of dynamic aether flow: PDF

Here is an external webpage with an extensive list of research papers on the aether-drift experiments, and the larger question of energy in space.


Sachs-Wolfe Effect Disproof (published in in the International Journal of Astrophysics and Space Science Vol.6, No.1, 2018.)
Abstract & links.

DSSU Cosmic Redshift-Distance Relation (htm) —Converting the cosmic redshift into distance for our Cellular Universe using a simple and elegant equation.

Large Scale Structure of the Dynamic Steady State Universe (pdf)   How a dual-dynamic space medium sustains the cellular structure (published in AJAA in 2016).
  —Presents the postulates and implications of regional space-medium expansion and contraction.

Cosmic-Scale Structural Features Explained (pdf) (Chapter 2 of original DSSU Manuscript)
—The Spacing of Clusters
—Sheets of Galaxies
—Right-angled Walls of Galaxies.

The Cosmic Background Radiation in the DSSU —The natural explanation of the microwave background radiation applicable to the natural Cellular Universe.

Ellipticity, Its Origin & Progression in Comoving GalaxiesAmerican Journal of Astronomy & Astrophysics, AJAA, Vol.3, No.2, 2015.
Journal  Abstract and Links
Local  high-resolution PDF.
HTML version available from AJAA here.
• Provides the first-ever natural explanation for the cause of the elliptical shape of nonrotating galaxies
• Retains the foundation premise of all modern cosmology but rejects the absurd concept of whole-universe expansion
• Takes full advantage of the universe’s cosmic cellular structure and exploits the DSSU theory of unified gravity domains
• Amazingly, the mechanism that stretches galaxies turns out to be the very same mechanism that causes the cosmic spectral redshift!


The Nature of Gravity –How One Factor Unifies Gravity’s Convergent, Divergent, Vortex, and Wave Effects –Published in International Journal of Astrophysics and Space Science (IJASS), Vol.6, No.5, 2018, pp.73-92. (Abstract and Links.) "Revolutionary"

The Nature of Gravitational Collapse
–Published in American Journal of Astronomy & Astrophysics Vol.4, No.2, 2016, pp.15-33. (Abstract and Links.)
(Note, there is a typo in AJA&A posted version in the Fig-10 caption. It should read: … acceleration is proportional to 1/r2.)

Gravity and Dark Energy (How they Shape the Universe) –An Introduction. Provides a preamble and overview for a couple of earlier DSSU articles.

The Processes of Gravitation –The Cause and Mechanism of Gravitation by C. Ranzan –A revolutionary paper on gravity published in J. Mod. Phys. Appl. Vol.2014:3 (2014).
(Abstract & Reviews & Links. Includes link to hi-resolution PDF)

Why Copernicus Did Not Need a Force of Gravity —Explores the question of why no one, except Newton, invoked a force. (Rev 2011-9)

First ever, journal-published paper featuring the DSSU:
The Story of Gravity and Lambda –How the Theory of Heraclitus Solved the Dark Matter Mystery –Ranzan
Reprinted by permission of PEP, from Physics Essays, Vol 23, No1, p75-87 (2010 Mar). ABSTRACT
This is the cure for the fallacious belief in cosmic-scale Dark Matter.

The Story of Gravity and Lambda –How the Theory of Heraclitus Solved the Dark Matter Mystery (Color version) –Ranzan Considered "an excellent contribution to the [PE journal]" --professional reviewer (2010).

Unified Gravitation Cells of the DSSU —Constructing the Universe with Cosmic Gravity Cells


Why Einstein Did Not Receive the Nobel Prize for His Theory of Relativity (●Abstract ●Links ●Excerpts ●Extras) —“By 1922 Einstein had been nominated about fifty times —most were for his relativity theories.”

Einstein’s Simple Mathematical Trick –and the Illusion of a Constant Speed of Light  (Abridged version with links to Journal-published version. Posted 2013)

Extended Relativity –Exploiting the Loopholes in Einstein's Relativity. A Logical extension of special relativity. Reprinted by permission of PEP, from Physics Essays Vol.25, No.3 (2012).
Abstract & Links & Reviews

The Three Components of the Speed-of-Light Postulate.  Published in Physics Essays journal Vol.26,No.1 (2013)
Local copy: The Three Components of the Speed-of-Light Postulate (pdf) Absolute vs relative. Variance vs invariance. Another instance of the Heraclitian "Harmony of Opposites." (Reprinted by permission of PEP, from Physics Essays, Vol.26, No.1, 2013).

Relativity of Time in the Aether Medium of the DSSU —Absolute Motion and Intrinsic Time

Resolving a Paradox in Special Relativity –Absolute Motion and the Unified Doppler Equation.
(Posted 2011, July). Reprinted by permission of PEP, from Physics  Essays Vol.23, No.4, p594 (2010). ABSTRACT

How DSSU Relativity Resolves the Speed Paradox (Introductory Discussion)   —Absolute Motion Resolves a (speed) Paradox in Einstein’s Special Relativity. (Supplementary Discussion)

DSSU Relativity –The Lorentz Transformations Applied to Aether-Space (Posted 2011). Reprinted by permission of Physics Essays Publication, Physics  Essays Vol.23, No.3, p520. (2010). ABSTRACT

The Key that Extends Einstein’s Relativity (Part 1) —Response to a reviewer critical of DSSU aether-based relativity
The Key that Extends Einstein’s Relativity (Part 2) —How to convert abstract-space equations into aether-based equations

Restoring the Physical Meaning of Energy
Published in Applied Physics Research journal Vol.5, No.2 (2013).
LOCAL COPY: Restoring the Physical Meaning of Energy —distinguishing between the apparent energy and the real energy of moving mass.

An Open Letter to the Scientific Community
(Published in New Scientist, May 22, 2004)

"The big bang today relies on a growing number of hypothetical entities, things that we have never observed-- inflation, dark matter and dark energy are the most prominent examples. Without them, there would be a fatal contradiction between the observations made by astronomers and the predictions of the big bang theory. In no other field of physics would this continual recourse to new hypothetical objects be accepted as a way of bridging the gap between theory and observation. It would, at the least, raise serious questions about the validity of the underlying theory. ..."  continues ...

A devastating Declaration of opposition to Big Bang cosmology signed by more than 400 Researchers.

Full text: or alternate site.

This website is mainly concerned with revisionism in cosmology. Those of us involved in replacing the unnatural expanding-universe paradigm are aware of the difficulties involved.
   However, other revisionists have unimaginable difficulties. Consider the ongoing persecution of revisionists in other fields of intellectual pursuit: 
"It makes you wonder —about the immense effort being made by State and State-sponsored organizations with budgets of tens of millions of dollars and thousands of employees and associates to smother and punish these few men and women. Every punishing instrument imaginable is used, every vicious slander conceivable, every flagrant and pervasive form of censorship that law allows, including the imprisonment of simple writers for thought crimes against the State. ... Makes you wonder." —Bradley R. Smith (2011)

"Discussing truth is so controversial, so dangerous … In most of the world it is simply illegal.” Gordon Duff, Senior Editor, Veterans Today (2011)

"The further a society drifts from truth the more it will hate those who speak it." –George Orwell

● Pro-Freedom RADIO: Rense Radio
● Pro-Freedom NEWS: Vanguard News
● InfoWars NEWS: InfoWars  |  AlexJones
● Freedom Force Red Pill University for truth-seekers.

DEDICATION: This website is solemnly dedicated to those individuals who have conducted research in their chosen field and have informed others of their inquiries and suffered the consequences when subpoenaed by the Inquisition or some variant thereof. The dedication extends to those individuals currently imprisoned, and those facing trial and persecution simply for exercising their basic human right of freedom of expression supposedly granted to them under the UN Charter of Human Rights.
"Every year, hundreds of writers and other literary professionals around the world are imprisoned, prosecuted, persecuted, attacked, threatened, forced into exile or even murdered as a result of their work."

ALSO: Be aware of the continuing threat to our precious freedom of expression on the Internet. The threat is serious and relentless. It is described as “… the formal effort to mimic Communist China’s system of Internet censorship.” –
More information on threats to internet freedom:

Reporter-journalist Arthur Topham, Canadian victim of the Inquisition, arrested (2012) for posting his research.
“Arthur Topham faces prison time for daring to speak his mind on his own website, as he faces criminal charges under Canada’s hate crimes legislation contained in Section 318 - 320 of the criminal code.” –Rights and Freedoms Bulletin Issue No. 204 Feb 7, 2015.
VERDICT: Arthur Topham found “guilty” AND “not guilty” of hate speech by a brain-dead jury!
 –Dr. James Sears, reporting in “The world’s Largest Anti-Marxist Publication” (Issue 2015 December, NOTE: This website has been taken down by court order pending appeal. --2020)
2016 Update: Panel Discussion on The Trial of Arthur Topham

Free-speech crusader
Bill Whatcott defies British Colombia Human Rights Tribunal efforts to impose gender language tyranny.

“I have no intention on wasting money on a lawyer for the Morgane Oger vs Bill Whatcott case, as human rights tribunals are kangaroo courts and the odds of … getting justice in these biased tribunals is next to zero.” –2017 June ( …)

End of free speech in Britain:

A publisher of history books in Britain has reported that “due to new laws in the UK all their books will have to be censored moving forward” to avoid criminal penalties for “inciting racial hatred.” –The Barnes Review (2020 March/April) p77

A hostile jury, by a hasty unanimous verdict, decided that Nationalist Leader Jez Turner deserves to be sent to jail for his critical views! Report (2018-5-15).

British Maverick Psychologist jailed for publishing his research. … “The ambivalence of librarians getting writers imprisoned quite defies comprehension.” –Simon Sheppard (2013)

The repression of free speech in Canada has degenerated to the point where …

■ Freedom advocates, such as Marc Lemire, are censured for merely expressing their reasoned opinions. Freedomsite, whose motto is “Fighting for freedom against the censorship enforcers”, documents the official persecution.
■ A tenured professor has lost his position for revealing his research and views on history. This is unprecedented. Professor Anthony J. Hall at the University of Lethbridge, Alberta, has been suspended (2016 October 5) without pay.
“… Any thinking person should recognize that there is something deeply wrong when a history professor is persecuted for saying we should be able to examine our history.” –Monika Schaefer 2017
■ A publisher/editor, for expressing his reality-based views, has been denied postal services. Dr. James Sears, publisher and editor of Your Ward News was stripped of Canada Post Mail Service by government order (2016 June).
■ A violin teacher and truth revealer, Monika Schaefer, for posting a video (an apology to her dead mother), has been attacked by various so-called community leaders.

The treatment of violinist Monika Schaefer signals the end of our free and democratic society.” –The American Herald Tribune, 2016 Sept

American Speaker Arrested in Canada for the textual material on his iPad
—2017 June 24
While the invasion continues, the “guardians” of the nation are busy suppressing the freedom of expression: going after deemed violations in what people think and write and say.

Canada Claims Authority to Censor Your Internet Searches –Reason magazine

The Persecution of Dr James Sears

■ The "justice" system is being used to suppress opinions: In a legal battle (2018) for freedom of speech in Canada ... the prosecution and silencing of Dr James Sears expected to cost taxpayers $20 million!

“I estimate the Board of Review, police investigating and Crown prosecuting us on criminal matters, will cost the taxpayers over $20 million, assuming no appeals past 2018 (murderers & rapists will walk free as huge blocks of court time bump their cases, causing them to be thrown out).”
–Dr James Sears, Your Ward News, Fall, 2018, p17

Updates are posted at .
Update for 2019 April 8:  Why the ruling against Your Ward News hurts free speech in Canada
Updates for 2019 Aug: LINK to Several postings.
Update for 2020: Sentenced to one year in jail for revealing the truth.
Update for 2021 July: Political Prisoner James Sears.

(2021 November 18): The Canadian Association for Free Expression Honours Dr James Sears with the 2021 George Orwell Free Speech Award
● Editor of (anti-Marxist) Your Ward News
● Brilliant satirist, researcher, writer, free speech warrior & dedicated anti-masker
● Recently (Oct 1) released political prisoner

(2022 February): Dr James Sears, Editor of Your Ward News and winner of the 2021 George Orwell Free Speech award, was arrested at GUNPOINT (Feb 3) by three police while leaving his regular appointment with his parole officer. Sears is now back in prison. Protests continue.

The Continuing Struggle for Freedom

A ray of hope in the ongoing struggle for freedom. Populist and nationalist movements around the world are gaining ascendancy over the New World Order’s effort to establish global governance and impose tyrannical control over every last square meter of the Earth’s surface. –The Barnes Review Vol.23 No.1 (2017 Jan p70)

"This Is Very Serious" –S. Molyneux, 2018-7
(7-minute video on the importance of freedom of speech)

The ongoing fight for freedom and truth. –Just Right Media (2020, Sept 18, program)

In repressive Germany:

Ursula Haverbeck, 89, Sentenced to 14 Months in Jail for Heresy! –2017 November
This amazing 89-year-old woman continues advocating under the dictum: "Only the truth will set you free”.
Mrs. Haverbeck, along with her late husband, founded the education facility Collegium Humanum in 1963, but which was banned by the Marxist thought police in 2008.

Update (2018-5-16): Ursula Haverbeck will celebrate her 90th birthday in a German prison cell. The sprightly grandmother is now serving a two-year prison term without parole merely for stating a sincerely held opinion that is supported by acclaimed academics worldwide!!
“Frau Haverbeck is now sentenced to two years in prison, merely for her peaceful historical research” –The Barnes Review Vol.24, No.5 (Sept/Oct 2018) p71

UPDATE (2019-11): On November 9th (2019), the very day of Ursula Haverbeck’s 91st. birthday, hundreds of German nationalists, patriots and friends, well-wishers and admirers rallied in her support. Report on the Rally to Celebrate Political Prisoner Ursula Haverbeck.

Update (2020-12): This 92-year-old peaceful woman has just been released from jail, having spent 2&1/2 years behind bars, and less than 2 weeks later was in court in Berlin for more charges ...  was again sentenced to prison!!!

INFO on Monika Schaefer's case:
For expressing her opinion on historical events, Canadian citizen Monika Schaefer has been arrested and imprisoned (2018-1-3) in Germany. She had committed no crime. Author Mike Walsh warns potential visitors to Germany to stay away from this dangerous police state. –Merkel Madness Grips Germany, (2018-1-7)
... Found guilty and sentenced to 10 months of imprisonment (time served); her brother Alfred was sentenced to 38 months!! –(2018 November)
UPDATE (2019 August 10): Corruption of justice in Germany continues. Alfred Schaefer Receives 18 Months Additional Prison Time for Defending Himself!  Punished for simply presenting evidence for his own defense in court!

The 2022 George Orwell Free Speech Award was presented to Alfred and Monika Schaefer, July 30, 2022 in Vancouver.
A Response & Appreciation of the Awards to Monika & Alfred Schaefer, by Timothy Cuish of the Daily Rake.

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"Guide to the Construction of the Natural Universe"
Book Information

The real Universe explained like never before

Author:  Conrad Ranzan  (


The  amazing story of Natural Cosmology  —presented through an exploration into the mysteries that the High Priests of  big-bang cosmology had failed to resolve.




Participate in a unique exploration of the Cosmos.

Venture into the sub-atomic realm, even into the sub-quantum realm where the roots of reality reside, and into the vast domain of cosmic-scale cell-structure and beyond to infinity. Along the way, discover the cause of mass, the cause of gravitation, and rediscover Einstein’s “nonponderable” aether and Heraclitus’ harmony-of-opposites principle.

… The book represents the ultimate vindication for all the skeptics who resisted the "preposterous" Big Bang mythology and who refused to join the exploding-cosmos religion. … 

The foundation of modern cosmology holds that the cosmic-scale structure of the Universe is ruled by two forms of energy —gravitational energy and ″vacuum″ energy.
Physicists believe that the two act in opposition to each other —as opposites in conflict.

These physicists are totally and provably wrong!

The reality is that the two force-effects act in harmony —in a remarkable
 cosmic-scale harmony of opposites.

SNAPSHOT of back cover:
Book specifications:
  • Title: “Guide to the Construction of the Natural Universe”
  • Author: Conrad Ranzan
  • Publisher: DSSU Research
  • Size: 6″ x 9″; 318 pages (black & white)
  • Includes: Over 61 figures, plus a number of tables; references and index
  • ISBN: 978-0-9938823-0-2 (Softcover)
  • Price: US$29.00 (CAN$29.00)

Purchasing information:  C-FAR Books

Special purchase offer: Mail-in order form (Free shipping for Canada and U.S. destinations.)

Library: Available at the Niagara Falls Public Library. May be borrowed (free of charge for residents of the Province of Ontario) through the Ontario Public Library system.

Chapter Reviews

Chapter One: The Search for Understanding

Review: Ahh, yes— “… above all, for the enrichment of motivated individualists everywhere, those free thinkers of our three-dimensional world, let us proceed with the construction of the Natural universe.”... Well said!

    I began reading “The Search for Understanding” and was so transfixed I could not put the Chapter down! What a beautiful introduction and captivating read. I’ve always admired your writing, at its most telling and lyrical, but this one tops them all. What a marvelous beginning to the book and I would not change anything about the lovely flow, context, historicity and science narrative you so brilliantly put together.

    Enjoyed the section “The Mythology Search” with its Roman Gods and so many others; and the section “The Religion-Restricted Search” with its tragic tale of Giordano Bruno. In the section “The Natural Law Search,” I loved the focus on the Greek philosophers and felt overjoyed by the Heraclitus, single sentence fragment DK22B30 (“everliving fire ...”). I found, on page 31, a gold nugget among so many that preceded, and this was the great, J. J. Thomson memoir; so very fitting here! And my applause grew louder as I approached the page-34 material ending with “… cosmology by the end of the century lost all connection with reality.” I also found the Richard Feynman quote very nicely placed on page 38, preceding the section “The Resumption of the Natural Law Search.” ... So too the wonderful quote from Halton Arp, on page 40. He is one of my all-time heroes! … There is more, like the segment on the Catholic Church which delighted me and the segment on Giordano Bruno is so deserved and beautifully presented. All in all, you’ve succeeded in grabbing the attention of sophisticated readers. Well done!
Roger Ferragallo, California (2014-6-20)


Chapter Two: The Space Medium

Review: This chapter examines the ancient, historical, and contemporary concepts of what it is that permeates space, what it is that fills the Universe. Here we explore and define the essence of our Universe. –CR

Chapter Three: Space Medium Expansion –Hubble’s Great Discovery

Review: According to the famous cosmologist Edward Harrison, "We must sometimes doubt what everybody is sure about."
    Here we examine what Edwin Hubble actually discovered —and find that it wasn't the expansion of the universe. It wasn't what everybody seemed so sure about. –CR


Chapter Four: Space Medium Contraction –the Balancing Opposite of Expansion

Review: This important chapter reads well and is nicely done ... ideas clearly explicated. The "Gravity Theories" segment is excellent. I remain impressed how beautifully the historical backgrounds are handled and how readers are provided with a helpful summary chart of the various gravity models.
–R. Ferragallo, California (2014-7-2)


Chapter Five: Matter Formation Component & Mass Acquisition

Review:  Beautifully written and flows like Aether: clear, profound, conveys the heart of the DSSU. Powerful. ... Loved the extended segment on Steven Strogatz and his "Emerging Science of Spontaneous Order"; what a great find. I've not come across this conceptual application of spontaneous synchronization before.
–R. Ferragallo, California (2014-7-17)


Chapter Six: The Terminal Matter-Annihilation Process

Review: Chapter 6 absolutely delighted me; all the more so since it resolved, in convincing fashion, some remaining questions I’ve had about Black Holes.  The presentation is right-on, black holes and event horizons are pure fictional fantasia in contrast with the ‘natural’ answer lying in the DSSU, in its aether-deprivation Terminal Process.

    My assessment was decidedly reinforced after reading, cover to cover, Leonard Susskind’s “The Black Hole War.”   I respect Susskind, who writes with wit and clarity.  There is little doubt he is influential and brilliant but this stops short of his having anything convincing to say to me about cosmology and black holes.  His Holographic Principle is fantasy ridden and like so many of his bright colleagues, he is tied at the hip to Big Bang theory.  I enjoyed his back-and-forth personal exchanges with Stephen Hawking at the Santa Barbara conference in 1993 along with Gerard ‘t Hooft, Penrose, and other luminaries, debating the so-called “Black Hole War” that has raged on endlessly for more than a decade.  Susskind’s book, written in 2008, was well worth reading for reasons that went beyond Black Holes into other issues from which I learned a lot.  His particle “propeller” and “hub” metaphors with illustrations were keenly intuitive and more.

    Let me just underscore the contrast between the Natural approach to interpreting the Universe (in Ranzan’s book) and the conventional view by quoting a perplexed but thoughtful Susskind: 

“But it is hard to dismiss most of the universe as nonsense.  There is no evidence that galaxies thin out or come to an end at the horizon [the cosmic visibility limit].  Astronomical observation indicates that they go on as far as the eye, or telescope, can see.  What are we to make of this situation?" –The Black Hole War, p438

    And then a few pages later:

“The Holographic Principle was spectacularly confirmed by Maldacena’s theory of anti de Sitter Space, but the geometry of the real universe, if anything, is more like de Sitter Space [expanding space], with its cosmic horizons and bubbling pocket universes.  At the moment, no one knows how to apply String Theory, The Holographic Principle, or other lessons about black hole horizons to cosmic horizons, but the connections are likely to be very deep.  My own guess is that these connections are at the root of many cosmological puzzles.  Someday I hope to write another book explaining how all this eventually plays out, but I don’t think it will be too soon.” –The Black Hole War, p446 

    Stay tuned, Mr. Susskind, help is at hand! A “Guide” book is now available.

–R. Ferragallo, California (2014-7-25)


Chapter Seven: Bringing the Pieces Together

Review:  This is a most powerful Chapter. –R.F. (2014-8-6)

Chapter Eight: Spatial Infinity

Review:  I am left breathless by “Spatial Infinity” because it is eminently readable, erudite, compelling and powerful. Yes, all-encompassing and beautifully written without a hiccup to be found. I absolutely love the concluding Ockham-Razor, Cosmological Principle, Philosophical Arguments and how the Chapter closes with the last word on Time and motion. … All in all, a fine chapter—an organic whole and one that relegates Big Bang theories to the dust bin, once and for all.
–R. Ferragallo, (2014-8-12)


Chapter Nine: Testing the Construction, Part 1

Review:  I had to read this chapter twice. … I found the chapter done fantastically well: start to finish. I might only question the “global warming” metaphor on page 178 but it’s a minor issue not worth discussing.

    Redshift, Hubble distance, powerful CBR discussion, Universe as a Thermodynamic System (Laws) and (Fig. 9-1, 9-2, & 9-3) are truly masterful and convincing to any and all awake lay and sophisticated readers. Defining the deeply misunderstood cosmic reality of CBR destroys, once and for all, the century old torch carried by the Big Bang crowd and their minions. Successfully hammers them with beautifully written informative erudition, “The Ultimate Test” (Fig. 9-4); all truly well done.

    I also found everything on pages 183-191 riveting because you minced no words when discussing Heraclitus (powerful fragments) and contrasting this with ancient Brahmanic-Vedic cosmology followed with Friedman, Steinhardt-Turok, Hoyle, Eddington discussion. I especially admire how you beat up on the “fireworks” crowd. Indeed, DSSU theory, heralding the natural perpetual “Universe Is” concept, uniquely breaks away from all cosmologies from the past.

    Your concluding pages are much appreciated because they filled in many philosophical insights and comparatives that I have thought a lot about over these past years of DSSU study. These latter pages contain the remarkably profound segment on the “necessity of limited existence” which I found exciting and will continue to ponder over.

    Yes, indeed, the Heraclitus “eternal fire” universe is timeless but the “stuff” (energy processes) as it is described coming into being for some 100 billion years must in the end find its Terminal Annihilation. This is not yet totally absorbed in my mind even though I take seriously the concluding admonition “not to overextend the principle of limited existence.”  Unequivocally,“the universe is the sum total of what is and what is continually coming into existence and what is passing out of existence. Nothing more, nothing less. In the context of processes, the universe is the sum total of the energy process(es) and termination process(es).”  I understand the depth of this, but I question not the postulated logic but the philosophical consequences that comes with a human brain/mind (each of us possess) powered by 200 billion neurons with synaptic connections in the cerebral cortex alone, equal in number to all the stars within 1,500 Milky Way galaxies! (Yes, of course, small potatoes when considering the DSSU infinite cellular universe to be sure: BUT I have questions about this...?) The DSSU universe has no beginning and can have no end. In this way the universe is perpetual—its being is forever... and yet, as the chapter conclusion reminds us, “you cannot have a universe that is perpetual in time.” I was left excited and breathless by your concluding thoughts!

    Again, Chapter 9: wonderful, provocative, logical and the science impeccable, and, I must say, held some surprises for me!
–R. Ferragallo, California (2014-9-1)

Author’s comment: Chapter 9 contains what I consider to be the ultimate test of validity of ANY theory of the Universe! I intended it to be the hidden gem in the book —and a most useful test for justifying the rejection of rival theories. –CR


Chapter Ten: Testing the Construction, Part 2

Review:  I read Chapter 10 several times because it is readable and flows without a hitch.  It covers a lot of important ground, clarifying the riddle of gravitation and mass, giving a clear understanding of historical aether, giving it the attention it deserves, and always maintaining the connection to the DSSU; it supports all earlier chapters extremely well.

    The sections “Resolving the Riddle of Gravitation,” “Simplification of Fundamental Forces,” “Elliptical Galaxies,” “Gyrating Galaxies,” “Agreement with Special Relativity,” and “Resolving the Mystery of Mass” are all very clearly presented and nicely done.

    I certainly enjoyed the description of elliptical galaxies.  I’ve not had any interest in ellipticals but will not look at them the same after reading the splendidly original presentation.  I detoured through Google to find the literature on this and found a lot of confusion about these objects.  I had always thought that ellipticals (with their abundance of old stars) were subject to angular momentum and thought they generally rotated but this appears not the case (even though there may be some exceptions).  The highly interesting Figs: 10-1, -2, -3, & -4 show the natural progression and relationship of ellipticals to majestic spiral galaxies that caused me to study this ever more closely.  It would appear that ellipticals (variously sized in appearance), perhaps very early on (billions of years) within DSSU voids and likely before our Milky Way/Andromeda spirals began their dynamic pulling, gyrating dance to coalesce as one all the while bound toward their inevitable nodal-cluster destination.  I like how the Milky Way, Andromeda and nodal Virgo Cluster were woven into this discussion.  I appreciate realism and observation with DSSU and enjoy citing this with friends.

     The aether historical background so beautifully woven into mass and the direct cause of gravitation is an awesome presentation and utterly revolutionary in scope.  No one has succeeded as well as Ranzan has in connecting aether, mass (“resolving the mystery of mass”), and gravitation.  Climactic and splendidly done.

    I love the author’s expression, “Our conceivable and perceivable Cosmos is an electromagnetic manifestation on a regenerative aether substrate”... Simply, beautifully stated.   I remain with a philosophical question or two about the cosmic aether, but who among us has not when confronted with an utterly beautiful universe pondered its relationship to life and consciousness?  By all accounts, this aether substrate is truly amazing in its ability to solve long-standing mysteries. The concluding segment, “Resolving the Mystery of Mass” should be mandatory reading for all aether deniers and dreamers of the Higgs field/particle.
–R. Ferragallo, California (2014-9-10)


Chapter Eleven: Testing the Construction, Part 3

Review:  Chapter 11 is a gem. It deserves the highest possible praise throughout.

    Due diligence is given to the late Halton Arp, who I greatly admired. I try to imagine how he felt all those years of being denied the use of the great observatories of his day (by the gatekeepers of the orthodox view) so as not to give credence to the anomalous observational evidence he uncovered. The account of the redshift anomalies, distance and motion discrepancies, spiral and field galaxies plus the excellent visuals, Fig. 11-1 and Fig. 11-2, in the Chapter introduction is wonderfully readable and presented.

    The section “Galaxy Rotation and Dark Matter Redundancy” puts to rest the puzzling conundrum surrounding why spiral galaxies rotate as they do and why their star flows maintain orbital distances and velocities contrary to the Newtonian-Keplerian rule that prevails within the solar system. Together Fig. 11-4 and 11-5 beautifully illustrate spiral galaxies and the motion of their stars; all in accordance with a natural gravity postulate that embeds the aether into a dynamic process that gives reason and credence to why star distance and velocities are as they are. If this were not the case their stars would be flung away from galaxy cores into the beyond and spiral galaxies would cease to exist. Fig. 11-5 exemplifies the reality that rotating spiral galaxies are maintained and predisposed by two aether effects: aether inflow and aether acceleration. This segment is well done and should be taught in all classrooms in America and beyond.

    The segment on “Cosmic-Scale Structure” is great; especially enjoyed the Kona Conference context that drives a stake through the heart of current theories, namely the Big Bang model. I like the entire context that leads up to discussing the void, galaxy clusters, extended walls of galaxies, ninety-degree-wall structures, linear filaments, etc. Indeed, just the right place to introduce cosmic dodecahedral geometry all nicely presented and illustrated with Fig. 11-6, which deals with 4- and 8- arm structure with convincing realism. I particularly appreciate the paragraph (page 236) that addresses the Coma, Virgo cluster examples related to 8- and 4- arm galaxy clusters; and how all this is put into a context with our Milky Way. I wish there had been more in identifying the all-important "void" (Sculptor Void) we are a party to and other contiguous voids (Fornax, Canes Major, etc.). All in all, "Cosmic-Scale Structure" is nicely presented.

    “A Selection of Other Tests" leads to a climatic crescendo with David Layzer's concept that makes it clear that gravitational forces must regard [i.e., incorporate] center-and-edge architecture and, as the author puts it, "there must be a center-of-gravity location." The concept fits DSSU theory to a tee and destroys what little is left of Big Bang cosmology! Beautifully done throughout! It is made abundantly clear on page 240 where the need for a source energy is noted and where the chapter finishes off with Ockham's rule of simplicity —the application of this rule simply destroys all of the crazy theories and models out there that cannot hold a candle to the DSSU natural construction.
–R. Ferragallo, California (2014-9-20)


Chapter Twelve: A Natural Cosmology

Review:  Without a single equation, Chapter 12 made my day.

    I admire the opening segment “Unification as a Guide to deeper Understanding” for its transparency and intelligibility.  The Brian Greene quotes are well targeted for what follows, what amounts to an excellent summary of DSSU unification which unmistakably elucidates the heart of the non-material aether and resultant emergence of energy, mass, photon, electromagnetic effects, the cause of gravitation, special relativity, speed-of-light illusion, and time as process.

    The next segment “The Photon-Gravity Connection” focuses on a relatedness that many theorists have sought, including Einstein who had searched during many years of his life. “And the key was, as Einstein had suspected, the aether.”   Revisiting this connection is of great consequence here.

    “The Mainspring of Existence” section delivers a devastating blow to the orthodoxies and wrong-headed cosmologies.  Very convincing and great lead-in to “… back to the real world”!  And in the real world, there exists an essential “Primary Cause process on the smallest possible scale … essential, because the Universe cannot exist without a root-cause process.”

    The mainspring of existence elucidation is followed by the “Concept Map of the Natural Universe.” This extremely important segment is profound, brilliant and beautifully crafted —start to finish.  Altogether, a clear and well organized presentation of the 4 axioms and 4 postulates:  a very decisive, defining moment within the pages of this book and the very heart and soul of Chapter 12 that defines the Natural construction. The addition of the flowchart (Fig 12-1) works well to bring together the remarkably balanced perpetual processes embodied in the four axioms and four postulates.

    I liked the breakaway discussion surrounding axioms Essence Process I and II, which, for some, may strike a metaphysical chord.  Assuredly it is challenging to accept the very deep nature and subtle distinctions drawn between Axioms I and II since they are necessarily deep sub-quantum non-material processes.  The metaphysical question was handily put to rest throughout page 256.  Bravo!  Readers are sure to come away from the clearly drawn "concept map" that views a Natural construction cutting through the morass of errant cosmologies (with their fine tuning problems and all).  I hadn't realized that the four postulated processes carry such an exquisite balance according to which “increasing their rates” affects only cosmic cell size and changes mainly the distance between nodes!  Again, the calculations, reasoning and logic preserve our extraordinary construction from A to Z. 

    I must mention, the similarity between Postulate #I and essence process II sent me to revisit Ranzan’s earlier journal-published Paper, “The Processes of Gravitation.”  It was breathtaking to read again the precise numbers describing aether points a kilometer apart that grow barely over 3 centimeters every million years. But scaled cumulatively within colossal cosmic voids, the prodigious space-medium expansion boggles the mind; meanwhile, the opposite occurs at nodal gravity wells where contractile aether dissipation (via Postulate #2) and resultant end-process extinction take place.

    The closing segment “Apparent Chaos and Concealed Order” explains in unambiguous terms why an intrinsically highly-ordered cellular universe appears to be so chaotic.  It explains the misguided confusion among astronomers who see and interpret the evidence of explosion, disorder, randomness and chaos, evidence that grows more pronounced the deeper they peer into space with their telescopes. And yet the distortions are, in fact, the line of sight consequences of a highly ordered cellular universe.  I enjoyed the discussion of observational gravitational lensing.  True enough!  Astronomy, must come to terms with the observational line-of-sight realities.  The unending plethora of powerful nodal gravity wells bend and distort the light the deeper one peers into space.  Hidden in the chaos is the beautiful aesthetic order of DSSU multi-cellularity.

    The writing and erudition I found to be masterful! All in all, a very well done chapter indeed.
–R. Ferragallo, California (2014-10-8)


Chapter Thirteen: The Secret of the Universe

Review:   I've immersed myself mightily in the last chapter, "The Secret of the Universe" and have come away with ever increasing understanding of the finer details that brought this book, over the years, to fruition. This chapter is wonderfully written with crystal clear summation of all the preceding chapters. The opening "Wherein the Secret Lies" sets the stage and reveals a recurring historical pattern; we learn the root of Einstein's insistence that the universe had to be balanced.  Indeed, it becomes clear that the true secret lies in “balancing the positive and negative energy of the universe.” And the challenge has always been in achieving that balance. The segment “Energy Balance in the Natural DSSU,” with the aid of Table 13-2 and 13-3, brings into sharp focus the difference between the approach that fails and the one that succeeds. The energy-accounting comparison clearly shows the physics community has had it wrong by ignoring the role of aether and Lambda with respect to gravity, mass and energy. The author succeeds in untangling the morass of confusion. Without reiterating the obvious, it is enough to say that Lambda stands as a perpetual font, ever positive and ever in harmonious opposition to absolutely all forms of "negative" energy —radiation, mass/matter, and gravitation, which must by cosmic necessity annihilate aether units singly or en masse in order to exist. And so it is that both sides, negative and positive, exist as opposites in harmony and epitomize "the secret of the universe."

    I can only applaud, loudly what follows with “A Historical Quirk, a Fateful Imbalance” all nicely put forth in clear prose, along with Table 13-4, which speaks for itself. Surprised by Feynman's taking the positive view entirely, which he bases on the presumption that all one needs is to have everything work out mathematically; the same may be said of Dirac. I'm convinced by the Natural view that “all matter and antimatter represent negative energy” and the logic of placing mass, radiation, electric fields, magnetic fields, and gravity on the same side of the accounting chart. I continue to be most pleased that DSSU elevates the photon and reinforces its fundamental position once again.

    High applause, too, for the “Source Energy” segment. I especially love the “principle of limited existence.”  All of nature from lowly bacterium to the mighty spiral galaxy must, by natural law, have limited existence whether considered philosophically or scientifically. Both play in the same yard and by the same rules. Order prevails, but defining "order" becomes an interesting open question restrained only by cosmic law; and particular emphasis is given to “source energy as unique” and assuredly not a "seed" in any sense of the word. The discussion of the cosmic essence process inspired me to higher levels of visualization. … Yes, indeed, the essence process is a "special" philosophical mysterious process. I like the rendition, Fig.13-1, because the balance-scale image is logical and identifies “the secret lies in the perpetual balance between Source Energy and Sink Energy.” … I'm particularly stirred by the flowchart (Fig.13-2).

    Now, "On the Balance of the Evidence": I like the discussion within this segment and very much appreciate, as will other readers, the Table 13-5 and 13-6 summaries. They are both excellent and well put together. The contrasts between the expanding universe paradigm and Natural cellular cosmology columns are clear and telling. Well done and nicely placed, particularly as they present a factual realistic critique that gives clarity and realism where it is most needed. Here, surely, the Book succeeds in driving a silver stake through the heart of the expanding universe paradigm.

    The section “Fateful Assumptions” works well with the preceding segment because it recapitulates the historical record of "self-delusion" and worse. I like the writing style throughout this entire Chapter and especially in this concluding section where we find some fiery prose with a certain genuine passion. Here we find writing reinforced by the honest convictions of a dedicated scientist who believes in the power of study, research, love of science, focus of mind, and respect of history for conveying reality —particularly the reality that comes from inspired truth about the mystery of existence.
–R. Ferragallo, California (2014-11-1)



The "Guide to the Construction of the Natural Universe" with its powerful 4 Axioms and 4 Postulates brings a stunning 21st-century cosmology and breath of fresh air to the unbridled confusion brought on today by all the expanding universes, big bangs, multi-verses, cyclical concoctions, fractal hierarchies, and more. While these models contribute to public excitement, they unfortunately also hold sway with unmitigated influence in the halls of science, academia and the popular press. This highly-original well-written and illustrated 317-page book unfolds a natural universe based on tangible realism and astronomical observation. It adds remarkable new science that renders a profound understanding of fundamental aether that ties a cosmic space-medium (having a positive Lambda nature) to what no one had accomplished in the history of science: the historic DSSU discovery of the contractile processes of negative-energy gravitation and the cosmic cell-structure thereby sustained. With uncommon originality the 'cellular' Dynamic Steady State Universe embodies a revolutionary cosmology that also brings forth a unique realistic view of particle physics joined directly to the processes of gravitation, mass-energy, radiation, magnetism, spiral galaxies and to the very largest structure we observe beyond the Milky Way. What we have here is an inspired, beautifully presented, all inclusive, fundamental vision made crystal clear with erudite logic, rigorous research founded in natural science and objective truth. In the course of the universe "construction" Conrad Ranzan thoughtfully acknowledges the contributions and insights of great minds both past and contemporary, including Heraclitus, Newton, Maxwell, Dirac, Einstein, Williamson, Feynman, Susskind, Greene, Primack, and others. What a magnum opus this seminal work represents! A most exciting book, it is a must read not only for anyone interested in cosmology but anyone wishing to expand their consciousness, their awareness of reality. – (2014-11)




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