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(2020 September 18): Law of physics 20th-century scientists overlooked … Part 4 is currently under review … Part 5 is being prepared.
(2020 September 4): “Governments are in fear of the people they lied to!” as the scope of the pandemic fraud is uncovered. … “One tragic statistic [is] the ‘cases’ of people who are suffering and dying directly as a consequence of the lockdowns and fascist rules of disassociation. That will soon change as the public slowly awakens to the true nature and scale of a crime wrought solely by their own politicians.” –Just Right Media (2020-9-3)

(2020 August 21): “[T]he whole COVID-19 pandemic has been an orchestrated fraud from the very beginning. Worse, it is a political/criminal conspiracy, comprised of politicians, government health officials, the mainstream media, and various corporate interests. … It’s remarkable how many people remain unaware that, thanks to the COVID-19 conspiracy, parts of Australia have been turned into a literal police state, no different from communist China.” –Just Right Media (2020-8-20)

(2020 August 14): New article: Law of Physics 20th-Century Scientists Overlooked (Part 2): Energy Generation via Velocity Differential Blueshift. Published in Physics Essays Vol.33. No.3, pp289-298 (2020). Reprint.

New article: Law of Physics 20th-Century Scientists Overlooked (Part 3): Noninteraction Mass-to-Energy Conversion. Published in International Journal of High Energy Physics. Vol.7, No.1, pp.19-31 (2020).

(2020 July 31): The enslavement continues. “Actions taken by world governments in managing the fake COVID-19 crisis have employed documented techniques used in the psychological torture of prisoners. And the objective is the same: submission.” –Just Right Media Program: COVID-19's new world disorder

(2020 July 23): The facts are in. The entire “COVID-19 pandemic” fiasco was a fascist fraud! … It’s all about freedom-hating politicians and power-drunk bureaucrats demanding our submission. Given the enormity of the damage caused by their direct actions, these oppressors should be charged with high crimes and treason. –Just Right Media program #664

(2020 July 10): TWO new articles have been accepted for journal publication.

Author's Curriculum Vitae has now been posted.

(2020 May 29): Now published: "Natural Cause of Galaxy Rotation" now appears in the American Journal of Astronomy and Astrophysics. Revolutionary. Press Release.

(2020 May 22): Now published: Law of Physics 20th-Century Scientists Overlooked (Part 1) … –The historic failure of scientists to recognize this law led to a momentous misinterpretation of Edwin Hubble’s redshift observations. Their oversight of a remarkable simple principle connecting light and gravity had revolutionary consequences —it gave birth to the preposterous expanding universe concept. Find out exactly why the big bang hypothesis has no scientific foundation. Abstract. Pdf download. Reprinted by permission of PEP, from Physics Essays, Vol.33, No.2, pp163-174 (2020 June).

(2020 May 7): Updates on the tyranny and enslavement:
“Pandemic parallels: The COVID-19 climate changer” –Just Right program #653

David Duke interviews Dr. Anthony G. Beck who has been “practicing integrated medicine for 26 years … and has been researching the coronavirus.” –Radio program 2020 May 5

“This is no longer a viral pandemic. It is a political, economic, and social disaster, made possible by decades of drifting morally, intellectually, and politically Leftward. Fueled by the evil and inverted morality of altruism, the Left condemns the ‘selfishness’ of those who wish to independently survive and praises the ‘sacrifice’ of those forced to give up their livelihoods and freedoms.” –The COVID-19 credibility gap (Just Right program #652)

(2020 April 30): Never imagined it would be so easy to enslave the masses of the world. The global puppet masters must surely be laughing and, no doubt, are wondering why so relatively few of the victims are fighting back or even resisting! Sadly, there are simply too many gullible people. Professor James McCanney sums up the situation, “People have been watching football and beauty pageants while their country has been stolen from them in the background. … Welcome to the New World Order!” –Science Hour, 2020 April 23, radio program (@44:25 min mark). Although Professor McCanney is wrong about many things, he most certainly understands the nature of the enemy.

Meanwhile: The revolutionary research into the "Natural Cause of Galaxy Rotation" has been accepted for publication in the American Journal of Astronomy and Astrophysics.

(2020 April 10): Year after year our freedoms were incrementally taken away. Now, as of March/April 2020, we live in a police state. Robert Metz of Just Right Media reports on the dire situation: Program #648 and Program #649

(2020 April 3):Whatever the “problem”, governments seemingly always make it worse.
Just Right Media Program #648 (2020-4-2): “First, we were faced with a coronavirus health pandemic. Then, world governments created a second crisis by shutting down their economies and precipitating an unemployment pandemic and a financial pandemic. Now, it appears that we have a serious COVID-19 ‘statistics crisis,’ which may in the end be the one most responsible for precipitating all the fear and panic … There is also evidence surfacing that the statistics are being manipulated to present a false picture of the situation.”

(2020 March 27): Freedom fades, tyranny advances:
History has repeatedly demonstrated that government-declared emergencies are too often simply a justification for violating individual freedom. History also demonstrates that the violation of life, liberty and property kills —and has killed— more people than any flu virus ever has. What needs to be spread is a ‘virus’ of liberty, not a pandemic of government control.” –Just Right Media, 2020 March 26 program

(2020 March 20): According to Professor James McCanney, corona-virus tests are giving results that are 80% false positive. He also reports that “China is back to normal.” Link to his radio program of 2020 March 19 (and March 26).

(2020 March 6): Local Webpage was reformatted and its technical problems were fixed. See
The Story of a Baffling Omission in Modern Cosmology.

(2020 Feb 14): February 14-16 marks the 75th anniversary of the senseless and diabolical destruction of Dresden (in 1945). An event that should always be remembered.
Killed a hundred thousand civilians in two hours

(2020 January 31) Latest DSSU research paper is currently under review: This one deals with the natural cause of galaxy rotation. Motivated by the recent awarding of the Nobel Prize to James Peebles for, in part, “how galaxies have formed and evolved.”

(2019 December 20): After considerable delay, the History of the Aether Theory —with its extensive chronicle (Table) of the development of aether theory— has now been UPDATED (with new table entries for 1900, 2015, 2017, and 2018).

(2019 December): New webpage-article For Educators has been posted:
The Nobel Foundation Endorses the Unsubstantiated Dark Matter Hypothesis

(2019 November): Some brief comments on Fantasyland Physics

(2019 October 24): Canadians have voted to allow the invasion of the country to continue —and worse— to allow it to expand!! Inevitably, ever more precious farmland will be urbanized. … With the 2019 October National election, Canadians have turned their backs on freedom of speech, freedom in general, and acquiesced to the Country’s continuing descent along the path of socialism and fascism. Very, very sad.
Link to the JustRightMedia Oct-31st commentary and the Nov-7th analysis.

(2019 October 10): Several new webpages have been added and serve as “Resources for Educators, Instructors, & New-Cosmology Enthusiasts.” DIRECTORY

(2019 September 20): Canadian broadcaster Robert Metz focuses on cosmology and gives a masterful presentation —a superb show in which he exposes the absurdity of the Big Bang hypothesis, delves into some key aspects of the DSSU, and praises the veracity of the modern steady-state perspective. Listen to the Just Right program #623 originally broadcast around the world over the internet and on shortwave radio on 2019 September 19.

(2019 August): German philosopher praises Cellular Universe website and endorses DSSU theory. [Link to his comments]
    This month of August marks the 19th anniversary of DSSU theory.

(2019 August): Corruption of justice in Canada continues. White Man sentenced to one year in jail for the “offence” of exercising his constitutional right of free speech! While for the same “offence” (and in the very same trial) Native Man sentenced to optional reconciliation session and NO jail time! Editors, publishers, writers, and researchers take note. LINK to several postings on the persecution of Dr James Sears and LeRoy St. Germaine.

(2019 August 10): Corruption of justice in Germany continues. Alfred Schaefer Receives 18 Months Additional Prison Time for Defending Himself!  Punished for simply presenting evidence for his own defense in court! Alfred’s sister has posted this 8-minute video.

(2019 July 1): New webpage posted: Highlights ●Reviews ●Comments relating to the recently published article "Mass-to-Energy Conversion, the Astrophysical Mechanism".

(2019 June 1 & June 7): New research paper dealing with the physical nature of length contraction has been published. Physical Nature of Length Contraction (Part 2) How the Electron Elongates While Its Orbit Contracts, ... See the Press Release (2019 June) for details.

(2019 May 1): New DSSU article reveals how a simple extension of Einstein’s relativity  radically changes black-hole physics.  Published in the Journal of High Energy Physics, ...  See the Press Release (2019 May) for details.

(2019 April 12): Response to a reader’s Question on the root (the origin) of “information” in the universe.
Response to a reader’s Question on the extraction of energy from aether.

(2019 March 30): Currently two articles are undergoing peer-review and another one is being prepared.
    Meanwhile the suicide of Western Nations continues. Check this out: Popular philosopher Stefan Molyneux discovered that in British Colombia it would have cost him and the event organizers $40,000 to stop violent attacks and to peacefully exercise their constitutional right of freedom-of-speech! (Link to the Molyneux video of 2019-3-20)
    It gets worse. Socialism as a death sentence! Just Right program #603, (2019-4-11)

(2019 March 20): Article revealing how energy is extracted from nonmaterial aether has just been published in the current issue of INFINITE ENERGY Magazine. See the Press Release (2019 March) for details.

(2019 March 14): Oppression of freedom: Powerful discussion on the evil of the political center: “Left, Right, and the Extreme Center” (Just Right #599 Audio program, Mar.14, 2019)

(2019 February 13, 14, & 15): Three days of remembrance and mourning: the horror and tragedy of the Dresden Holocaust (1945, Feb 13-15), the most devastating single terrorist event in the history of mankind. [ HELLSTORM ]

(2019 January): Regarding the latest DSSU research article: The theoretical and evidential proof of total mass-to-energy conversion was rejected by the Canadian Journal of Physics. Unable to find errors in the physics or flaws in the logic, the editor Dr. Michael Steinitz and his anonymous Associate Editor dismissed the Paper as being too technical in nature and not being a “topic of high interest for the widest audience of physicists.” … Who would have guessed? The editors of Canadian Journal of Physics find basic first-year university physics too technical!! … Regarding the other excuse, I politely asked the editors: “Do you seriously believe that your target audience, mostly physicists and others with an earnest interest in the physical sciences, would not value this new insight!? Should they not be made aware of this new knowledge?” No response! … So ends another FAKE REVIEW. –CR

(2018 December 28): See Press Release: Unprecedented Unification of Gravity Theory.

(2018 December 1): Unification-of-gravity paper has been accepted for publication.

(2018 November 22): Here we go again! Latest paper rejected.
   Reason? “The paper contains too many acronyms …” How many? Hey! It contains only one well-known acronym (DSSU)!
   Although clearly written and logically presented with an easy to follow style (text, examples, mathematics, graphics), the Reviewer/Editor found the article “impenetratable [sic] and therefore impossible to referee in any detail.” … No examples, no particulars, it was just hopelessly “impossible to referee.”
   The seeking and exposing of errors is the essence of a legitimate review process. Evidently the Reviewer/Editor failed to find anything that could be considered demonstrably false, and so, found it necessary to concoct BS objections (well-known acronym for bovine excrement). What happened here was simply a fake review. –CR

(2018 September 27): New research paper on GRAVITY is currently under review. … Details the unification of all five aspects of gravity … Presents a remarkable new development in the theoretical nature of gravity waves. …

(2018 September):
Fan of DSSU comments on the “train wreck” of modern physics and on big bang mythology.

(2018 September 1): PUBLISHED: Natural Mechanism for the Generation and Emission of Extreme Energy Particles, Physics Essays Vol.31, No.3, pp.358-376 (2018).

(2018 August): Press Release (2018 August): "The mechanism driving astrophysical jets has been discovered"

(2018 July 31): What’s the delay? Yes, the usual publication frustrations:
■ Journal 1: peer reviewed, no errors in the logic, no flaws in the science, tentative ACCEPTANCE, then REJECTED !
■ Journal 2: peer reviewed, no errors in the logic, no flaws in the science, REJECTED !
   Could it be that the editors promoting fake astro-science feel threatening by the DSSU revolution? …
■ Journal 3: peer reviewed, “This is a scholarly and erudite article that deserves to be published in recognition of its tutorial nature and … the validity of the author’s proposals.” ACCEPTED for publication.
The article —Natural Mechanism for the Generation and Emission of Extreme Energy Particles— is toxic and revolutionary! Details to follow. –CR

(2018 May 24): Two papers are currently under review. Meanwhile, work has begun on a new research paper ---delving deeper into the amazing properties of aether.

(2018 April 28):
Question: What drives astrophysical jets?
What process or mechanism generates the stupendous power of those spectacular emission jets associated with certain stars? (I’m talking about gamma photons and neutrinos with energy equivalent to a million hydrogen atoms!! Imagine that much energy contained in a single gamma photon or neutrino!)
    This has been one of the biggest mysteries of the universe —one that has baffled the academic cognoscenti for decades.
    The answer will be revealed in the next research article, which is currently under review. And as the followers of DSSU theory have come to expect, the answer is perfectly natural; the concepts are straightforward, the arguments logical, the conclusions compelling, the implications profound.

(2018 February 1): Research paper Sachs-Wolfe Effect Disproof has been published in in the International Journal of Astrophysics and Space Science. Abstract & links.
Reprint (download PDF).

(2017 December 30): Press release: The Sacks-Wolfe Effect has now been disproved. … Expansion Cosmology has lost its last supporting pillar. …

(2017 December 29): Another powerful research paper … another devastating blow for the Big Bang … the "Sacks-Wolfe Effect Disproof " has been accepted for publication in an international journal for astrophysics. (Details to follow within a few days.)

(2017 December): Comment posted: Galaxy age misinterpretation. Does cosmic distant have any relationship to a galaxy’s age?

(2017 December): 2nd printing of "The Nature of Gravitational Collapse": (Details)

(2017 November): Special purchase offer on the book "Guide to the Construction of the Natural Universe": (Mail-in Order Form.)

(2017 Sept): Recently brought to my attention: DSSU material appears on The New Illuminati website accompanied by some amazing graphics.

New Illuminati –The DSSU is The New Cosmology

New Illuminati –Hidden Substrate of Reality
–History of the Aether Theory

(2017 Sept): "Assorted Comments" added to QuestionsAnswersComments.

(2017 July): The book The Nature of Gravitational Collapse is now available.

The Nature of Gravitational Collapse

Subtitle: How the photon, the particle of light, is responsible for mass, gravity, superneutron stars, and supermassive black holes

—Reveals the truth about stellar and supermassive black holes.

This work contains 311+ pages, 67 illustrations, references, and index. …
Second printing details (2017 November)
First printing details (Lambert Academic Publishing).

(2016 December): “So easy to understand” comment from an Australian engineer.

(2016 November): “Large-Scale Structure of the Dynamic Steady State Universe” now published in the American Journal of Astronomy and Astrophysics, Vol.4, No.6, 2016, pp.65-77. Astract and Links to HTML and PDF.

(2016 June): Revolutionary research paper:
The Nature of Gravitational Collapse –published in the American Journal of Astronomy and Astrophysics, Vol.4, No.2, 2016, pp.15-33. Abstract and Links:
—Another major DSSU success, as it reveals amazing new insights! The theory has uncovered the mechanism by which mass undergoes a total conversion to energy. Yes, a mass to energy conversion with 100% efficiency!  As everything else in the DSSU, it is a perfectly natural process. Truly amazing!

(2016 April 26):  A mathematical cosmologist claims the values of the Hubble-expansion parameter and the cosmic-background temperature are the most important elements for understanding the real Universe! Letter and response.

(2016 March):  What is the difference between a physical and a mechanical aether? ...
Be aware of the distinctions among the terms commonly applied to aether: Terms such as physical, mechanical, subquantum, and dynamic. Link to new Question & Answer.

The book, Guide to the Construction of the Natural Universe, is now available at the Niagara Falls Public Library  (Victoria branch). If you live in the Province of Ontario, your local library can request the book from the Niagara Falls Public Library.

Participate in a unique exploration of the Cosmos: venture into the sub-atomic realm, even into the sub-quantum realm where the roots of reality reside, and into the domain of cosmic-scale cell-structure and beyond to infinity. Along the way, discover the cause of mass, the cause of gravitation, and rediscover Einstein’s “nonponderable” aether and Heraclitus’ harmony-of-opposites principle. … The book represents the ultimate vindication for all the skeptics who resisted the "preposterous" Big Bang mythology and who refused to join the exploding-cosmos religion.
The book contains 317 pages, 61 illustrations, references, and index …
Available from C-FAR Books.
Or use this mail-in Order Form.


My comments on the 2016 "Official Science" news story:

Do not be misled by the recent reports of the detection of gravity waves. What the LIGO apparatus measures is the interference from beams of self-generated electromagnetic waves. It seems highly probable that what LIGO actually detected was some vibrational “noise” or some unexplained interference; and NOT gravity waves originating from a distant binary system (in which two extremely massive black holes are supposedly in the process of merging). How the data, the wave patterns, are interpreted is subject to theory and restricted by theory. Naturally the official interpretation must conform to the Officially-sanctioned theory of gravity —Einstein’s general theory of relativity. Thus, the light patterns recorded by LIGO are interpreted via Einstein’s mathematical concept of gravity. The problem is the general-relativity-gravity interpretation, as is well known, ignores the space medium!

Have gravity waves really been detected?
Think about this: The academic experts do not have the cause and mechanism of gravity (Isaac Newton did not, Albert Einstein did not, and today’s big-bang astrophysicists do not). Their theory of gravity is embarrassingly incomplete! So, if they do not yet understand the nature of gravity itself, how then can they claim to be able to recognize the waves that gravity supposedly emits? The experts cannot even answer the simple question: Specifically, what is it that is waving? What is waving back and forth?
    Here is something else the reports fail to mention: The gravity waves that are actually detectable are those associated with the turbulence in the aether flow (the space medium streaming through our Solar System). Australian physicist Reginald T. Cahill has been examining these aether-flow waves for over 15 years. –CR (2016 May)
Updated 2016 June: See Comment #19
Updated 2018 Dec: See Press Release 2018-12

(2016 Jan 6): Published:
Olbers’ Paradox Resolved for the Infinite Non-Expanding Universe
, American Journal of Astronomy & Astrophysics Vol.4, No.1, (2016 January). Abstract & download links.
● “The man accredited with discovering universe expansion did not believe that the universe was expanding. Hubble was convinced that the key evidence, the cosmic redshift, was caused by some other factor, something more fundamental than mere expansion.”
● “With the recent discovery of a new cosmic-redshift mechanism, and its theoretical validation, it turns out that Hubble was right.”
● Explains how “an infinite, non-expanding, perpetually regenerating universe" is able to predict a dark night sky.

Press Release (2015 Oct 15):
The Big Bang is no longer a viable hypothesis !

(2016 June): FREE DOWNLOAD:
"DSSU Validated by Redshift Theory and Structural Evidence", Physics Essays, Vol.28, No.4, pp.455-473 (2015 Dec) —Delivers the coup de grâce to the Big Bang. Abstract & Links.
Both Reviewers enthusiastically endorsed this "well-written and incisive article."

(2015-Oct 6): Webpage added for article Cosmic-Redshift Distance Law Without c Without H: Comments & Links  Describes the challenge of getting DSSU papers published.

(2015 Aug 20): Allow me to extend a sincere "Thank You" for the many invitations to join social media and professional networks. Unfortunately I must decline. It’s simply a matter of precious time —there is just too little of it. All my available time is taken up by research, writing, and website maintenance —in fact, two more web domains have been purchased. It is all being done for the purpose of providing the educated and interested public with the ammunition to refute and replace the utterly bankrupt big-bang Worldview. (However, not to give the impression of a total recluse, seclusionist, or misanthrope, I do manage to squeeze in a few delightful hours of ballroom dancing every week or two.) –CR

(2015 Aug): Brief update on the status of the neutrino and its adaptation into the DSSU particle theory. See Section 5 of the Discussion webpage for the article: The Fundamental Process of Energy

(2015 Aug): The article The Universe Is Infinite (Part 1) has been revised.

(2015 July): Comments and questions from a 14-year old student.

(2013): Higgs Boson Discovered?
After 50 long years of searching, Physicists claim to have detected the Higgs boson, the "particle" that ostensibly bestows the property of mass on all other such particles. Is it now time to celebrate? … Definitely not.
   The question now is this: If the Higgs ‘particle’ is the giver of mass to all other particles, what then gives the Higgs itself its mass?! (Yes, the newly discovered particle has mass, lots of it!) A difficult and embarrassing question indeed. It is like asking:
If God created everything, then who, or what, created God?
   While physicists think they have solved the mass problem, the reality is that they have unwittingly exposed an even bigger problem —the riddle of “First Cause”.


Mass-to-Energy Conversion, the Astrophysical Mechanism –Published in Journal of High Energy Physics, Gravitation and Cosmology, Vol.5, No.2 (2019). HTML version.

Nature’s Supreme Mechanism for Energy Extraction from Nonmaterial Aether –Published in Infinite Energy Magazine Vol.24, Issue#144 (2019 March/April)

The Nature of Gravity –How One Factor Unifies Gravity’s Convergent, Divergent, Vortex, and Wave Effects –Published in the International Journal of Astrophysics and Space ScienceVol.6, No.5, 2018.
Natural Mechanism for the Generation and Emission of Extreme Energy Particles –Published in Physics Essays Vol.31, No.3, p358 (2018). (Reprint)
Sachs-Wolfe Effect Disproof –Published in the International Journal of Astrophysics and Space Science, Vol.6, No.1, 2018. ( Abstract & Links.)

"The Nature of Gravitational Collapse"
–Published in American Journal of Astronomy & Astrophysics. ( Abstract and Links.)
(Note, there is a typo in AJA&A posted version in the Fig-10 caption. It should read: … acceleration is proportional to 1/r2.)

Glossary of Terms used in Cosmology and Astrophysics with particular emphasis on DSSU theory.
(Opens in separate Window or Tab)


Mysteries & Paradoxes that Plague Standard Cosmology  (Updated 2015-7)

Cosmology Crisis of 1998 (Revised 2015-5)

Critique of Conventional Cosmology ... comments relating to the 'preposterous' expanding-universe paradigm.
Bafflement —the remarkable admission of a physicist.
The Cosmology Debate That Never Happened   —During the 20th century there was a decades-long debate: The cataclysmic expanding universe VS the stable expanding universe. But there has never been a debate of the dynamic expanding universe VS the dynamic non-expanding universe. (Posted 2011 Oct)

Models of the Universe —Historical, Expanding, and Cellular universes. INCLUDES A USEFUL TABLE FOR COMPARING THEORIES.

The Universe Is Infinite (Part 1) —overcoming a "central" problem of cosmology theories.

The Universe Is Infinite (Part 2) —an explanation of how the universe can always have existed and will always exist.

DSSU, The Non-Expanding Universe: Structure, Redshift, Distance —A long sought-after goal of astrophysicists has been a formulation of cosmic distance that is independent of the speed of light. The goal has now been achieved. The present Paper details the surprisingly simple distance expression and its validating agreement with Supernova data.

Why Copernicus Did Not Need a Force of Gravity —Explores the question of why no one, except Newton, invoked a force. (Re-Posted February, 2014)

Gravity and Lambda —A Story of Opposites (.htm) —A story of opposites in harmony. Key differences between the Conventional Cosmology and the New Cosmology are presented.

Dynamic Cosmic Cell —The Structural Component of the DSSU —Animated image and discussion of the self-sustaining, self-balancing system.

Why Einstein Did Not Receive the Nobel Prize for His Theory of Relativity —“By 1922 Einstein had been nominated about fifty times —most were for his relativity theories.”

Questions & Answers & Comments


(2016 June) FREE DOWNLOAD details:
DSSU Validated by Redshift Theory and Structural Evidence
, Physics Essays, Vol.28, No.4, p455-473 (2015 Dec) —Delivers the coup de grâce to the Big Bang. Abstract & Links.
Both Reviewers enthusiastically endorsed this "well-written and incisive article."

The Dynamic Steady State Universe.
This work brings together the main pieces of the cosmic puzzle in a step-by-step construction of the Natural Universe. Published in Physics Essays Vol.27 No.2 (2014 June issue) (PDF download)  "... the arguments are well-made. The article is competent, enjoyable and readable." —Reviewer for Physics Essays Journal

Olbers’ Paradox Resolved for the Infinite Non-Expanding Universe
, American Journal of Astronomy & Astrophysics Vol.4, No.1, (2016 January). Abstract & download links.
● “The man accredited with discovering universe expansion did not believe that the universe was expanding. Hubble was convinced that the key evidence, the cosmic redshift, was caused by some other factor, something more fundamental than mere expansion.”
● “With the recent discovery of a new cosmic-redshift mechanism, and its theoretical validation, it turns out that Hubble was right.”

Cosmic Redshift in the Nonexpanding Cellular Universe  ( Journal links ) —details the actual causal mechanism. Published in the American Journal of Astronomy & Astrophysics, Vol.2, No.5 (2014) Abstract.
Local copy with quality images: (Reprint pdf).
• Entirely new concept for cosmic redshift mechanism;
• Retains the foundation premise of all modern cosmology;
• But does not require whole-universe expansion;
• A redshift based on the DSSU theory of unified gravity & cosmic cellular structure;
• Remarkable agreement with independently established redshift distances.

The Cosmology Debate That Never Happened
What historians call "the greatest cosmological debate in history” was between TWO  expanding universes —two hypothetical models that share the same, I repeat, the same foundational property! If one is to claim some great clash of ideas (let alone the "greatest") then surely there must exist some deep dividing difference! (Posted 2011-10)

The Case for a Cellular Universe
—the Story of a Baffling Omission in Modern Cosmology    (Revised 2015)

Large-Scale Structure of the Dynamic Steady State Universe published in the American Journal of Astronomy and Astrophysics, Vol.4, No.6, 2016, pp.65-77. Astract and Links.
■ Presents the first 2 of the 4 main postulates that define the DSSU.
■ Space-medium expansion and contraction are perpetually held in balance, thus ensuring a non-expanding universe.
■ Explains how the two dynamic processes of the DSSU’s space medium sustain the cellular structure responsible for the pattern of matter distribution in our Universe.

Galaxy Morphology:

Ellipticity, Its Origin & Progression in Comoving Galaxies,  American Journal of Astronomy & Astrophysics, AJAA, Vol.3, No.2, 2015.
Journal  Abstract and Links.
Local  high-resolution PDF.
HTML version available from AJAA here.
• Provides the first-ever natural explanation for the cause of the elliptical shape of nonrotating galaxies
• Retains the foundation premise of all modern cosmology but rejects the absurd concept of whole-universe expansion
• Takes full advantage of the universe’s cosmic cellular structure and exploits the DSSU theory of unified gravity domains
• Amazingly, the mechanism that stretches galaxies turns out to be the very same mechanism that causes the cosmic spectral redshift!

Cosmic-Redshift Distance Law Without c Without H Comments & Links Simplifying the redshift-distance formula by removing the speed-of-light constant and the Hubble parameter —while maintaining agreement with observational evidence.


Cosmic Core website: Lavishly illustrated. Includes many articles discussing DSSU theory and cosmology.

New Illuminati
–The DSSU is The New Cosmology

New Illuminati –Hidden Substrate of Reality

Big Bang Never Happened –Home & Summary

Noteworthy video of a simulated cellular universe. The nodal galaxy structures are quite interesting.

DSSU Theory:

DSSU Validated by Redshift Theory and Structural Evidence, Physics Essays, Vol.28, No.4, p455-473 (2015 Dec) —Delivers the coup de grâce to the Big Bang. Abstract & Links.
Both Reviewers enthusiastically endorsed this "well-written and incisive article."

A historical tour of universes culminating with the Natural Universe —This essay gives a thematic tour of historical and modern universes. ... While the Universe is endlessly speaking, forever sending signals; philosophers and scientists listen and interpret.

Currently undergoing revision and updating: Theoretical Foundation and Pillars of the Dynamic Steady State Universe —The first complete presentation of all four postulates of DSSU theory. A powerful paper that resolves the cause-of-causes paradox, explains the non-independent nature of time, and reveals the 'supreme advantage'. It includes a concise comparison with standard cosmology focusing on real-world viability.
Supplementary Discussion: The Primary Process


The Fundamental Process of Energy —A Qualitative Unification of Energy, Mass, and Gravity. (Abstract & Reviews & Links) … This article reveals the secret behind photon confinement. (Contains only a bare minimum of mathematics and mainly in one of the 14 sections.)
PART 1 published in Infinite Energy Magazine Issue #113 (Jan/Feb 2014)
PART 2 published in Infinite Energy Magazine    Issue #114 (Mar/Apr 2014)

Headlined as:
A "Conceptual Unification of Energy, Mass and Gravity"

Dynamic Cosmic Cell —The Structural Component of the DSSU —Animated image and discussion of the self-sustaining, self-balancing system.

Unified Gravitation Cells of the DSSU —Constructing the Universe with Cosmic Gravity Cells

Space Flow Equations and Expansion-Contraction Rates (pdf) —This paper explores the mathematical aspects of the two space postulates of DSSU theory —and uncovers some profound consequences.


Documentary movie footage in which Einstein states, "There exists an aether"
High resolution .mpg video.
Low resolution .wmv video.

The Aether Experiments and the Impact on Cosmology —Aether was detected first in 1887 and then several more times during the 20th century. Its 21st–century "rediscovery" (in 2001) led to the long-sought causal mechanism of gravity —a discovery which, in turn, is revolutionizing cosmology.

Michelson-Morley and the Story of the Aether Theory —Richard Milton's analysis of the historical details involving the misrepresentation, bias, and cover-up that hampered the Aether theory.

The History of the Aether Theory —The historic development of the aether as a scientific theory of space itself. What started as the "fifth element" of Antiquity becomes molded by theoretical constraints and experimental evidence into the dual-dynamic sub-quantum medium —the Essence of the Universe. (Updated 2016-2)

Relativity of Time in the Aether-Space of the DSSU —How intrinsic time and relative time are related.

DSSU Relativity –The Lorentz Transformations Applied to Aether-Space —Ranzan
Reprinted by permission of Physics Essays Publication, Physics  Essays Vol.23, No.3, p520. (2010). ABSTRACT

Physical Nature of Length Contraction —the DSSU Theory of Length Contraction Induced by Absolute Motion.
An easy to follow examination of how the mode by which matter is “conducted” through luminiferous aether causes the matter to contract. A simple derivation of the mathematical expression for this physical phenomenon is presented. There is also a brief discussion of relevant historical aspects and of nonphysical length contraction.
Reviewer's comments: “This is amazing …”  “The paper is interesting …” –Applied Physics Research reviewer. Published in Applied Physics Research journal Vol.5, No.1 (2013 Feb).

Contradiction Divides Two Aether Theories —An exploration into the three parts of the speed-of-light postulate.
Reprinted by permission of PEP, from  Physics Essays Journal (Vol 24, No.3, Sept, 2011) ... ABSTRACT

Basic-level mathematical and graphical exploration of dynamic aether flow: PDF

Here is an external webpage with an extensive list of research papers on the aether-drift experiments, and the larger question of energy in space.


Sachs-Wolfe Effect Disproof (published in in the International Journal of Astrophysics and Space Science Vol.6, No.1, 2018.)
Abstract & links.

DSSU Cosmic Redshift-Distance Relation (htm) —Converting the cosmic redshift into distance for our Cellular Universe using a simple and elegant equation.

Large Scale Structure of the Dynamic Steady State Universe (pdf)   How a dual-dynamic space medium sustains the cellular structure (published in AJAA in 2016).
  —Presents the postulates and implications of regional space-medium expansion and contraction.

Cosmic-Scale Structural Features Explained (pdf) (Chapter 2 of original DSSU Manuscript)
—The Spacing of Clusters
—Sheets of Galaxies
—Right-angled Walls of Galaxies.

The Cosmic Background Radiation in the DSSU —The natural explanation of the microwave background radiation applicable to the natural Cellular Universe.

Ellipticity, Its Origin & Progression in Comoving GalaxiesAmerican Journal of Astronomy & Astrophysics, AJAA, Vol.3, No.2, 2015.
Journal  Abstract and Links
Local  high-resolution PDF.
HTML version available from AJAA here.
• Provides the first-ever natural explanation for the cause of the elliptical shape of nonrotating galaxies
• Retains the foundation premise of all modern cosmology but rejects the absurd concept of whole-universe expansion
• Takes full advantage of the universe’s cosmic cellular structure and exploits the DSSU theory of unified gravity domains
• Amazingly, the mechanism that stretches galaxies turns out to be the very same mechanism that causes the cosmic spectral redshift!


The Nature of Gravity –How One Factor Unifies Gravity’s Convergent, Divergent, Vortex, and Wave Effects –Published in International Journal of Astrophysics and Space Science (IJASS), Vol.6, No.5, 2018, pp.73-92. (Abstract and Links.)

The Nature of Gravitational Collapse
–Published in American Journal of Astronomy & Astrophysics Vol.4, No.2, 2016, pp.15-33. (Abstract and Links.)
(Note, there is a typo in AJA&A posted version in the Fig-10 caption. It should read: … acceleration is proportional to 1/r2.)

Gravity and Dark Energy (How they Shape the Universe) –An Introduction. Provides a preamble and overview for a couple of earlier DSSU articles.

The Processes of Gravitation –The Cause and Mechanism of Gravitation by C. Ranzan –A revolutionary paper on gravity published in J. Mod. Phys. Appl. Vol.2014:3 (2014).
(Abstract & Reviews & Links. Includes link to hi-resolution PDF) "Revolutionary".

Why Copernicus Did Not Need a Force of Gravity —Explores the question of why no one, except Newton, invoked a force. (Rev 2011-9)

First ever, journal-published paper featuring the DSSU:
The Story of Gravity and Lambda –How the Theory of Heraclitus Solved the Dark Matter Mystery –Ranzan
Reprinted by permission of PEP, from Physics Essays, Vol 23, No1, p75-87 (2010 Mar). ABSTRACT
This is the cure for the fallacious belief in cosmic-scale Dark Matter.

The Story of Gravity and Lambda –How the Theory of Heraclitus Solved the Dark Matter Mystery (Color version) –Ranzan Considered "an excellent contribution to the [PE journal]" --professional reviewer (2010).

Unified Gravitation Cells of the DSSU —Constructing the Universe with Cosmic Gravity Cells


Why Einstein Did Not Receive the Nobel Prize for His Theory of Relativity (●Abstract ●Links ●Excerpts ●Extras) —“By 1922 Einstein had been nominated about fifty times —most were for his relativity theories.”

Einstein’s Simple Mathematical Trick –and the Illusion of a Constant Speed of Light  (Abridged version with links to Journal-published version. Posted 2013)

Extended Relativity –Exploiting the Loopholes in Einstein's Relativity. A Logical extension of special relativity. Reprinted by permission of PEP, from Physics Essays Vol.25, No.3 (2012).
Abstract & Links & Reviews

The Three Components of the Speed-of-Light Postulate.  Published in Physics Essays journal Vol.26,No.1 (2013)
Local copy: The Three Components of the Speed-of-Light Postulate (pdf) Absolute vs relative. Variance vs invariance. Another instance of the Heraclitian "Harmony of Opposites." (Reprinted by permission of PEP, from Physics Essays, Vol.26, No.1, 2013).

Relativity of Time in the Aether Medium of the DSSU —Absolute Motion and Intrinsic Time

Resolving a Paradox in Special Relativity –Absolute Motion and the Unified Doppler Equation.
(Posted 2011, July). Reprinted by permission of PEP, from Physics  Essays Vol.23, No.4, p594 (2010). ABSTRACT

How DSSU Relativity Resolves the Speed Paradox (Introductory Discussion)   —Absolute Motion Resolves a (speed) Paradox in Einstein’s Special Relativity. (Supplementary Discussion)

DSSU Relativity –The Lorentz Transformations Applied to Aether-Space (Posted 2011). Reprinted by permission of Physics Essays Publication, Physics  Essays Vol.23, No.3, p520. (2010). ABSTRACT

The Key that Extends Einstein’s Relativity (Part 1) —Response to a reviewer critical of DSSU aether-based relativity
The Key that Extends Einstein’s Relativity (Part 2) —How to convert abstract-space equations into aether-based equations

Restoring the Physical Meaning of Energy
Published in Applied Physics Research journal Vol.5, No.2 (2013).
LOCAL COPY: Restoring the Physical Meaning of Energy —distinguishing between the apparent energy and the real energy of moving mass.

An Open Letter to the Scientific Community
(Published in New Scientist, May 22, 2004)

"The big bang today relies on a growing number of hypothetical entities, things that we have never observed-- inflation, dark matter and dark energy are the most prominent examples. Without them, there would be a fatal contradiction between the observations made by astronomers and the predictions of the big bang theory. In no other field of physics would this continual recourse to new hypothetical objects be accepted as a way of bridging the gap between theory and observation. It would, at the least, raise serious questions about the validity of the underlying theory. ..."  continues ...
A devastating Declaration of opposition to Big Bang cosmology signed by more than 400 Researchers.

For the full text click on: or alternate site.

This website is mainly concerned with revisionism in cosmology. Those of us involved in replacing the unnatural expanding-universe paradigm are aware of the difficulties involved.
   However, other revisionists have unimaginable difficulties. Consider the ongoing persecution of revisionists in other fields of intellectual pursuit: 
"It makes you wonder —about the immense effort being made by State and State-sponsored organizations with budgets of tens of millions of dollars and thousands of employees and associates to smother and punish these few men and women. Every punishing instrument imaginable is used, every vicious slander conceivable, every flagrant and pervasive form of censorship that law allows, including the imprisonment of simple writers for thought crimes against the State. ... Makes you wonder."Bradley R. Smith (2011)

"Discussing truth is so controversial, so dangerous … In most of the world it is simply illegal.” Gordon Duff, Senior Editor, Veterans Today (2011)

"The further a society drifts from truth the more it will hate those who speak it." –George Orwell

DEDICATION: This website is solemnly dedicated to those individuals who have conducted research in their chosen field and have informed others of their inquiries and suffered the consequences when subpoenaed by the Inquisition or some variant thereof. The dedication extends to those individuals currently imprisoned, and those facing trial and persecution simply for exercising their basic human right of freedom of expression supposedly granted to them under the UN Charter of Human Rights.
"Every year, hundreds of writers and other literary professionals around the world are imprisoned, prosecuted, persecuted, attacked, threatened, forced into exile or even murdered as a result of their work."

ALSO: Be aware of the continuing threat to our precious freedom of expression on the Internet. The threat is serious and relentless. It is described as “… the formal effort to mimic Communist China’s system of Internet censorship.” See The Secret Behind SOPA  (2012-Jan). Update.
More information on threats to internet freedom:

Reporter-journalist Arthur Topham, Canadian victim of the Inquisition, arrested (2012) for posting his research.
“Arthur Topham faces prison time for daring to speak his mind on his own website, as he faces criminal charges under Canada’s hate crimes legislation contained in Section 318 - 320 of the criminal code.” –Rights and Freedoms Bulletin Issue No. 204 Feb 7, 2015.
VERDICT: Arthur Topham found “guilty” AND “not guilty” of hate speech by a brain-dead jury!
 –Dr. James Sears, reporting in “The world’s Largest Anti-Marxist Publication” (Issue 2015 December,
2016 Update: Panel Discussion on The Trial of Arthur Topham

Free-speech crusader
Bill Whatcott defies British Colombia Human Rights Tribunal efforts to impose gender language tyranny.

“I have no intention on wasting money on a lawyer for the Morgane Oger vs Bill Whatcott case, as human rights tribunals are kangaroo courts and the odds of … getting justice in these biased tribunals is next to zero.” –2017 June ( …)

End of free speech in Britain:

A publisher of history books in Britain has reported that “due to new laws in the UK all their books will have to be censored moving forward” to avoid criminal penalties for “inciting racial hatred.” –The Barnes Review (2020 March/April) p77

A hostile jury, by a hasty unanimous verdict, decided that Nationalist Leader Jez Turner deserves to be sent to jail for his critical views! Report (2018-5-15).

British Maverick Psychologist jailed for publishing his research. … “The ambivalence of librarians getting writers imprisoned quite defies comprehension.” –Simon Sheppard (2013)

The repression of free speech in Canada has degenerated to the point where …

■ Freedom advocates, such as Marc Lemire, are censured for merely expressing their reasoned opinions. Freedomsite, whose motto is “Fighting for freedom against the censorship enforcers”, documents the official persecution.
■ A tenured professor has lost his position for revealing his research and views on history. This is unprecedented. Professor Anthony J. Hall at the University of Lethbridge, Alberta, has been suspended (2016 October 5) without pay.
“… Any thinking person should recognize that there is something deeply wrong when a history professor is persecuted for saying we should be able to examine our history.” –Monika Schaefer 2017
■ A publisher/editor, for expressing his reality-based views, has been denied postal services. Dr. James Sears, publisher and editor of Your Ward News was stripped of Canada Post Mail Service by government order (2016 June).
■ A violin teacher and truth revealer, Monika Schaefer, for posting a video (an apology to her dead mother), has been attacked by various so-called community leaders.

The treatment of violinist Monika Schaefer signals the end of our free and democratic society.” –The American Herald Tribune, 2016 Sept

American Speaker Arrested in Canada for the textual material on his iPad
—2017 June 24
While the invasion continues, the “guardians” of the nation are busy suppressing the freedom of expression: going after deemed violations in what people think and write and say.

Canada Claims Authority to Censor Your Internet Searches –Reason magazine
The "justice" system is being used to suppress opinions: In a legal battle (2018) for freedom of speech in Canada ... the prosecution and silencing of Dr. James Sears expected to cost taxpayers $20 million!

“I estimate the Board of Review, police investigating and Crown prosecuting us on criminal matters, will cost the taxpayers over $20 million, assuming no appeals past 2018 (murderers & rapists will walk free as huge blocks of court time bump their cases, causing them to be thrown out).”
–Dr. James Sears, Your Ward News, Fall, 2018, p17

Updates are posted at .
Update for 2019 April 8:  Why the ruling against Your Ward News hurts free speech in Canada
Updates for 2019 Aug: LINK to Several postings.
Update for 2020: Sentenced to one year in jail for revealing the truth.

The Continuing Struggle for Freedom

A ray of hope in the ongoing struggle for freedom. Populist and nationalist movements around the world are gaining ascendancy over the New World Order’s effort to establish global governance and impose tyrannical control over every last square meter of the Earth’s surface. –The Barnes Review Vol.23 No.1 (2017 Jan p70)

"This Is Very Serious" –S. Molyneux, 2018-7
(7-minute video on the importance of freedom of speech)

The ongoing fight for freedom and truth. –Just Right Media (2020, Sept 18, program)

In repressive Germany:

Ursula Haverbeck, 89, Sentenced to 14 Months in Jail for Heresy! –2017 November
This amazing 89-year-old woman continues advocating under the dictum: "Only the truth will set you free”.
Mrs. Haverbeck, along with her late husband, founded the education facility Collegium Humanum in 1963, but which was banned by the Marxist thought police in 2008.

Update (2018-5-16): Ursula Haverbeck will celebrate her 90th birthday in a German prison cell. The sprightly grandmother is now serving a two-year prison term without parole merely for stating a sincerely held opinion that is supported by acclaimed academics worldwide!!
“Frau Haverbeck is now sentenced to two years in prison, merely for her peaceful historical research” –The Barnes Review Vol.24, No.5 (Sept/Oct 2018) p71

UPDATE (2019-11): On November 9th (2019), the very day of Ursula Haverbeck’s 91st. birthday, hundreds of German nationalists, patriots and friends, well-wishers and admirers rallied in her support. Report on the Rally to Celebrate Political Prisoner Ursula Haverbeck.

INFO on Monika Schaefer's case:
For expressing her opinion on historical events, Canadian citizen Monika Schaefer has been arrested and imprisoned (2018-1-3) in Germany. She had committed no crime. Author Mike Walsh warns potential visitors to Germany to stay away from this dangerous police state. –Merkel Madness Grips Germany, (2018-1-7)
... Found guilty and sentenced to 10 months of imprisonment (time served); her brother Alfred was sentenced to 38 months!! –(2018 November)
UPDATE (2019 August 10): Corruption of justice in Germany continues. Alfred Schaefer Receives 18 Months Additional Prison Time for Defending Himself!  Punished for simply presenting evidence for his own defense in court!

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A historical tour of universes culminating with the Natural Universe

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"The universe is endlessly speaking. People ask the universe the questions they are capable of conceiving and hear the answers they are capable of hearing."
–Joel Primack & Nancy Abrams [1]


The Universe is endlessly speaking, forever sending signals.

Among the earliest people who listened and asked questions of the universe were the Ancient Greeks. In some of the Greek states and Greek societies, the ones in which men were relatively free, knowledge expanded and philosophical schools flourished. The Pythagoreans, most eminently, developed expertise in mathematics, geometry and the numerical aspects of musical harmony. They advanced these studies into complex theories of numbers, geometry and music. When the Pythagoreans asked questions of the universe they were looking for geometric perfection, orderly motion, and harmony of the heavens. Notably, they believed there was a musical aspect to the universe. Based partly on their knowledge of the mathematics of sounds and partly on their studies of the orbital times of the planets, the Pythagoreans 'heard' the so-called 'music of the spheres' constituting the universe. The periodic motion of each planet was equated with a musical note on a musical scale which extended by many octaves. The Pythagorean universe consisted of transparent spheres, each carrying a planet, and each rotating with mechanical perfection around the spherical Earth at the center. There were also spheres for the Moon, the Sun and an outermost sphere for the fixed stars; these likewise rotated about the Earth. The Pythagoreans sought harmony, symmetry, and numerical meaning in their astronomy and to their mystical delight heard the 'music of the spheres' of the heavens.

Divine Harmony.  During the early Christian era there was an emphasis on divinely ordained order. Men were looking for an unchanging and timeless world of perfect order. The perfect shape of the circle represented that order. Motion in the heavenly world must therefore run smoothly and uniformly in circles; such perfect motion was surely the handiwork of an omnipotent God. Religious men of this era, like the earlier philosopher Greeks, heard the music and the harmony of spheres. The music conveyed not only geometric perfection but also a new theme. Since many of the concentric spheres were equated with various degrees of divinity, the music, to these listeners, was heavenly and angelic. The Christians recognized the Divine harmony of the Ptolemaic system of the world, built up, as it was, of circles. And so, the Ptolemaic Harmony became the Official Tune. For well over a millennium (for about fourteen centuries) no one dared change a note. Harmony heresy became punishable, and deafness to the deeper sounds of the Universe descended.

More "music of the spheres."  Many centuries later, and many years after Nicolaus Copernicus rediscovered the ancient Helicentric theory of Aristarchos of Samos, the famous astronomer Johannes Kepler (1571-1630), who was also searching for harmony, symmetry, and numerical meaning, heard the same music. Kepler was looking for some underlying regularity ---some evidence of divine design behind his newly discovered system of elliptical planetary motion. Science historian Colin Ronan relates how "His perseverance was rewarded, and in 1618 ... he published his Harmony of the World. This, to him, was his crowning achievement. He had discovered a relationship between the velocities of the planets in their elliptical orbits and musical harmony; he was able to relate the greatest and least velocities of each planet to the musical scale. This was Kepler's culminating vision, the apotheosis of the 'music of the spheres' of Pythagoras and Plato."[2]  Fortunately, to the benefit of natural cosmology, Kepler's mysticism eventually led him to formulate his famous three laws of planetary motion.

The first sounds of expansion. In the early twentieth century astronomers were tuning in to a previously unrecognized sound. They found, to their wonderment, that the Universe was speaking through the transformation (called redshifting) of light from distant galaxies. The greater the distance to the galaxy the larger was the transformation (redshift) of its light. Scientists heard the message loud and clear ---even elevated it to the status of a law, called the Hubble law. The redshift message had three interpretations. The universe allows for three options for the cause of the proportional variation of galaxy redshift, the proportional variation with increasing cosmic distance: (1) a Doppler-like recession motion, (2) a space-expansion comoving motion, and (3) an unknown gravity effect that somehow weakens light during its cosmic journey. Under all three options the universe appears to be expanding ---like moving a magnifying glass slowly away from a specimen makes the specimen appear to be expanding. But Scientists 'heard' more than what the actual redshift message contained! They thought they 'heard' that the universe ---the whole universe--- was actually expanding. And as every fully conscious person on our planet knows, they came up with the Expanding universe.

The Expanding-universe paradigm turned out to be a Pandora's Box of misinterpretations. Surely the most outrageous of these was the primordial explosion of the universe. To some listeners, the universe was not merely speaking, it was convulsing and thundering.

As the twentieth century progressed new questions were being posed. Georges Lemaitre (1894-1966) of Belgium was a trained expert of the heavens, both astrophysical and theological. Lemaitre was a theologian. When a religious man contemplates the Universe, his contemplation instinctively includes the Creator. When a religious man asks questions of the universe his main concern is: How was it created? And so when such a man listens to the universe he expects to hear the sound of the Creation, or at least its theoretical replay. Lemaitre 'heard' the sound of the beginning of the universe and, what is more, he constructed a supporting argument. He used Einstein's then recently constructed theory of general relativity, and contemporary astronomical data, to show that the universe in the past was extremely dense and correspondingly much smaller; he was able to 'prove' that the universe had a hot big-bang Genesis. Lemaitre devoutly believed in his Creator. But let me be clear on this, Lemaitre's religious belief is not subject to criticism; it is his scientific belief that definitely is. His belief in the applicability of Einstein's theory was unfortunate and misguided. The theory of general relativity is a local theory of spacetime; it is a theory of local gravity; it cannot be a theory of the whole universe. The dynamic activity of the universe as a whole cannot be encompassed by one pair of equations. Lemaitre's Big Bang universe (1927-1929) is based on an unscientific extrapolation.[3]

The fact that the exploding universe was an unscientific extrapolation was ignored. The chronicles of cosmology do testify to this negligence by the conspicuous absence of any challenge to the questionable legitimacy of a conclusion drawn from an overextended theory. Therein lies a gold mine for investigative journalists and historians. ... Anyway, Albert Einstein had became the undisputed authority on gravity. His theory of general relativity had established the new rules for astrophysics and cosmology. Theorists learned those rules, adopted a new way of perceiving space and the universe, and explored the various implications. Lemaitre, by running the expanding-universe backward, had 'discovered' the birth of the universe. The question now was, would the universe continue expanding forever or would it collapse in on itself?! Although the question should have focused on validity (general relativity, after all, is an incomplete theory) and applicability (local, not universal).  It didn't.  Quite understandable. In the magic and excitement of exploring a dynamic model that does mysterious things like distort spacetime and blow itself apart and conceal its cosmic boundary, reality becomes a secondary consideration. As it happened, most astronomers assumed that the expansion of the universe would not continue forever but would gradually slow down because of the inward pull of gravity of everything in it.[4]  The cosmological constant (an energy term in Einstein's equation), which could act as an anti-gravity effect, was believed to be either non-existent or much weaker than gravity. Which means that with no meaningful opposition, gravity becomes the dominant force of the universe. Lo and behold, the world had become a collapsing universe. They called it the Oscillating universe (also known as the Friedmann-Einstein model). From our perspective, the scenario represents the audible convulsions of a universe speaking through a flawed theory.

Some years ago Isaac Asimov assembled the contemporary thinking in cosmology and came up with a popular work called “The Collapsing Universe” in which he describes the entire universe becoming a black hole as it collapses in on itself. Problem was, the real universe refused to play along and corroborate the theory; the evidence for a collapsing world has never been found.

Meanwhile, astronomers thought they detected the remnant ripples of a universe exploding. In the 1960s, with a more detailed theory (although still based on an unscientific extrapolation) and more sophisticated listening devices, astronomers 'discovered' what they believed to be the echo of the Big Bang. Astronomers measured a steady flux of microwaves coming from all directions of the heavens. They called it the cosmic microwave background radiation (CMBR) and interpreted it as the immensely weakened noise of the Big Bang event of roughly 15 billion years ago. If I recall correctly, didn't Bishop James Ussher in the 17th century use the authoritative writings of the Old Testament to calculate that the universe began 4004 years before the Christian Era? ...  Three centuries after Bishop Ussher the time-scale was radically revised. The new high priests of cosmology carefully interpreted the CMR sounds, the echo of Lemaitre’s big bang, and calculated that the universe began 15 billion years before the Christian Era! ... And so we see, we understand, what is happening. "The universe is endlessly speaking" while priests and scholars struggle with the translation.

The tempo quickens. During the first decade of the 21st century, most astrophysicists were claiming that the universe was telling them that cosmic expansion is accelerating! What sound does an accelerating universe make? We may get some idea from Harvard Universe astrophysicist Robert P. Kirshner and Dr. Saul Perlmutter (at the Lawrence Berkley National Laboratory in California) who have headed respective teams of experts that have listened to, and have decoded, the message. The message comes from extremely distant type 1a supernovas. Decoded, it simply means the supernova events are about 25% dimmer than expected. It means that the supernova stars are farther away than their redshift would indicate; it means the message did not agree with the reigning theory. These experts, never having been exposed to any meaningful alternate models, had little choice but to turn to the officially approved Expansion cosmology for answers. They instinctively interpreted the data as the 'sounds' of an expanding universe in acceleration mode —the sounds of a universe that is not only expanding but is speeding up its expansion.  If only they had stopped for a moment and consider, maybe the redshift-distance equation being used is wrong. Maybe the acceleration interpretation is discordant with reality. But there was no escape from the long-established conceptual tunnel of cosmic expansion. To put a sensory twist on a familiar old saying: One hears only what one is trained to hear, what one is trained to expect to hear.

Rather than concede that there is a serious flaw in the theory, team members of the supernova investigations expressed reactions of disbelief, "amazement and horror," surprise that the universe would bother to accelerate itself, and surprise that the universe would be so extravagant!  Team leader Robert Kirshner tells the whole story —his lavish view of reality— in his book, appropriately titled, The Extravagant Universe.[5] The "Extravagant" modifier refers to the expanding-and-accelerating Big-Bang universe. As a modifier it is ironically well chosen. I can think of no better way to epitomize a universe, one that is based on an unscientific extrapolation, than to boldly name it Extravagant —a word that means not only lavish, excessive, and wasteful, but also "beyond the bounds of reason."

Think about this for a moment. The cosmology experts are using a model of the universe that notably failed to predict cosmic acceleration, failed to predict what is now claimed to be the biggest phenomenon of the Big Bang universe second only to the genesis-explosion itself. Such failure is a sure sign of a bad theory. Such is the legacy of the Pandorean Box of expansion extrapolation.

One can't help but wonder if the professionals really believe what their paradox-riddled universe is telling them. Do they really believe that our universe is undergoing runaway expansion (as Donald Goldsmith calls it in his book The Runaway Universe). Never mind the "abundant evidence", the multi-decimal place precision, and the colorful computer-simulations —all presented in support of an evolving universe. Forget the multi-media hype promoting the new-and-improved Big Bang (yet another version of the Expanding universe) and forget the naïve excitement over re-inflation (a fancy term for a renewed burst of expansion). One wonders. What do the experts really think? The famous nonagenarian scholar, Freeman J. Dyson (Professor Emeritus of Physics, Institute of Advanced Study at Princeton University) around the year 2007 had this to say:


"I like to keep an open mind about the accelerating model of the universe because there is a long history of astronomers believing confidently in some particular cosmological model and then changing their minds later. When I was a student fifty years ago, everyone believed in a closed model that had the universe collapsing into a big crunch after a finite time. then, twenty years ago, on the basis of slender evidence, everyone believed in a decelerating model that had distant galaxies moving away from us more and more slowly as time went on. Then, ten years ago, on the basis of stronger evidence, everyone believed in the linear model. And now, on the basis of evidence collected during the last five years, everyone believes in the accelerating model. Astronomers have a tendency to follow the latest fashion. ... I still look at it with a skeptical eye." [6]


What about the big-bang creation hypothesis and the subsequent whole-universe evolution idea? ... German astrophysicist Henning Genz found them to be unpersuasive.


"Let me stress that all these models of the development of the universe from nothing at all ... have to be seen for what they are: models, devoid of compelling experimental verification. The scenarios we develop from them are possible, and they illustrate various features we can follow up on, but none is ultimately persuasive." [7]


To say that the standard Big Bang model is not persuasive is to put it mildly. It is, in no uncertain terms, a preposterous universe! So says the American astrophysicist Sean Carroll.[8]


"This [accelerating big bang] scenario staggers under the burden of its unnaturalness,"[9]


These are strong words and deserve emphasis: The Big Bang staggers under the burden of its unnaturalness.

According to the definition of “preposterous” as given in my Webster Dictionary, Sean Carroll is telling us that the standard Big Bang model is "Contrary to nature, reason, or common sense; utterly foolish; absurd." Here is another quote from his research paper, Is Our Universe Natural?:


"If any system should be natural, it’s the universe. Nevertheless, according to the criteria [of reasonable expectation] just described, the universe we observe seems dramatically unnatural." [10]


Incidentally, Carroll is is permitted to make such highly critical statements and publish his exposé simply because his faith is undeterred —he remains a strong supporter of the Big Bang.

It never stops.  The Universe —the mysterious manifestation of existence— continues to speak. Forever displaying the same phenomena, transmitting the same radiations, orchestrating the same processes. Men continue to listen, continue to filter the Universe's messages through the latest theory or hypothesis. It seems that as the process of matching messages with mathematical models becomes increasingly complex, the picture of the universe becomes ever more preposterous.

At the end of the 20th century and the beginning of the 21st there were many theoretical physicists tuned into the sound of strings. Physicist Brian Greene is one; he has "heard" the vibrations of strings. In his universe, which he publicizes as the Elegant Universe,[11] he promotes the reality of vibrating strings of mathematical string theory (and superstring theory). The fundamental constituents of his universe are not the point-like particles that are normally idealized as having no size but, rather, are ultramicroscopic strings and loops that vibrate like acoustic sources. Depending on the resonant patterns of vibrations, the strings are supposed to represent elementary particles and fundamental forces —even mass and charge. The Elegant Universe, with its unnaturally large number of dimensions (ten dimensions in the "simple" version!) and without observational results, is a Platonic universe. It is purely mathematical and without experimental evidence, wholly in tune with Plato's teaching. Brian Greene's string universe is a mathematical universe; the cacophony of its strings has yet to be orchestrated into elegant music, or into anything meaningful.

Greene's Elegant Universe may or may not be mathematically elegant. Not being a mathematician, I don't know. But I do know that when you invoke more than three spatial dimensions and a time dimension then you are speculating in a fantasy world —you've crossed the boundary of reality. For those who have failed to decipher the messages of the real world, there is always the temptation to turn to some higher dimensional universe as an intoxicating escape from reality. For a model or /theory to be called elegant it must, above all, embody inevitability. The Greene universe is not inevitable, not natural, not elegant.

There are others —other escapees of Pandora's Box of cosmic misconceptions. They include the historic Steady State expanding universe; the Milne universe (in which, strange as it may seem, the universe expands but space itself does not!); the Cold Inflation universe; and the Hot Inflation universe. The list continues with the Chaotic Inflation universe and the cancerous Self-Reproducing universe. The name "Inflation" refers to the speculative notion that the early Big Bang universe may have undergone a period of extremely rapid expansion lasting only a fraction of a second. Instead of just a big bang, the inflation event turned it into a supersonic bang; or more accurately a hyper-lightspeed big-bang. There are obvious problems. It relies on a mysterious inflationary field and a weird antigravity particle called an inflaton, neither of which has ever been detected.[12]  Nevertheless, there were cosmologists convinced the universe is speaking the language of inflation. Inflation was eventually adopted as part of the standard hot big bang cosmology.

The Double Dark universe. During the last few decades another strange construction crawled out of the Box. It's called the Double Dark theory of the universe. (I credit Professor Primack for coming up with this name.[13]) For many years, astronomers have been tuning in, reluctantly at first but ever more spiritedly as the years passed, to the "sound" of dark stuff —dark energy and dark material. What makes this model so exciting (or rather preposterous) is that not only does it have an unknown source of energy but it also requires an invisible (that is why it's called dark) mysterious kind of matter. Exciting indeed. The Double Dark theory brings together two unexplained mysteries in a bold and desperate attempt to resolve an even bigger mystery —that famous phenomenon "discovered" in the aftermath of the famous cosmology Crisis of 1998.

Let me explain.

Most physicists believe that the biggest unresolved problem facing Cosmology is the acceleration of Big Bang expansion as discussed earlier. The Journal of Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics in June 2008 stated: "The fact that our universe seems to be accelerating at present has been one of the most remarkable and baffling findings of recent cosmological observations." The usual way of explaining it is with some variation of the Double Dark theory, that is, by postulating the presence of a Dark Energy and by invoking Dark Matter in an effort to modify gravity. The Double Dark theory is just another version of the Big Bang; technically it is called the Lambda Cold Dark Matter (ΛCDM) model. I quote from the same Journal, "The ΛCDM model has become the most popular choice, being the most economical model that is consistent with most cosmological observations, but it is safe to say that no completely satisfactory or compelling explanation has yet emerged."[14]

And no compelling explanation will ever emerge from Big Bang cosmology regardless of the specific version. What makes the Double Dark universe unconvincing, even preposterous, is that a real phenomenon is being lumped together with a chimeral substance. The so called Dark Energy is simply the space-expansion effect, which is a long established fact (it is, in fact, the essential a priori process of the universe). But Dark Matter is pure speculation. It is not predicted by any meaningful theory, does not interact with ordinary matter, and, as we are repeatedly told, has never been detected. No place, no time, not ever. I would put it this way: If space-expansion, or vacuum-expansion, is the cornerstone of modern cosmology, then the mysterious Dark Matter is its Philosopher's Stone. In the real world Dark Matter does not exist.

Acceleration is an aspect of the pen-and-paper mathematical universe, in which it is the derivative of the rate of Big Bang coordinate expansion. In the physical world acceleration is but an illusion.

Unfortunately the acceleration issue is a major detraction from the really big problems in cosmology.

(1) Standard Cosmology is utterly unable to explain the existing large-scale non-homogeneity. Textbook writer David Layzer poses the problem: “Why is the distribution of matter in the Universe so clumpy? In the beginning, the cosmic medium was certainly gaseous and very nearly —if not perfectly— uniform. Why hasn’t it remained uniform?”[15]  While only minor clumping is predicted, major clumping is observed!

(2) Standard Cosmology has no cause-independent process. It means there is an unresolved  cause-of-causes paradox.

(3) Standard Cosmology has no causal mechanism for gravity. (The fatal omission in all cosmology practiced prior to the year 2002.)

The most serious and blatantly obvious of these is the missing causal mechanism for gravitation. Why is this so serious? Because NO theory of the universe will work properly without one. Furthermore, a workable cosmos theory requires a quantum theory of gravity. However, as Professor Primack points out, a "comprehensive theory of 'quantum gravity', which would encompass and thus supersede both quantum mechanics and general relativity, is still a dream of physics. Superstring theory is our current best hope of such a theory."[16]

All I can say is that we have been hoping and waiting for a very long time. ... Indeed. ... While the world waits, and waits, for the "dream of physics" to become reality (and the hope of string theory to be fulfilled), let us do what the experts have long failed to do; let us take a close look at the Natural Universe.

What do I mean by a 'Natural Universe' ?

Given the fact that the keystone[17] of practically all modern cosmology is the process of the expansion of space, the Natural Universe necessarily consists of expanding space; and since it is also a stable universe it consists of a corresponding degree of contracting space. Keep in mind that "space", sometimes called the vacuum, refers to the universal space medium and is properly called the aether. The terms are all synonymous.

A natural universe has only three spatial dimensions (and a dimension of non-existence).

A natural universe is not a universe of things but of processes. Even the attribute called mass is the manifestation of a process. A natural universe is a universe in which gravity has a clearly defined causal mechanism —a mechanism that is, naturally, a process.

The Natural Universe is the one for which the necessity of logical simplicity leaves no freedom to be otherwise. It is the universe with only one pattern of self-organization, making it categorically a Cellular Universe..

The Natural Universe has four process (or metaphorically four causes). They are represented in the figure below by the Four Pillars of the DSSU edifice.

The Natural Universe has four Postulates —its key processes, its four metaphorical causes. They form the four great Pillars of the DSSU edifice and represent, respectively, aether-space contraction, aether-space expansion, mass-energy particle formation, and Terminal Annihilation of matter. They rest firmly on a foundation of a discretized space medium (aether) permeating infinite 3-dimensional space.

The four Postulates (and the related axioms) and how they perpetually interact to manifest the natural Dynamic Steady State Universe, and how they sustain its cosmic cellular structure, are detailed in the following works:

  • Guide to the Construction of the Natural Universe
    (DSSU Research, Niagara Falls, Canada, 2014) ISBN 978-0-9938823-0-2 (Book webpage)
  • The Dynamic Steady State Universe.
    This is a 30 page PDF document with 37 figures and 1 table and list of references. The table and various flowcharts and graphs provide an excellent summary and comparison of the Natural Universe Cosmology and the Expanding Universe Cosmology. [Reprinted by permission of Physics Essays Publication: The Dynamic Steady State Universe. Physics Essays Vol.27, No.2, pp.286-315]

Three indispensable features. What is presented in the book and the research article is unlike anything that has ever been published. The reason I can make this assurance is that all universe models that have ever been constructed, with this one exception, have left out three essential components. Countless philosophers and scientists have attempted to make sense of our Universe. But none of the scenarios they have constructed, as the foregoing historical review has argued, has been convincing. None has been free of paradoxes and logical gaps. The Men of today listening to the Universe have, for the most part, resigned themselves to the belief that we live in a Preposterous Universe. They find it embarrassingly difficult to understand why the universe seems so strange and "dramatically unnatural." The deeper the search for fundamental understanding extends, the more unnatural the universe seems to be. Nevertheless, propelled by a relentless determination, Men continue to listen and interpret. Sadly, the error of omission also continues. For instance, Professor Joel Primack, in his search for a deeper meaning to the universe and our extraordinary place in it, has coauthored a book whose main purpose is to present what he calls the Meaningful Universe.[18] And sure enough Primack's Meaningful Universe misses the three essential components: The causal mechanism of gravity is missing (instead it accepts Einstein's incomplete theory); the Primary process is missing (Primack fails to recognize the necessity of a causeless process); intrinsic cosmic cell structure is missing (cell structure is considered to be merely coincidental to primordial inhomogeneity).  Primack's Meaningful Universe is a repackaging of the Preposterous Universe. The Preposterous Big-Bang Universe, in effect, is made meaningful, according to Primack, through the active participation of us, Mankind, by our emotional, intellectual and cultural involvement. The result may be a cosmos with meaning, but it is still unnatural! Meanwhile, the new perspective is unique. The Natural Universe, as detailed in the 2014 book and the summary article, is unlike any other model or scenario of our Universe —quite so, because it incorporates the noted essentials into its four Conceptual Pillars.

In the long history of cosmology, during ages of listening to the Universe, there has never been anything comparable to the Natural Universe ---the Dynamic Steady State Universe.



"... regardless of what authority might affirm or fashion dictate, there it is, out there, objectively distinct, indifferent to human intervention, the universe, the world itself, the commanding thing that we are meant to know."
–David Berlinski, philosopher and mathematician[19]


2008 rev2015-8               Copyright © by Conrad Ranzan

This is an open-access article distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution License ( which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.

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