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(2024 March 8): The Cosmic Geometry paper is currently being peer-reviewed.

Meanwhile:The disintegration of Western civilization is proceeding so rapidly that I cannot keep up with it even as a full time job. … It is happening right in front of our eyes.” –

(2024 February): New research paper, focusing on the large-scale geometry of the Cosmos, is currently being readied for publication. It details the arrangement of gravity cells and how the rhombic dodecahedron is embedded within a superoctahedron.

Meanwhile: Reflect on the mega-crime of the last century —Dresden Hellstorm (February 13-15, 1945). It is appalling to think its perpetrators were actually hailed as war heroes!
The Blood of Dresden by Kurt Vonnegut
Dresden 1945: The Devil’s Tinderbox by Charles Lutton

(2023 October): The Gerhard Herzberg Award, 2023: Canada's most prestigious prize for science and engineering went to Yoshua Bengio, a scientist who helped make the AI revolution possible. As the scientific director of the Montreal Institute for Learning Algorithms and professor at the University of Montreal, he is both excited and cautious about the future of the technology he helped create. Congratulations.

(2023 October 12): George Orwell Free Speech Award, 2023: Congratulations to Jurgen Neumann who was presented with the award “For outstanding courage in challenging censorship and defending freedom in pursuit of the truth and for outstanding talent as a freedom communicator & videographer …”

(2023 September): Newly posted: Question regarding The Fermi Paradox. Where are other advanced civilizations?

Meanwhile, history continues to repeat itself and teach essential lessons:
“As is becoming increasingly more obvious, even to historical novices, mainstream academia, mass media and what passes for journalism these days is agenda driven, not truth driven. Certain narratives and ideas that advance particular agendas are elevated and promoted, while dissenting or alternative perspectives and viewpoints are hysterically dismissed or censored.” –The Barnes Review Vol.29, No.5 (Sept/Oct 2023, p69)

(2023 August): Important UPDATE to the so-call discovery/detection of gravity waves (the ones predicted by Einstein’s geometric gravity theory). Turns out no gravity waves were detected! Just as I had suspected and reported years ago. … What the LIGO and VIRGO teams actually found was a match-up between measured signal noise and preprogrammed idealized wave patterns (i.e., computer stored preexisting general-relativity gravity waves). It was simply the result of a computerized search to obtain a very approximate and partial fit between measured signal and simulated “chirps.” …What was presented to the ever-credulous public was not the actual recorded waves, but rather the pre-stored-in-computer-memory idealized wave patterns! Such are the findings of a collaboration of four researchers. [Abstract & link to full article in the International Astronomy and Astrophysics Research Journal]

Meanwhile, the collapse continues:
“The United States is falling apart in real time.” –The Barnes Review (July/Aug 2023, p30)

Suppressed is the essence of the spirit needed to resist the accompanying enslavement: “That traditional suspicion and disdain of an overreaching centralized government; that ambitious, fearless, risk-taking outlook; that love of individual liberty and personal freedom; that hardworking, productive, can-do attitude —these and similar characteristics are the essence of the true American spirit.” –The Barnes Review (July/Aug 2023, p22)

(2023 July 28): Author’s Curriculum Vitae has been updated to include the discovery of meta-thermodynamics processes.

(2023 July 21): The revolution in cosmology continues. The first documentation of Nature’s entropy-lowering mechanism —involving a structure encompassing two separate and independent processes— has been published. The latest DSSU article presents a discussion of how cosmic-scale entropy neutrality is maintained —how two processes prevent the Universe from ever running down. Press Release.
Meanwhile: The Great Enslavement continues. The ongoing implementation measures and events —including real and imagined crises— are too numerous for the average person to keep track of, let alone deal with. Sometimes too covert to recognize. Oftentimes seemingly benevolent, like the pending implementation of digital currency. And always propagandized.

(2023 July 1): The report on Nature’s Entropy-Lowering Processes has been accepted for publication. Five of five journal-appointed Reviewers deemed the research article to be "scientifically correct." ... Details to follow.

(2023 March 24 ... April 15): Latest research paper Nature’s Entropy-Lowering Processes is currently under review.

Meanwhile: Tyranny in Canada! The persecution of Pastor Artur Pawlowski. Listen to the incredible first-hand account: Just Right Program #802 (2023-3-16)

(2023 February): DSSU research article currently being prepared deals with entropy ... with a focus on Nature's remarkable entropy-lowering mechanism.

(2023 January 16): Who would believe it! An American official holiday for communism and its foremost promoter. Clearly the lessons of history have been ignored … all the while the repression, and enslavement, continues.

(2023 January):  DSSU Cosmology is now into its 22nd year on the Internet —the revolution continues.

(2022 December 28): Now PUBLISHED !

“Laws of Physics Twentieth-Century Scientists Overlooked”

Available on
and on

(2022 November 11): Remembrance Day in Canada (Veterans Day in USA, Remembrance Sunday in Britain). Take a moment to reflect on the Allied scheme for genocide: The Morgenthau Plan.

"After World War II ended, some in the Allied coalition wanted to crush the already-prostrate German nation for standing up to its banker-dominated New World Order agenda. Drafted by the Soviets and initially scrapped, it was resurrected after the war for the sole purpose of genociding as many Germans as possible." –The Barnes Review Vol.28, No.6 (2022 Nov) page 54

(2022 August 30): Press Release (2022 August).

(2022 August 20): The 20-year quest for the ultimate truth has paid off … We now know how the energy of the Universe is continuously replenished.
The details are revealed in the Open Access Article “Mainspring Mechanism of the Universe” published in the International Journal of Cosmology, Astronomy and Astrophysics. Presented is the four-process mechanism that drives and sustains the grand Cosmic system —now and forever. Hi-resolution REPRINT.

Meanwhile … the decline of Western Civilization continues. Let us not forget Ayn Rand’s warning:

When you see that in order to produce, you need to obtain permission from men who produce nothing – When you see that money is flowing to those who deal, not in goods, but in favors – When you see that men get richer by graft and by pull than by work, and your laws don’t protect you against them but protect them against you – When you see corruption being rewarded and honesty becoming a self-sacrifice – You may know that your society is doomed.” –A. Rand, Atlas Shrugged, 1957

(2022 August 12): In the Just Right Media program #771, Robert Metz reveals one of the great secrets of our Universe. The Universe was never created! It had no beginning! … The elegant and profound reasoning substantiating this claim is presented in the fourth-quarter segment of the August 11th podcast.

(2022 August 1): The third DSSU book is ready for publication. Particulars: Laws of Physics 20th-Century Scientists Overlooked

(2022 July 1): Current project: The third DSSU book is nearing completion.

(2022 February 13-15): Dresden Hellstorm days of remembrance. Ask yourself, what could possibly motivate a people to machinate and implement the total destruction of the most beautiful and cultural city on the planet? Search deeply into your inner self, and reflect on the mind-polluting power of indoctrination.
Remembering Dresden 77 years after the terror bombing.

(2022 January 1): The "Directory" webpage has been updated.

ANNOUNCEMENTS & comments from earlier years are available HERE.


The Nature of Gravitational Collapse

Subtitle: How the photon, the particle of light, is responsible for mass, gravity, superneutron stars, and supermassive black holes

—Reveals the truth about stellar and supermassive black holes.

This work contains 311+ pages, 67 illustrations, references, and index. …
Second printing details (2017 November)
First printing details (Lambert Academic Publishing, 2017 July)

Guide to the Construction of the Natural Universe

Participate in a unique exploration of the Cosmos: venture into the sub-atomic realm, even into the sub-quantum realm where the roots of reality reside, and into the domain of cosmic-scale cell-structure and beyond to infinity. Along the way, discover the cause of mass, the cause of gravitation, and rediscover Einstein’s “nonponderable” aether and Heraclitus’ harmony-of-opposites principle. … The book represents the ultimate vindication for all the skeptics who resisted the "preposterous" Big Bang mythology and who refused to join the exploding-cosmos religion.
The book contains 317 pages, 61 illustrations, references, and index …
Available from C-FAR Books.
Or use this mail-in Order Form.
(Also available at  Niagara Falls Public Library)


Mass-to-Energy Conversion, the Astrophysical Mechanism –Published in Journal of High Energy Physics, Gravitation and Cosmology, Vol.5, No.2 (2019). HTML version.

Nature’s Supreme Mechanism for Energy Extraction from Nonmaterial Aether –Published in Infinite Energy Magazine Vol.24, Issue#144 (2019 March/April)

The Nature of Gravity –How One Factor Unifies Gravity’s Convergent, Divergent, Vortex, and Wave Effects –Published in the International Journal of Astrophysics and Space ScienceVol.6, No.5, 2018.
Natural Mechanism for the Generation and Emission of Extreme Energy Particles –Published in Physics Essays Vol.31, No.3, p358 (2018). (Reprint)
Sachs-Wolfe Effect Disproof –Published in the International Journal of Astrophysics and Space Science, Vol.6, No.1, 2018. ( Abstract & Links.)

"The Nature of Gravitational Collapse"
–Published in American Journal of Astronomy & Astrophysics. ( Abstract and Links.)
(Note, there is a typo in AJA&A posted version in the Fig-10 caption. It should read: … acceleration is proportional to 1/r2.)

Glossary of Terms used in Cosmology and Astrophysics with particular emphasis on DSSU theory.
(Opens in separate Window or Tab)


Mysteries & Paradoxes that Plague Standard Cosmology  (Updated 2015-7)

Cosmology Crisis of 1998 (Revised 2015-5)

Critique of Conventional Cosmology ... comments relating to the 'preposterous' expanding-universe paradigm.
Bafflement —the remarkable admission of a physicist.
The Cosmology Debate That Never Happened   —During the 20th century there was a decades-long debate: The cataclysmic expanding universe VS the stable expanding universe. But there has never been a debate of the dynamic expanding universe VS the dynamic non-expanding universe. (Posted 2011 Oct)

Models of the Universe —Historical, Expanding, and Cellular universes. INCLUDES USEFUL TABLES FOR COMPARING THEORIES.

The Universe Is Infinite (Part 1) —overcoming a "central" problem of cosmology theories.

The Universe Is Infinite (Part 2) —an explanation of how the universe can always have existed and will always exist.

DSSU, The Non-Expanding Universe: Structure, Redshift, Distance —A long sought-after goal of astrophysicists has been a formulation of cosmic distance that is independent of the speed of light. The goal has now been achieved. The present Paper details the surprisingly simple distance expression and its validating agreement with Supernova data.

Why Copernicus Did Not Need a Force of Gravity —Explores the question of why no one, except Newton, invoked a force. (Re-Posted February, 2014)

Gravity and Lambda —A Story of Opposites (.htm) —A story of opposites in harmony. Key differences between the Conventional Cosmology and the New Cosmology are presented.

Dynamic Cosmic Cell —The Structural Component of the DSSU —Animated image and discussion of the self-sustaining, self-balancing system.

Why Einstein Did Not Receive the Nobel Prize for His Theory of Relativity —“By 1922 Einstein had been nominated about fifty times —most were for his relativity theories.”

Questions & Answers & Comments


(2016 June) FREE DOWNLOAD details:
DSSU Validated by Redshift Theory and Structural Evidence
, Physics Essays, Vol.28, No.4, p455-473 (2015 Dec) —Delivers the coup de grâce to the Big Bang. Abstract & Links.
Both Reviewers enthusiastically endorsed this "well-written and incisive article."

The Dynamic Steady State Universe.
This work brings together the main pieces of the cosmic puzzle in a step-by-step construction of the Natural Universe. Published in Physics Essays Vol.27 No.2 (2014 June issue) (PDF download)  "... the arguments are well-made. The article is competent, enjoyable and readable." —Reviewer for Physics Essays Journal

Olbers’ Paradox Resolved for the Infinite Non-Expanding Universe
, American Journal of Astronomy & Astrophysics Vol.4, No.1, (2016 January). Abstract & links. Reprint PDF.
● “The man accredited with discovering universe expansion did not believe that the universe was expanding. Hubble was convinced that the key evidence, the cosmic redshift, was caused by some other factor, something more fundamental than mere expansion.”
● “With the recent discovery of a new cosmic-redshift mechanism, and its theoretical validation, it turns out that Hubble was right.”
● Explains how “an infinite, non-expanding, perpetually regenerating universe" is able to predict a dark night sky.

Cosmic Redshift in the Nonexpanding Cellular Universe  ( Journal links ) —details the actual causal mechanism. Published in the American Journal of Astronomy & Astrophysics, Vol.2, No.5 (2014) Abstract.
Local copy with quality images: (Reprint pdf).
• Entirely new concept for cosmic redshift mechanism;
• Retains the foundation premise of all modern cosmology;
• But does not require whole-universe expansion;
• A redshift based on the DSSU theory of unified gravity & cosmic cellular structure;
• Remarkable agreement with independently established redshift distances.

The Cosmology Debate That Never Happened
What historians call "the greatest cosmological debate in history” was between TWO  expanding universes —two hypothetical models that share the same, I repeat, the same foundational property! If one is to claim some great clash of ideas (let alone the "greatest") then surely there must exist some deep dividing difference! (Posted 2011-10)

The Case for a Cellular Universe
—the Story of a Baffling Omission in Modern Cosmology    (Rev2014)

Large-Scale Structure of the Dynamic Steady State Universe published in the American Journal of Astronomy and Astrophysics, Vol.4, No.6, 2016, pp.65-77. Astract and Links.
■ Presents the first 2 of the 4 main postulates that define the DSSU.
■ Space-medium expansion and contraction are perpetually held in balance, thus ensuring a non-expanding universe.
■ Explains how the two dynamic processes of the DSSU’s space medium sustain the cellular structure responsible for the pattern of matter distribution in our Universe.

Galaxy Morphology:

Ellipticity, Its Origin & Progression in Comoving Galaxies,  American Journal of Astronomy & Astrophysics, AJAA, Vol.3, No.2, 2015.
Journal  Abstract and Links.
Local  high-resolution PDF.
HTML version available from AJAA here.
• Provides the first-ever natural explanation for the cause of the elliptical shape of nonrotating galaxies
• Retains the foundation premise of all modern cosmology but rejects the absurd concept of whole-universe expansion
• Takes full advantage of the universe’s cosmic cellular structure and exploits the DSSU theory of unified gravity domains
• Amazingly, the mechanism that stretches galaxies turns out to be the very same mechanism that causes the cosmic spectral redshift!

Cosmic-Redshift Distance Law Without c Without H Comments & Links Simplifying the redshift-distance formula by removing the speed-of-light constant and the Hubble parameter —while maintaining agreement with observational evidence.


Cosmic Core website: Lavishly illustrated. Includes many articles discussing DSSU theory and cosmology.

New Illuminati
–The DSSU is The New Cosmology

New Illuminati –Hidden Substrate of Reality

Big Bang Never Happened –Home & Summary

Just Right program #623
Canadian broadcaster Robert Metz focuses on cosmology. This is a superb show in which he exposes the absurdity of the Big Bang hypothesis, delves into some key aspects of the DSSU, and praises the veracity of the modern steady-state perspective.
Originally aired 2019-9-19.


DSSU Theory:

DSSU Validated by Redshift Theory and Structural Evidence, Physics Essays, Vol.28, No.4, p455-473 (2015 Dec) —Delivers the coup de grâce to the Big Bang. Abstract & Links.
Both Reviewers enthusiastically endorsed this "well-written and incisive article."

A historical tour of universes culminating with the Natural Universe —This essay gives a thematic tour of historical and modern universes. ... While the Universe is endlessly speaking, forever sending signals; philosophers and scientists listen and interpret.

Currently undergoing revision and updating: Theoretical Foundation and Pillars of the Dynamic Steady State Universe —The first complete presentation of all four postulates of DSSU theory. A powerful paper that resolves the cause-of-causes paradox, explains the non-independent nature of time, and reveals the 'supreme advantage'. It includes a concise comparison with standard cosmology focusing on real-world viability.

The Fundamental Process of Energy —A Qualitative Unification of Energy, Mass, and Gravity. (Abstract & Reviews & Links) … This article reveals the secret behind photon confinement. (Contains only a bare minimum of mathematics and mainly in one of the 14 sections.)
PART 1 published in Infinite Energy Magazine Issue #113 (Jan/Feb 2014)
PART 2 published in Infinite Energy Magazine    Issue #114 (Mar/Apr 2014)

Headlined as:
A "Conceptual Unification of Energy, Mass and Gravity"

Dynamic Cosmic Cell —The Structural Component of the DSSU —Animated image and discussion of the self-sustaining, self-balancing system.

Unified Gravitation Cells of the DSSU —Constructing the Universe with Cosmic Gravity Cells

Aether Flow Equations and Expansion-Contraction Rates (pdf) —This paper explores the mathematical aspects of the two space-medium postulates of DSSU theory —and uncovers some profound consequences.


Documentary movie footage in which Einstein states, "There exists an aether"
High resolution .mpg video.
Low resolution .wmv video.

The Aether Experiments and the Impact on Cosmology —Aether was detected first in 1887 and then several more times during the 20th century. Its 21st–century "rediscovery" (in 2001) led to the long-sought causal mechanism of gravity —a discovery which has revolutionizing cosmology.

Michelson-Morley and the Story of the Aether Theory —Richard Milton's analysis of the historical details involving the misrepresentation, bias, and cover-up that hampered the Aether theory.

The History of the Aether Theory —The historic development of the aether as a scientific theory of the universal space medium. What started as the "fifth element" of Antiquity becomes molded by theoretical constraints and experimental evidence into the dual-dynamic sub-quantum medium —the Essence of the Universe. (Updated 2019-12)

Relativity of Time in the Aether-Space of the DSSU —How intrinsic time and relative time are related.

DSSU Relativity –The Lorentz Transformations Applied to Aether-Space —Ranzan
Reprinted by permission of Physics Essays Publication, Physics  Essays Vol.23, No.3, p520. (2010). ABSTRACT

Physical Nature of Length Contraction —the DSSU Theory of Length Contraction Induced by Absolute Motion.
An easy to follow examination of how the mode by which matter is “conducted” through luminiferous aether causes the matter to contract. A simple derivation of the mathematical expression for this physical phenomenon is presented. There is also a brief discussion of relevant historical aspects and of nonphysical length contraction.
Reviewer's comments: “This is amazing …”  “The paper is interesting …” –Applied Physics Research reviewer. Published in Applied Physics Research journal Vol.5, No.1 (2013 Feb).

Contradiction Divides Two Aether Theories —An exploration into the three parts of the speed-of-light postulate.
Reprinted by permission of PEP, from  Physics Essays Journal (Vol 24, No.3, Sept, 2011) ... ABSTRACT

Basic-level mathematical and graphical exploration of dynamic aether flow: PDF

Here is an external webpage with an extensive list of research papers on the aether-drift experiments, and the larger question of energy in space.


Sachs-Wolfe Effect Disproof (published in in the International Journal of Astrophysics and Space Science Vol.6, No.1, 2018.)
Abstract & links.

DSSU Cosmic Redshift-Distance Relation (htm) —Converting the cosmic redshift into distance for our Cellular Universe using a simple and elegant equation.

Large Scale Structure of the Dynamic Steady State Universe (pdf)   How a dual-dynamic space medium sustains the cellular structure (published in AJAA in 2016).
  —Presents the postulates and implications of regional space-medium expansion and contraction.

Cosmic-Scale Structural Features Explained (pdf) (Chapter 2 of original DSSU Manuscript)
—The Spacing of Clusters
—Sheets of Galaxies
—Right-angled Walls of Galaxies.

The Cosmic Background Radiation in the DSSU —The natural explanation of the microwave background radiation applicable to the natural Cellular Universe.

Ellipticity, Its Origin & Progression in Comoving GalaxiesAmerican Journal of Astronomy & Astrophysics, AJAA, Vol.3, No.2, 2015.
Journal  Abstract and Links
Local  high-resolution PDF.
HTML version available from AJAA here.
• Provides the first-ever natural explanation for the cause of the elliptical shape of nonrotating galaxies
• Retains the foundation premise of all modern cosmology but rejects the absurd concept of whole-universe expansion
• Takes full advantage of the universe’s cosmic cellular structure and exploits the DSSU theory of unified gravity domains
• Amazingly, the mechanism that stretches galaxies turns out to be the very same mechanism that causes the cosmic spectral redshift!


The Nature of Gravity –How One Factor Unifies Gravity’s Convergent, Divergent, Vortex, and Wave Effects –Published in International Journal of Astrophysics and Space Science (IJASS), Vol.6, No.5, 2018, pp.73-92. (Abstract and Links.) "Revolutionary"

The Nature of Gravitational Collapse
–Published in American Journal of Astronomy & Astrophysics Vol.4, No.2, 2016, pp.15-33. (Abstract and Links.)
(Note, there is a typo in AJA&A posted version in the Fig-10 caption. It should read: … acceleration is proportional to 1/r2.)

Gravity and Dark Energy (How they Shape the Universe) –An Introduction. Provides a preamble and overview for a couple of earlier DSSU articles.

The Processes of Gravitation –The Cause and Mechanism of Gravitation by C. Ranzan –A revolutionary paper on gravity published in J. Mod. Phys. Appl. Vol.2014:3 (2014).
(Abstract & Reviews & Links. Includes link to hi-resolution PDF)

Why Copernicus Did Not Need a Force of Gravity —Explores the question of why no one, except Newton, invoked a force. (Rev 2011-9)

First ever, journal-published paper featuring the DSSU:
The Story of Gravity and Lambda –How the Theory of Heraclitus Solved the Dark Matter Mystery –Ranzan
Reprinted by permission of PEP, from Physics Essays, Vol 23, No1, p75-87 (2010 Mar). ABSTRACT
This is the cure for the fallacious belief in cosmic-scale Dark Matter.

The Story of Gravity and Lambda –How the Theory of Heraclitus Solved the Dark Matter Mystery (Color version) –Ranzan Considered "an excellent contribution to the [PE journal]" --professional reviewer (2010).

Unified Gravitation Cells of the DSSU —Constructing the Universe with Cosmic Gravity Cells


Why Einstein Did Not Receive the Nobel Prize for His Theory of Relativity (●Abstract ●Links ●Excerpts ●Extras) —“By 1922 Einstein had been nominated about fifty times —most were for his relativity theories.”

Einstein’s Simple Mathematical Trick –and the Illusion of a Constant Speed of Light  (Abridged version with links to Journal-published version. Posted 2013)

Extended Relativity –Exploiting the Loopholes in Einstein's Relativity. A Logical extension of special relativity. Reprinted by permission of PEP, from Physics Essays Vol.25, No.3 (2012).
Abstract & Links & Reviews

The Three Components of the Speed-of-Light Postulate.  Published in Physics Essays journal Vol.26,No.1 (2013)
Local copy: The Three Components of the Speed-of-Light Postulate (pdf) Absolute vs relative. Variance vs invariance. Another instance of the Heraclitian "Harmony of Opposites." (Reprinted by permission of PEP, from Physics Essays, Vol.26, No.1, 2013).

Relativity of Time in the Aether Medium of the DSSU —Absolute Motion and Intrinsic Time

Resolving a Paradox in Special Relativity –Absolute Motion and the Unified Doppler Equation.
(Posted 2011, July). Reprinted by permission of PEP, from Physics  Essays Vol.23, No.4, p594 (2010). ABSTRACT

How DSSU Relativity Resolves the Speed Paradox (Introductory Discussion)   —Absolute Motion Resolves a (speed) Paradox in Einstein’s Special Relativity. (Supplementary Discussion)

DSSU Relativity –The Lorentz Transformations Applied to Aether-Space (Posted 2011). Reprinted by permission of Physics Essays Publication, Physics  Essays Vol.23, No.3, p520. (2010). ABSTRACT

The Key that Extends Einstein’s Relativity (Part 1) —Response to a reviewer critical of DSSU aether-based relativity
The Key that Extends Einstein’s Relativity (Part 2) —How to convert abstract-space equations into aether-based equations

Restoring the Physical Meaning of Energy
Published in Applied Physics Research journal Vol.5, No.2 (2013).
LOCAL COPY: Restoring the Physical Meaning of Energy —distinguishing between the apparent energy and the real energy of moving mass.

An Open Letter to the Scientific Community
(Published in New Scientist, May 22, 2004)

"The big bang today relies on a growing number of hypothetical entities, things that we have never observed-- inflation, dark matter and dark energy are the most prominent examples. Without them, there would be a fatal contradiction between the observations made by astronomers and the predictions of the big bang theory. In no other field of physics would this continual recourse to new hypothetical objects be accepted as a way of bridging the gap between theory and observation. It would, at the least, raise serious questions about the validity of the underlying theory. ..."  continues ...

A devastating Declaration of opposition to Big Bang cosmology signed by more than 400 Researchers.

Full text: or alternate site.

This website is mainly concerned with revisionism in cosmology. Those of us involved in replacing the unnatural expanding-universe paradigm are aware of the difficulties involved.
   However, other revisionists have unimaginable difficulties. Consider the ongoing persecution of revisionists in other fields of intellectual pursuit: 
"It makes you wonder —about the immense effort being made by State and State-sponsored organizations with budgets of tens of millions of dollars and thousands of employees and associates to smother and punish these few men and women. Every punishing instrument imaginable is used, every vicious slander conceivable, every flagrant and pervasive form of censorship that law allows, including the imprisonment of simple writers for thought crimes against the State. ... Makes you wonder." —Bradley R. Smith (2011)

"Discussing truth is so controversial, so dangerous … In most of the world it is simply illegal.” Gordon Duff, Senior Editor, Veterans Today (2011)

"The further a society drifts from truth the more it will hate those who speak it." –George Orwell

● Pro-Freedom RADIO: Rense Radio
● Pro-Freedom NEWS: Vanguard News
● InfoWars NEWS: InfoWars  |  AlexJones
● Freedom Force Red Pill University for truth-seekers.

DEDICATION: This website is solemnly dedicated to those individuals who have conducted research in their chosen field and have informed others of their inquiries and suffered the consequences when subpoenaed by the Inquisition or some variant thereof. The dedication extends to those individuals currently imprisoned, and those facing trial and persecution simply for exercising their basic human right of freedom of expression supposedly granted to them under the UN Charter of Human Rights.
"Every year, hundreds of writers and other literary professionals around the world are imprisoned, prosecuted, persecuted, attacked, threatened, forced into exile or even murdered as a result of their work."

ALSO: Be aware of the continuing threat to our precious freedom of expression on the Internet. The threat is serious and relentless. It is described as “… the formal effort to mimic Communist China’s system of Internet censorship.” –
More information on threats to internet freedom:

Reporter-journalist Arthur Topham, Canadian victim of the Inquisition, arrested (2012) for posting his research.
“Arthur Topham faces prison time for daring to speak his mind on his own website, as he faces criminal charges under Canada’s hate crimes legislation contained in Section 318 - 320 of the criminal code.” –Rights and Freedoms Bulletin Issue No. 204 Feb 7, 2015.
VERDICT: Arthur Topham found “guilty” AND “not guilty” of hate speech by a brain-dead jury!
 –Dr. James Sears, reporting in “The world’s Largest Anti-Marxist Publication” (Issue 2015 December, NOTE: This website has been taken down by court order pending appeal. --2020)
2016 Update: Panel Discussion on The Trial of Arthur Topham

Free-speech crusader
Bill Whatcott defies British Colombia Human Rights Tribunal efforts to impose gender language tyranny.

“I have no intention on wasting money on a lawyer for the Morgane Oger vs Bill Whatcott case, as human rights tribunals are kangaroo courts and the odds of … getting justice in these biased tribunals is next to zero.” –2017 June ( …)

End of free speech in Britain:

A publisher of history books in Britain has reported that “due to new laws in the UK all their books will have to be censored moving forward” to avoid criminal penalties for “inciting racial hatred.” –The Barnes Review (2020 March/April) p77

A hostile jury, by a hasty unanimous verdict, decided that Nationalist Leader Jez Turner deserves to be sent to jail for his critical views! Report (2018-5-15).

British Maverick Psychologist jailed for publishing his research. … “The ambivalence of librarians getting writers imprisoned quite defies comprehension.” –Simon Sheppard (2013)

The repression of free speech in Canada has degenerated to the point where …

■ Freedom advocates, such as Marc Lemire, are censured for merely expressing their reasoned opinions. Freedomsite, whose motto is “Fighting for freedom against the censorship enforcers”, documents the official persecution.
■ A tenured professor has lost his position for revealing his research and views on history. This is unprecedented. Professor Anthony J. Hall at the University of Lethbridge, Alberta, has been suspended (2016 October 5) without pay.
“… Any thinking person should recognize that there is something deeply wrong when a history professor is persecuted for saying we should be able to examine our history.” –Monika Schaefer 2017
■ A publisher/editor, for expressing his reality-based views, has been denied postal services. Dr. James Sears, publisher and editor of Your Ward News was stripped of Canada Post Mail Service by government order (2016 June).
■ A violin teacher and truth revealer, Monika Schaefer, for posting a video (an apology to her dead mother), has been attacked by various so-called community leaders.

The treatment of violinist Monika Schaefer signals the end of our free and democratic society.” –The American Herald Tribune, 2016 Sept

American Speaker Arrested in Canada for the textual material on his iPad
—2017 June 24
While the invasion continues, the “guardians” of the nation are busy suppressing the freedom of expression: going after deemed violations in what people think and write and say.

Canada Claims Authority to Censor Your Internet Searches –Reason magazine

The Persecution of Dr James Sears

■ The "justice" system is being used to suppress opinions: In a legal battle (2018) for freedom of speech in Canada ... the prosecution and silencing of Dr James Sears expected to cost taxpayers $20 million!

“I estimate the Board of Review, police investigating and Crown prosecuting us on criminal matters, will cost the taxpayers over $20 million, assuming no appeals past 2018 (murderers & rapists will walk free as huge blocks of court time bump their cases, causing them to be thrown out).”
–Dr James Sears, Your Ward News, Fall, 2018, p17

Updates are posted at .
Update for 2019 April 8:  Why the ruling against Your Ward News hurts free speech in Canada
Updates for 2019 Aug: LINK to Several postings.
Update for 2020: Sentenced to one year in jail for revealing the truth.
Update for 2021 July: Political Prisoner James Sears.

(2021 November 18): The Canadian Association for Free Expression Honours Dr James Sears with the 2021 George Orwell Free Speech Award
● Editor of (anti-Marxist) Your Ward News
● Brilliant satirist, researcher, writer, free speech warrior & dedicated anti-masker
● Recently (Oct 1) released political prisoner

(2022 February): Dr James Sears, Editor of Your Ward News and winner of the 2021 George Orwell Free Speech award, was arrested at GUNPOINT (Feb 3) by three police while leaving his regular appointment with his parole officer. Sears is now back in prison. Protests continue.

The Continuing Struggle for Freedom

A ray of hope in the ongoing struggle for freedom. Populist and nationalist movements around the world are gaining ascendancy over the New World Order’s effort to establish global governance and impose tyrannical control over every last square meter of the Earth’s surface. –The Barnes Review Vol.23 No.1 (2017 Jan p70)

"This Is Very Serious" –S. Molyneux, 2018-7
(7-minute video on the importance of freedom of speech)

The ongoing fight for freedom and truth. –Just Right Media (2020, Sept 18, program)

In repressive Germany:

Ursula Haverbeck, 89, Sentenced to 14 Months in Jail for Heresy! –2017 November
This amazing 89-year-old woman continues advocating under the dictum: "Only the truth will set you free”.
Mrs. Haverbeck, along with her late husband, founded the education facility Collegium Humanum in 1963, but which was banned by the Marxist thought police in 2008.

Update (2018-5-16): Ursula Haverbeck will celebrate her 90th birthday in a German prison cell. The sprightly grandmother is now serving a two-year prison term without parole merely for stating a sincerely held opinion that is supported by acclaimed academics worldwide!!
“Frau Haverbeck is now sentenced to two years in prison, merely for her peaceful historical research” –The Barnes Review Vol.24, No.5 (Sept/Oct 2018) p71

UPDATE (2019-11): On November 9th (2019), the very day of Ursula Haverbeck’s 91st. birthday, hundreds of German nationalists, patriots and friends, well-wishers and admirers rallied in her support. Report on the Rally to Celebrate Political Prisoner Ursula Haverbeck.

Update (2020-12): This 92-year-old peaceful woman has just been released from jail, having spent 2&1/2 years behind bars, and less than 2 weeks later was in court in Berlin for more charges ...  was again sentenced to prison!!!

INFO on Monika Schaefer's case:
For expressing her opinion on historical events, Canadian citizen Monika Schaefer has been arrested and imprisoned (2018-1-3) in Germany. She had committed no crime. Author Mike Walsh warns potential visitors to Germany to stay away from this dangerous police state. –Merkel Madness Grips Germany, (2018-1-7)
... Found guilty and sentenced to 10 months of imprisonment (time served); her brother Alfred was sentenced to 38 months!! –(2018 November)
UPDATE (2019 August 10): Corruption of justice in Germany continues. Alfred Schaefer Receives 18 Months Additional Prison Time for Defending Himself!  Punished for simply presenting evidence for his own defense in court!

The 2022 George Orwell Free Speech Award was presented to Alfred and Monika Schaefer, July 30, 2022 in Vancouver.
A Response & Appreciation of the Awards to Monika & Alfred Schaefer, by Timothy Cuish of the Daily Rake.

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Assorted Brief Comments

Questions and Comments:

  1. Where, conceptually, did DSSU theory originate?
    1a. What is the difference: the historical Steady State vs the Cellular Steady State?
  2. Why does space expand?
  3. If cosmic space is expanding, what is it expanding into?
  4. Why no Academic discussion?
  5. What is the difference between the vacuum and the void?
  6. What is the difference between the Hubble constant, H, used in the DSSU theory and the one used in Big Bang theory?
  7. What does a redshift with a value approaching infinity mean in the DSSU?
  8. Why do astronomers speak of "Doppler equations" and "recession motion" in connection to cosmic distance?
  9. Since there is a process of matter creation in the DSSU, doesn't this represent a violation of the sacred conservation of energy rule? ---and, hence, invalidate the theory?
  10. Why is dark matter unnecessary for holding a cluster of galaxies together?
  11. A reviewer of one of the DSSU research papers questions my use of the term “DSSU”
  12. Why the opposition to the publication of aether research?
  13. Aether Theory and Journal Publishing
  14. DSSU and Conservation Laws. (Comments and questions from a 14-year old student.)
  15. Understanding Gravity
  16. The Unnecessary Assumption (within standard cosmology)
  17. Physical Aether versus Mechanical Aether
  18. The process of energy and the connection to cosmology
  19. Have Einstein’s gravity waves been detected?
  20. Cosmology and the Test of Validity
  21. On the Existence of Aether (Comment from a book author.)
  22. "So easy to understand" (comment from an Australian engineer)
  23. Gravity, aether, discussion groups, and the purpose of the DSSU website
  24. Gravity: photonic cause and “fluidic” conveyance
  25. How is the universe cellular? Does space warp? Does gravity push or pull?
  26. Galaxy age misinterpretation. Does cosmic distance have any relationship to a galaxy’s age?
  27. The Train Wreck of Modern Physics and Big Bang Mythology
  28. Response to a Fake Review of gravity-unification paper (2018)
  29. Where does the information in the universe come from?
  30. Can energy be extracted from aether?
  31. What astrophysicist Richard Gott missed!
  32. Is there a place in DSSU for the concept of "Deus"?
  33. German philosopher questions theological aspects and endorses DSSU theory!
  34. Fantasyland Physics versus Objective Physics
  35. Higgs field versus DSSU aether —How do they compare?
  36. Negative Mass versus Positive Mass
  37. The Fermi Paradox. Where are other advanced civilizations?
  38. Question on the universe’s most misunderstood component

Assorted Brief Comments (most recent at top):

■  … I finished reading the book Laws of Physics Twentieth-Century Scientists Overlooked. Nice work -- & an enjoyable read – thank you.
    –Mac Rynkiewicz, Australia (2023-2-4).

■  … I stumbled upon your theory of the Cellular Universe a few weeks ago, and I have been blown away by the detailed analysis and dismantling of the Big Bang paradigm. Having been taught the conventional cosmology in school but always finding it lacking, I believe the DSSU model is far more convincing and realistic. I am certain Science will eventually recognize it for the crowning achievement it is.
   –N. Gupta, a recent physics graduate from UCLA in Los Angeles. (2023-1-23)

■  … I can’t tell you enough how amazed I am by your work – the breadth, the depth and the clarity!  The "Mainspring" paper is truly a masterpiece!  Reading your two books, plus this article has clarified so much in my mind …
    Infinite thanks and appreciation,
    Renee Hoadley (email, 2022-11-1)
[Her educational website: ]

■  This is really remarkable stuff. … [It] is one of the most profound descriptions of the eternality of the Universe. It’s just really well expressed.
–Robert Metz (in his August 2022 JustRight podcast) referring to a passage on the nature of existence and the Universe as revealed in the book Guide to the Construction of the Natural Universe.

■ … I somehow stumbled onto your work several years ago, and quickly began to see that, of all the various Aether models, yours was the most complete and easy to understand. Also, there was something about that rhombic dodecahedron that really hooked me! …
   –R. Hoadley (email, 2022-6-15)

■ Dear Dr. Conrad Ranzan, … I have read your research online and found its conclusions remarkable. This significant work has the potential to inspire fellow researchers and scientists working in the same domain. …
    I was impressed by your research aptitude and a profound understanding of your field of study. I found that your research matches the scope of our journal and would like to invite you to associate with us. Our editorial board, management and I have agreed to recognize you as an invited author of London Journals Press (United Kingdom). …
    Your work shows your investigative aptitude, a rational approach and a profound understanding of your field of study. …
Dr. Matilda Brady, Managing Editor, “London Journal of Research in Science: Natural and Formal” (2022-3-29)

■  Hello Conrad:  I read your Article —Centrifugal Effect Negation. Another brilliant novel work.
–Mac Rynkiewicz,  Ballarat, Australia,  (2021-11-10)

■  Hello Conrad: I came across your amazing work with the rhombic dodecahedron on the web. Your understanding of the astrophysics of the material far exceeds mine. I'm into exploring the mysteries of creation through the subject entitled "sacred" geometry. ...  I appreciate your incredible work and how you've used geometry to describe the structure of the universe. Amazingly, my study of sacred geometry led me to that same universal level. I'm thankful you are providing the science to describe it and verify it.
Thank You,
–George Leoniak, Video LINK:  (2021-10-05)

■  … Your published paper: Mass-to-Energy Conversion, the Astrophysical Mechanism. It proves to be the most popular paper in the journal. –Zoey Yang, managing editor of the Journal of High Energy Physics, Gravitation and Cosmology (2020-1-7)

■  … your excellent book, Guide to the Construction of the Natural Universe. ... I've already been skimming through various parts of the book, including your most inspiring and insightful closing comments in the 'Afterword' on page 288 regarding the nature of the universe and 'consciousness.'

[T]hank you for your excellent insights and work regarding the nature of the universe, ideas which have impacted many of my own on a philosophical level.

–Bob Metz, Just Right Media  (2019-11-1)

■  SNIP from email sent to subscribers of Just Right Media:

The GRAVITY of our situation – from the state of science to the state of our universe

Sadly, the ‘gravity of our situation’ may be better applied to the current discipline of science itself.

For example, take a closer look at what has been called the “big bang theory” – a theory popularly shared by most scientists and the public alike to explain the ‘origins of the universe.’ Having done so ourselves [we at Just Right Media], it’s difficult to avoid the conclusion that this is yet another theory that demonstrates how so much of what we think we know “just ain’t so.”

On the other hand, the once accepted view of a “steady state universe” (which makes no attempt to explain the ‘origins’ of the universe) demonstrates how so much of what has been rejected by modern theorists actually “is so.”  ... –Robert Metz (Ontario, 2019-9-19)

■  “Conrad, … your website grows evermore richer each time I pay a visit. Meanwhile, Cosmology, driven by the Big Bang genesis, refuses to give up their stupid delusion.” –R.F. (California, 2017-10)

■  “Just came across your website and read your essay regarding why Einstein's Nobel was not awarded for relativity. Excellent research and amazing historical details: I had known of Poincaré and Lorentz, but not Voigt and Larmor. Many thanks for your hard work and scholarship. Also of interest was your information on galactic redshift; …"
Thanks again
Anthony Fazio, (2017-10)

■ ... “I am super excited about all his work, a new hero for me honestly. And I hope very much to connect my own work to his someday. And I would absolutely love for Dr. Ranzan to read some of my work and to give me his opinion. Thank you and your team for your work [on] the Cellular Universe.”
Super Proudly,
Arturo Cuscó  (2017-8-9)
[We share your excitement. … Let it be known, there is much more to come. –CR]

Conrad, you not only have “The Rhythm of the Dance” but also “The Photonic Rhythm of the Universe!”

–Dr John Paroschy (2017 August) [John is a long-time friend among our ballroom dance circle. –CR]

■ Hi Conrad: I found your website and information about Gravitational Aether which I found very interested.
     I have been developing a theory that I call Liquid Gravity ( that seems to follow a lot of the ideas expressed on your website.
… Michael Hodges, Wanaka, New Zealand (2017-3-15)

■ Dear Dr. Conrad Ranzan: I am a mechanical engineer (1975 MSC). I do admit that you are right when you emphasize the fact that: “The bottom line is that the Aether, the space medium, is the key to understanding the Universe.” I have read the valuable article titled “The History of the Aether Theory” in your interesting website: …
    My own proof of the existence of aether is here:
… Best Regards, Hamid  (2017-3-19)

■ Dear Conrad: Thanks for the link to “The Nature of Gravitational Collapse”. I found that I did have a copy, but I don't remember reading it, until now. Awesome.
... Mac Rynkiewicz (Civil Engineer, retired – Ballarat, Victoria, Australia) (2016-12-21)

Subject: ... Aether-Based Universe: “I've just found your magnificent website on the cellular universe. I wish I'd found it several years ago. It would have saved me a lot of effort. In many aspects our models agree, which is quite comforting.” … “I very much appreciate all your efforts in many very important directions.”
–Best Wishes, Neil (PhD) (2016-3-30)

■ “In my view the author’s idea about matter formation and mass acquisition are based in arcane imaginations that have no theoretical or experimental fundamentation [sic]. The pretentious creation and annihilation of the non-energetic aether particles, the aether contraction, distortion of the space medium and its effects on the particles is nothing [more] than imagination of the author.” –anonymous reviewer for Physics Essays Journal (2013-12)
[Yes, but it works! It makes valid predictions! –CR]


Questions and Comments

1. Where, conceptually, did DSSU theory originate ?

A:  Historically the key concept --the idea that space expands-- can be traced back to the De Sitter  expanding universe of 1917 and the Einstein static-but-unstable universe also of 1917. It was Einstein's general theory of relativity, published just a year earlier, that ascribed space with its dynamic qualities --the ability to expand and contract. The progression of ideas weaves through much of the 20th century. The addition of two missing components is detailed in the DSSU Manuscript. All the conceptual pieces, primarily the four Postulates, were linked together in the month of August in the year 2001.

The name --Dynamic Steady State Universe-- was carefully chosen to reflect the fact that space is Dynamic (it expands in some regions AND contracts in others) while the greater Universe is highly stable. Furthermore, all its processes are perpetually in a Steady State mode.

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1a. What is the difference: the historical Steady State vs the Cellular Steady State?

Q:  What is the difference between the historical Steady State universe (proposed by Bondi & Gold) and the cellular Dynamic Steady State universe?

A: The Bondi & Gold (and the Fred Hoyle version) Steady State universe is an expanding universe. The historical Steady State had this in common with all the universe models of the 20th century after the 1920s —they were all EXPANDING UNIVERSES!

In contrast, the DSSU is NOT an expanding universe.

For a comparison of all major universe models see: ( ).

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2. Why does space expand?

A:  Without elaboration, space expands when it is under tension. Space expands, meaning that new space forms, when mass concentrations pull on it from opposite directions. The effect occurs on the unit-universe scale; that is, it acts across (or within) each and every unit-universe cell.

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3. Science journalist Timothy Ferris in his book The Whole Shebang [1997, Simon & Schuster. p67] asks if cosmic space is expanding, what is it expanding into?

A:  Space is expanding into an enveloping cosmic cell boundary. Space, or the vacuum, is expanding into regions that are rich in mass-and-energy ---more specifically, it is expanding into space-contracting fields that surround all mass and energy bodies.

And why is space expanding into those regions? ... Simple. mass/energy acts as a sink for space (called aether in DSSU theory). In fact, the flow of aether into mass particles and mass bodies sustains their very existence. It is truly one of the most remarkable aspects of DSSU theory.

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4. Why no Academic discussion?

Q:  Dear Dr. Ranzan: I have been looking for independent, published work acting —in a bona fide scientific way— to critically assess your theoretical ideas and publications. But, I have had very little success. Would you be so good as to direct me towards the sort of references I seek?
Yours sincerely –Tim M. (2014-02-14)

A:  I am not aware of any discussion of my work, on DSSU theory, in professional scientific circles.

From the numerous "expert" peer reviews of my research papers and the many rejection notices from Journal editors, it is obvious to me that DSSU theory is recognized as a threat to existing physics, astrophysics, and cosmology (particularly cosmology). They struggle to find flaws in the theory —and fail. Their many years of advanced indoctrination, everything they were ever taught, has convinced them that DSSU theory MUST be wrong. But, and they must surely find this deeply disturbing, they can't find the flaw they assume must be there —somewhere! However, they have to find something, some justification for rejection; most often they are critical of what is not there, what is not even in the particular research paper.

From their perspective, the best way to deal with the threat to the established paradigm is to ignore it. Hence, no discussion. Entirely understandable.

I expect serious discussion to grow from the non-professional community, from journalists, from science writers, from the educated lay person. These are the people I consider to be my target audience. My entire presentation —clear writing style, absence of jargon, unambiguous ideas, inclusion of the historical perspective, abundant and clear diagrams, simple comparison charts, minimal supplementary basic math— is to make DSSU theory and cosmology accessible to a wide audience. The publication of my papers in professional journals merely provides the necessary credibility.

 Warm Regards                         –C.R., Niagara Falls, Canada (2014-02-18) CR

Response from Tim M.: 

Dear Conrad: Many thanks for your kind and prompt reply. Indeed, thanks for just replying.

I am just a very interested lay person, who appreciates your clarity! I will certainly explore further.

I am only just beginning to see the extent of the on-going "Crisis of Physics" —a sad but I guess all too human situation which we all need to learn from, and adapt our future conduct accordingly.

As a psychologist, coming to grips with the historical debacle of Freudian theory opened my eyes to some of the problems of achieving good science —but I can see this old story pales into insignificance alongside the current position for theorizing in fundamental physics.

Best wishes               –Tim M. (2014-02-19)

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5. What is the difference between the vacuum and the void?

A:  As a term used to express the emptiness of a region the vacuum and the void are interchangeable.  More specifically, a vacuum (especially an ideal vacuum) refers to the absence of any gaseous atoms or molecules in a region of space. The meaning of void goes further. The void refers to the absence of everything conceivable; it represents complete nothingness. No air, no aether, no entities of any sort. No need to concern ourselves, though; this kind of void does not exist. Descartes had it right when he wrote that it is contrary to reason to say that there is a space in which there is absolutely nothing. As for the vacuum, he argued that it does not exclude all entities. [Ed. Margaret D. Wilson, The Essential Descartes, 1969 Mentor p342]

Consider also the nuance of meaning when it comes to specialized jargon: In the field of astronomy the void refers to the relatively empty region of the interior of the cosmic cells of the Universe. In astrophysics and philosophy the void refers to complete nothingness.

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6. What is the difference between the Hubble constant, H, used in the DSSU theory and the one used in BB theory?

A:   In the DSSU theory H serves as the space expansion constant and denotes the speed with which each of the three dimensions increase in length per million lightyears (or per megaparsec) of length. Here’s a visualization for the mind’s eye: A space cube having sides of a million lightyears will continually expand its dimensions by about 18.5km/sec.

In Big Bang cosmology H serves the same purpose. However, there is an important difference. Expressed as H0, pronounced “H-nought,” it also denotes the rate at which the ENTIRE Big Bang universe is expanding.

Both are named after Edwin Hubble the man who popularized the findings that higher redshifts relate to greater distance of galaxies.

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7.  A theoretical redshift index approaching infinite value is interpreted by Big Bang theory as the increasing approach to the big bang event —that supposed singularity of universal genesis.
What does an infinite redshift mean in the DSSU?

A:  Theoretically, a galaxy (say a node galaxy) whose redshift approaches infinity signifies a galaxy whose distance from us is near infinity.

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8. Why do astronomers speak of ‘Doppler equations’ and ‘recession motion’ in connection to cosmic distance?

A:  There is really no good reason other than vestigial --what once was a historical habit has become a quirk of specialized jargon. When astronomers use these Doppler equations or refer to recession velocities they are fully aware (at least the vast majority are) that it is the "space" expansion between galaxy clusters that actually causes the redshifting of light and not galactic Doppler motion through space.

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9. Since there is a process of matter creation in the DSSU, doesn't this represent a violation of the sacred conservation of energy rule? ---and, hence, invalidate the theory?

A:  In terrestrial physics the conservation of energy law is accepted as being valid. It means that matter is neither created nor destroyed; and of course, when we speak of matter, the term includes both normal energy  and frozen energy (commonly called mass).

In astrophysics, however, things are not as constricted. The creation ('formation' is the more accurate term) of matter-and-energy is permitted ---in fact it is essential. You simply can't have a universe without it. Practically all theorists use the concept of matter creation. The subject of serious debate is not IF matter is being created but rather HOW. The vast majority believe that it was created all at once long long ago in some spectacular big bang scenario. A minority of theorists, on the other hand, believe that matter formation takes place continuously in a sedate steady state universe.

Understanding the essential ingredient of matter formation/creation to any functional theory of the universe means that the various Big Bang models, the historic Steady State models, as well as the Cellular Universe, cannot be reasonably rejected on the grounds that they violate the conservation-of-energy law.

But the Cellular Model clearly has the advantage. Although the DSSU has a process of matter formation/creation, amazingly it does not, in principle, violate the energy conservation rule? No net energy is created or destroyed.

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10. Why is dark matter unnecessary for holding a cluster of galaxies together?

A:  Academic physicists claim there must be much more gravity holding the clusters together than could be produced by the visible stars and gas. They invoke the existence of mysterious invisible dark matter which they claim adds to the gravitational mass of the cluster. Although it has never been detected it is supposed to increase the gravity of the cluster. What they fail to realize is that gravity and Lambda are NOT forces in opposition. They have failed to grasp the fundamental fact that in addition to normal gravity pulling the galaxies (of the cluster) together, the cosmic gravity, commonly called Lambda, is also pushing the cluster together. Every cluster is surrounded by voids. The voids are where Lambda dominates. In the context of a cellularly structured universe gravity and Lambda are both active in maintaining galaxy cluster cohesion. Dark matter is simply not needed.

The bottom line: The equations used to model the dynamic behavior of galaxy clusters are wrong.

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11. One of the reviewers of the Paper Resolving a Paradox in Special Relativity –Absolute Motion and the Unified Doppler Equation made the following comment:

"... However, let me suggest that you find a different name for your Doppler equations than 'DSSU'. The Big Bang Theory is the currently accepted theory and even if one doubts the BB theory, they [readers] will probably not think the evidence is overwhelming for a Steady State Universe much less a variation they've never heard of. Hence, tying your Doppler equations to DSSU brings immediate skepticism."

My Respose: A good point; and this is why I have used “Unified Doppler” in the Manuscript title and not “DSSU Doppler.” ... However ...
I have two reasons for using the DSSU label.

(1) The nature of DSSU aether is embedded in the key postulates of DSSU Cosmology theory. So in a sense, DSSU aether theory and DSSU relativity theory are parts of a larger theory ---DSSU theory for short. Why have multiple theories when one will do?

(2) I wish to distance myself from the Big Bang model. As a hypothetical, it is a universe designed by mathematicians and for mathematicians. Conceptually, it is little more than creationism and mytho-cosmology propped up by government funding and media hype. The “creationism” aspect was made official at a 1951 cosmology conference, when the head of the world’s dominant church endorsed the Big Bang model. As a practical model of The Universe it has long outlived its usefulness. Having studied the vastly superior alternative model I find the BB model —based, as it is, on the grandest unscientific extrapolation ever— an embarrassment. (In a nutshell, the difference is this:  The BB is a universe of expanding space AND a universe for which this expansion is extrapolated into the expansion of the entire universe!! The DSSU is a universe of expanding space but suffers no wild extrapolation.)

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12. Why the opposition to the publication of aether research?

Q: … I am a French physicist in fluid mechanics. I recently wrote a paper where I calculated spacetime viscosity at both large and small scales. The French science academy found my work very interesting and they encourage me to publish in a high-level gravity journal. But it seems that they are embarrassed with this article! Searching the web for similar cases, I found your very interesting work and noticed the publishing difficulties you encountered. Perhaps you could tell me why there is such opposition to this kind of new [aether] approach?
–Franck D.             Paris, France, (2014-03-10)

A:  Regarding the opposition of the acceptance and publication of research involving the aether concept: Aether is a touchy topic among traditional physicists and journal editors. It has been this way for a very long time. The Physics Community, for one reason or another, has been unwilling to face the reality that they made a major mistake when they misinterpreted the results of the famous aether-wind experiment performed by Michelson & Morley way back in 1887.

In 1920 Einstein said the aether exists, but the Physics Community would not listen. To the present day, they still refuse to listen and, rather, pretend there is no such thing as "aether." They simply will not face the facts and admit they were wrong! Wrong for over 100 years!

Most physicists when discussing the space medium shy away from the term "aether" and simply substitute some other expression. For example, Brian Greene in his popular book, The Fabric of the Cosmos, calls the space medium an “ocean.” He obviously knows "aether" is verboten.

My deeply held belief is that a conceptual construction and understanding of the space medium must come first. It (the conceptual picture) is of primary importance. The mathematical structure and understanding comes second. It (the mathematical formulation) is of secondary importance. Philosophically, the dichotomy may be likened to the difference between Aristotle’s more objective/practical approach on the one hand and Plato’s Pythagorean abstract approach on the other.

Wishing you “all the best” in your research.               –CR (2014-03-20)

(Subsequent REPLY: “Thank you very much for your response. I fully agree with you!” –Franck, 2014-03-21)

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13. Aether Theory and Journal Publishing.

Q: Here is another item relating to aether opposition. On the "History of the Aether Theory" webpage, it states: "The vast majority of journal publishers participate in the denial. Any theory or model that dares to incorporate the aether concept will simply not be accepted for mainstream publication." Someone named Harold was asking for a clarification of such a policy. –(2016-02-12)

Response: The quoted statement was and is an oversimplification.

The reality is this:

Practically all researchers use aether and practically all journals allow the discussion of aether; it is simply that they are averse to actually calling it “aether.” They hate to see the term in black-and-white print. Presumably they realize that the physics profession made a mistake, and for too long were misled, not even having been taught that Einstein himself affirmed its existence (in his 1920 Leyden lecture), and, hence, find it embarrassing to use the term.

A good example, one of my favorite, is Brian Greene’s book The Fabric of the Cosmos —a popular publication on the nature of space. Within its 570 pages there is not a single mention of “aether.” It is an extensive and detailed presentation of the space medium —which the author calls a sea, an ocean, a quantum foam, and, of course, a Fabric— but he never mentions the aether, not even in a historical context.

Here is an interesting link that someone sent me; it discusses a modern version of aether:

Modern Versions of Aether: Fluid Dynamics vs Standard Model with gravity connection

My experience, during the last few years, is that only the old guard defenders of Big-Bang dogma reject the aether and its implications. They have little choice —for now. Nevertheless, I’m sure they suspect that they may be on the losing side of a revolution.

There are new journals, rapidly growing, moving ahead, publishing and incorporating significant recent discoveries —all relating to aether.

The bottom line is that the aether, the space medium, is the key to understanding the Universe.

–Conrad (2016-2-14)

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14. DSSU and Conservation Laws. Comments and questions from a 14-year old student.

C & Q: Dear Conrad Ranzan:  My name is Trevor Wendt and I’m interested in Cosmology (and may possibly pursue this as a career). As I am only 14 years old, I know it may seem a bit too young to be asking you questions about your model of the Universe. … When I first became interested in Cosmology I did believe in the Big Bang Model. But through research, careful examination, and education I came to realize how strange the Big Bang Model sounds and how inaccurate it is. Because of this, I started making my own theory (similar to yours) and when I researched other cosmology theories, I came across yours, and found it is one of the few that makes sense. After looking at the differences between my model and yours, I realized my flaw (which I didn't find surprising considering I'm so young) was that I did not have a true infinite model. I simply had a model infinite in age, but not in space. It was after looking at your Dynamic Steady State Universe model and your proof that I realized your model is probably one of the most (if not the most) accurate predictive cosmological models of our present history [state] and our future history [state]. …

My question is, do you think it might be possible that the cosmic cells were created by small "big bangs" each cell like a miniature version of the Big Bang? Is it possible that such “explosions” would recycle matter from other cells into our cosmic cell? If that is what you mean with the [radially] expanding arrows in some of your diagrams, it may explain why there is evidence for a "big bang" to have existed. This would mean that old matter would recycle into new matter (and this would agree with the Law of Conservation of Mass); but taking no matter [nothing] and creating [new] matter out of it would be against the Law of Conservation of Mass (if I'm not mistaken).
I know you must be very busy, but if you could please respond to me as soon as you can it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for all of your great work to begin the 5th Revolution of Cosmology,
–Trevor Wendt    ( 2015-07-16)


Thank you for your interest in the website and my research into the Dynamic SS Universe.

You are absolutely on the right track. Your approach is sound, thoughtful, critically investigative, and, quite frankly, scientific; and your attitude is remarkably mature. In other words you are a seeker of truth. Congratulations.

You are willing to be critical of your own theory. That is good. I have been attacking my own theory for almost 14 years now. Amazingly, with every attack it has become stronger.

Anyway, always keep these important points in mind:

  • The Big Bang is essentially a mathematical model (therefore, it can call itself a scientific model).
  • The Big Bang is a modern quasi-religious Myth with no connection to reality. (Because it attempts to explain observations, it may be called a pseudo-science, like astrology is sometimes called a pseudo-science.)
  • The Universe is infinite in size (3-dimensional space).
  • But there is a secret behind the meaning of infinite time: the Universe is temporally infinite in the sense that it has always existed and will always exist. HOWEVER, and this is extremely important, everything IN the universe, every entity OF the universe, has a limited term of existence. But because there are ongoing formation/emergence processes, the overall appearance of the Universe never changes. This is utterly profound! If you understand this at a deep level, you will essentially hold the secret of the Universe.
  • The cosmic cells of the DSSU were never “created.” They have ALWAYS existed. They are forever being sustained by ongoing perpetual processes. <---This answers your question about the cells possibly being created in the manner of “big bang” explosions.
  • To answer your other question: Yes, the Law of Conservation of Matter (mass & energy) does apply to the Universe; but not in the way you would normally expect. … Here is a simple way to conceptualize the way Conservation Law is handled in the two cosmologies: In the Big Bang everything, mass and energy, is RECYCLED (stuff is transformed). In the DSSU everything, mass and energy and aether, is RENEWED (stuff dies and new stuff emerges); a balance is always maintained.

There are many aspects of the DSSU that have not yet been published, so keep checking the website for new or revised postings. I usually do an update once a month.

I have to tell you this: By what you have stated in your email, you have proved a claim that I have long made. I often tell people that any average high-school student could, with a little bit of effort, understand DSSU cosmology and the underlying theory. And you, it seems have shown that my claim was/is valid.

Good luck in your cosmology quest. If you take to heart the above key points, you will have a far deeper understanding of the real Universe than any professional Big Bang believer.

Warm Regards.                  –Conrad Ranzan   (2015-7-19)

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15. Understanding Gravity.

C & Q: Hello Conrad, I just started reading your site and I am pleased to see your view of gravity in a cellular universe (

Since the mid 1990's I've viewed all of nature as one organism. Has anyone related 'gravity' to magnetism? Was Newton aware of magnetism?

I agree that gravity is not a real force and I am perplexed how science TV programs use the word gravity over and over, as if to cover up what they do not understand.

Thanks for your inspiring work!   ...

A while ago I started a small forum about the PATTERN that permeates ALL things. One of the members posted your Cellular Universe link and I enjoyed your point of view. In response to skepticism of some members, I used your site to show that I am not the only person who finds fault with the current assumptions of gravity.

I look forward to learning more about your research!!!
     –Laura Miller (2011 July)


Re: Gravity in a cellular universe

Thank you for your interest in the website and my research.

To answer your question “Has anyone related 'gravity' to magnetism?”: … Yes, Einstein was working on this very problem during the last 40 years of his life. He was unsuccessful —mainly because he did not have a causal mechanism for gravity (neither, of course, did Newton).

According to DSSU theory, gravity and magnetism are related as follows: Magnetism is a manifestation of force carriers known as electromagnetic wave/particles (or photons). Electromagnetic wave/particles represent a form of energy; and ALL forms of energy produce a gravitational effect. Ordinary mass is a form of energy and therefore produces a gravitational effect. (Future articles on the Website will explain this in greater detail.)

I suggest you read the article: Why Copernicus Did Not Need a Force of Gravity. (Posted at:  There, you will find that of all the historical investigators on the subject, Newton was the only one who invoked gravity AS A FORCE.

As for TV programs, I gave up on them about 15 years ago —as they devolved into fake science and politically correct propaganda. The “Global Warming” issue is a good example.

Anyway, enjoy the real thing: objective reality!
Sincerely,            Conrad (2011 July)

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16.  The Unnecessary Assumption (within standard cosmology)

C & Q:  Hello! … It is with much pleasure that I read your web pages.  I find them just amazing. Thank you so much for sharing all this knowledge and your ideas and interpretations.

I believe that science has historically proven that seemingly-unshakable theories do become obsolete in light of fresh ideas backed by new observations. This seems a safe assertion about the progress of science.

I like the Dynamic Steady State Universe theory. It talks to me.

Just as living organisms are constantly renewing themselves through various (dynamic) biological processes, it makes sense to have the Universe follow the same principle. From the incredibly small to the infinitely big all exist according to continuous steady-and-dynamic processes.  A Universe that “breathes”, “lives”, and remains forever the same.

My question relates to your statement: “One cannot claim that a universe is infinite in extent and also simultaneously expanding (no matter how good one's imagination).” Would it be possible for the Universe to create the space and expand into such newly created space? Just an idea, I’m just using my imagination here.  

Again, thank you for the ideas and knowledge !

–Aziz Koulibaly (2015-12-25)


To Aziz Koulibaly, … Let me address your question and provide some additional comments.

You have simply worded the basic argument used for the Big Bang theory —in trying to resolve the problem of an expanding universe (infinite or not). One might say, as Big Bang proponents do, that the universe expands itself into newly created space. Or, one might say that newly created space expands into a pre-existing infinite universe. It makes little difference. It makes little difference because there is an unnecessary assumption.

Essentially it is not a problem that needs to be resolved. The real Universe does NOT expand —not explosively, not gently. ... Here are some further relevant concepts:

·         The Universe was never created, the Universe has always existed and will always exist. However, and this is extremely important, everything IN the universe, every entity OF the universe, has a limited term of existence. But because there are ongoing formation/emergence processes, the overall appearance of the Universe never changes. This is utterly profound! If you understand this at a deep level, you will essentially hold the secret of the Universe.

·          The Universe is. Period. Meanwhile, everything in and of the Universe is continuously being formed (“created”) and transformed and destroyed (“terminally annihilated”).

·          The Universe is the perpetual manifestation of renewing processes.

·          The Big Bang is essentially a mathematical model (therefore, it can call itself a logical model).

·          The Big Bang is a modern quasi-religious Myth with no connection to reality. (At best, it is a pseudo-scientific attempt to explain observations, but fails miserably.)

Keep using your imagination and, most importantly, keep testing your ideas.

Warm Regards,             –Conrad (2015-12)

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17.  Physical Aether versus Mechanical Aether

C & Q:  A common question has to do with the nature of the space medium. To understand the aether there are some important distinctions among the commonly used terms. What does it mean to call the space medium a physical aether? … a mechanical aether? … a subquantum aether? … a dynamic aether? What are the differences?

Thank you Alistair Riddoch (of Ontario) for raising this issue. (2016-2)


There are many researchers who are definitely on the right track in seeking a “layer to the universe, below quantum size and level.” But what I have invariably found is that they fail do understand what “subquantum” really means. Assuming, correctly I might add, that the quantum is the smallest particle or entity of energy, then it must logically follow that anything deemed to be subquantum (below the quantum level) cannot possess energy. By one’s own definition, a subquantum entity cannot represent energy. They fail to realize that their proposed space-medium (the aether) particles can have no mass and no energy. Most researchers consider this a dead end! They think that without mass or energy there is nothing to work with and simply abandon the idea. (This, in part, explains why DSSU currently has no competition.)

Now, to clarify the various terms used to describe the subquantum level: Terms such as physical, mechanical, subquantum, and dynamic.

·         The space medium of the DSSU consists of aether units/particles without mass and without energy, therefore it is a subquantum aether.

·         By being a subquantum aether, DSSU aether is consequently not a physical aether.

·         The DSSU has an essence aether, not a physical aether.

·         HOWEVER, it is still categorically a mechanical aether, for it does have discrete units.

·         DSSU aether is dynamic, because it has the ability to expand and contract (depending on conditions).

·         And most importantly, the combination works.

As for the shape of the subquantum units, I have not speculated. I’ll let others try to work that out. Other than the fact that they do pulsate/fluctuate and must do so in perpendicular directions, there are few specifics. (Personally, I think the shape and the nature of the essence fluctuators is unknowable.)

–CR (2016-2)

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18.  The process of energy and the connection to cosmology

Dear Dr. Ranzan,

I have read with great interest your articles [The fundamental Process of Energy, Part 1 & Part 2] in Issues 113 and 114 of Infinite Energy Magazine.  I am convinced of the correctness of your theory of the aether and your explanations of photons, electrons, mass, and the various forms of energy.

I then went to your website to see if you had any theory on the origin of the Universe and was pleasantly surprised that you address that very question in detail.

I am completely convinced of your explanation of the aether and the energy-process model of the universe —and in your theory that the universe is nonexpanding and cellular (truly excellent work!). However, I am not yet convinced in your theory of the origins of the Universe.  In particular, I have trouble with believing in an infinite universe that has always existed.  I was hoping that you could answer a couple of questions.

1.  If the Universe is infinite in space, why is the sky dark at night?  Wouldn't an infinite number of stars and galaxies light up the sky infinitely?  Each one only very little, but an infinite number of them would light up the sky infinitely, would it not?  Yet, we do not observe that.  How do you explain this?

2.  I agree with you that space (and the aether) may have always existed.  But why do you assume that time is a function of space and not simply a function of energy/matter?  If time is a function of energy/matter, wouldn't time begin the moment the first photon appeared?  And that begs the question: how are photons formed in your model?

3. How do you explain the existence of planets, stars, galaxies, etc?  Do you begin with an empty aether or one that already is full of what we now see?  If the former, what is your explanation as to how mass and energy come into existence out of the aether?

I look forward to your reply.

Best to you,      –Anthony Santelli, Ph.D. (2014-06-20)


Dear Dr. Santelli:  Thank you for your interest in my work, and your kind words.

To answer your first question dealing with Olbers’ dark-night-sky paradox:

There are three independent factors involved in eliminating photons and reducing their energy: (1) The more cosmic-scale cells that a photon traverses, the greater is the probability of it being captured by some object. (2) There are astronomical bodies in which a process of terminal-annihilation takes place and matter is lost; the amazing thing about this process is that it does NOT require any additional postulate or axiom. (3) Cosmic redshift produces a relentless diminishment of energy of propagating photons. Wavelength increases with each passage of a photon through a cosmic-scale cell, eventually, to be captured as it encounters an object in its path.

 Some comments with respect to your second question:

“Time,” in the Dynamic Steady State Universe (DSSU), has no independent existence. “Time” is simply a mathematical contrivance of convenience. As Aristotle had suggested, time is the same as motion.  It serves as a convenient way of comparing one motion with another; for instance, the one-tick motion of the second hand of a traditional clock is but a comparison of a fractional motion of the Earth’s rotation (or of a fraction of the Earth’s motion along its solar orbit). In the case of an electronic clock, it is a sequence of oscillatory motions of electrons that is compared to a fractional motion of the Earth. “Time” is always, without exception, a comparison of one motion with another.

Turning to your third question, How does energy (and mass) come into existence out of the aether? … The basic meaning of this question is: How does the photon, the fundamental energy particle, come into existence out of the aether?  Once you have the photon, then the explanation of “mass” automatically follows (as detailed in the Infinite Energy article). Briefly, matter formation involves the following:

● Aether units defined as essence fluctuators, which I conceive as being a primitive form of electromagnetic energy (but do not themselves represent energy).

● A self-synchronization of those essence fluctuators (non-energy fundamental fluctuators).

● Subquantum processes/interactions that eventually produce a real energy particle, namely the photon.

● Mass is simply confined energy; a mass particle is just a self-orbiting photon (or similar photonic configuration).

Turning to the cosmology aspect. The problem that you are having in trying to conceive of the infinite existence of the Universe is that you are treating the universe as “a thing” (which it is not).  Think in these terms: EVERYTHING in the universe came into existence and WILL pass out of existence. No thing exists forever. The processes of coming into existence and passing out of existence occur continuously and perpetually. The Universe is not a thing so the “existence” restrictions do not apply. It simply is.

I do believe professional philosophers have seriously failed us in not making these essential connections.

For an overview of DSSU theory, I suggest this recently published paper:
The Dynamic Steady State Universe. Physics Essays Vol.27, No.2, pp.286-315 (2014)

 I hope you enjoy the new perspectives and lucid interpretations.

Warm Regards,              –Conrad (2014-6-23)

[Update: The dark-night-sky question has now been formally addressed in this published work: C. Ranzan, “Olbers’ Paradox Resolved for the Nonexpanding Infinite Universe,” American Journal of Astronomy and Astrophysics Vol.4, No.1, pp1-14 (2016 Jan)  Abstract & links.]

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19.  Have Einstein’s gravity waves been detected?

Comments: I have been asked to comment on the reports —the mass media’s ″spin-science stories″ of February, 2016— claiming the discovery/detection of Einstein’s gravity waves in connection with two colliding black holes. 

●    Do not be misled by the recent reports of the detection of gravity waves. What the LIGO apparatus measures is noise —the unavoidable noise of terrestrial vibrations and ambient interference. It does not measure gravity waves. It uses electromagnetic waves in a Michelson-Morley type interferometer to make its measurements. The noise was so severe, and the alleged gravity wave signal was so obscure, that what was presented to the public was an illustrative graph of a “simulation [claimed to be] a close fit to the LIGO signal, which was hidden by background noise.” [Nature, Vol.531, 2016 March 24] My opinion is that the signal was probably some random seismic event that resembled the wave pattern the researchers were looking for. Remember now, the LIGO team already knew what the wave pattern should be!  That information was provided by theoretical physicists, who had used general relativity applied to orbiting-and-merging black holes.

●    All the information relating to any distant binary system —its distance, the orbital size, the individual masses, the orbital frequency, the rate of orbit decay— must be skillfully extracted from the photons, the particles of “light,” originating from the two orbiting objects. The problem, with the LIGO’s merging-objects claim, is that no such conventional astronomical measurements were ever made! Astronomers failed to detect any supporting electromagnetic radiation coming from alleged orbiting-and-merging black holes!

●    Have gravity waves really been detected?  Think about this: The academic experts do not have the cause and mechanism of gravity (Isaac Newton did not, Albert Einstein did not, and today’s big-bang astrophysicists do not). Their theory of gravity is embarrassingly incomplete!  So, if they do not yet understand the nature of gravity itself, how then can they claim to be able to recognize the waves that gravity supposedly emits? The experts cannot even answer the simple question: Specifically, what is it that is waving? What is waving back and forth? Remember, the experts deny the existence of the aether medium!

●    Here is something else the reports fail to mention: The gravity waves that are actually detectable are those associated with the turbulence in the aether flow (the space medium streaming through our Solar System). Australian physicist Reginald T. Cahill has been examining these aether-flow waves for over 15 years.

●    As long as the government keeps funding such speculative stuff, it will not go away!! So, expect to see more spin-science reports. … Keep in mind that LIGO (the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory) has been in operation since the late 1990’s! And worse, the gravity-wave search has been going on since the 1960s! The predicament was similar to that of the multi-billion-dollar search for the Higgs particle: The expenditures of time and money had to be justified. Something HAD to be found!! Gravity waves had to be extracted from the data! There really was very little choice.

And I have not even mentioned how inconceivably tiny the alleged measured effect is supposed to be.

As my first point made clear, the big problem is the noise. It can’t be eliminated. It is impossible to isolate the LIGO apparatus from the Earth-based vibrations. And this is the reason behind the efforts to construct a gravity wave detector in outer space —possibly in Earth orbit. Thus, the futile search will continue.

The miniscule wave motion that is being sought probably does not exist.

–C. Ranzan (2016-05)

[IMPORTANT UPDATE:  For an explanation of why the gravity waves that have been detected are not energy waves, see the Press Release 2018 and The Nature of Gravity.]


Q: So, what is a free thinker to do?

Response: The independent thinker must challenge the experts, confronting them with some rather elementary questions? … The question to ask is Why?

Let me explain by putting the LIGO claim into perspective.

What these experimental scientists are saying is that they have failed to detect gravity waves originating from within our own galaxy, and yet they were somehow able to detect such waves coming from a vastly greater distance —supposedly from 1.3 billion lightyears away. The radius of the Milky Way galaxy is 50,000 lightyears and no gravity waves were detected here. Good enough. However, these gravity-wave believers believe they actually detected waves coming from 26,000 times farther away! … Why?

Look at it this way: You have this amazingly sensitive listening device —it can record a normal conversation between two people located 26 kilometers away— but for some strange reason it is deaf to a conversation only one meter away!! … Why?

LIGO team member Daniel Holz is reported (in Nature Vol.531) to have said, “To be honest, I find it really hard to believe …” Nevertheless, he really, honestly, faithfully, does believe! … But why?

People, please, think.

–C. Ranzan (2016-06)

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20.  Cosmology and the Test of Validity

Request for comment: Dear Conrad Ranzan,

My name is Vladimir Netchitailo; I am a Doctor of Sciences in Physics.

I refer to you seeking feedback for the World-Universe Model that I have developed, since I know you to be an authority in the field of cosmology.

In essence, I propose inter-connectivity of all cosmological parameters and provide a mathematical framework that allows direct calculation thereof. The core ideas of the Model are described in three papers published by the journal "Journal of High Energy Physics, Gravitation and Cosmology":

5D World-Universe Model. Neutrinos. The World. (
5D World-Universe Model. Multicomponent Dark Matter (
5D World-Universe Model Space-Time-Energy (

5D Space-Time-Energy World-Universe Model is a unified model of the World built around the concept of Medium, composed of massive particles (protons, electrons, photons, neutrinos, and dark matter particles). The Model provides a mathematical framework that enables precise calculation ...

Hoping to hear from you soon,

–Vladimir N. (2016-4-21, Irvine, USA.)


My compliments on your use of a space medium.

The problem I see is that your space medium "the Medium of the World" is composed of "massive particles."  I hold the view, in agreement with Einstein's 1920 statement, that the space medium, the aether, exists but has no mass and no energy.  Although in his view the aether is a continuum, in DSSU theory it is a particulate aether. But the "particles," in themselves, have no energy and no mass. They exist at a subquantum level.

My point is this: A "massive" medium will, ultimately, not work in modeling the Universe.

My personal interest in cosmology and astrophysics is to model the real Universe. The basic test I use ---to test ANY model against the real Universe--- is the Abell85 galaxy-cluster periodicity and a related structural configuration. These two cosmic structural configurations are the most inexplicable observational features in all of astronomy/astrophysics.  They allow for only one solution —a unique solution. DSSU theory predicts those key patterns as detailed in:

DSSU Validated by Redshift Theory and Structural Evidence, Physics Essays, Vol.28, No.4, p455-473 (2015 Dec)
(Abstract and links)

It is this same critical test you must apply to your 5-dimensional “World-Universe" theory, assuming your goal is a reality-based model. Otherwise, it will be just a marvelously elaborate mathematical exercise with only superficial connection to our real World.

Wishing you success in your exploration. ... Warm regards,
–Conrad (2016-4-25)

Follow up:

Rather than provide an explanation for the major structural features of the observable universe, Vladimir, in a brief response, firmly claims it is “much more important to calculate the values of the Hubble's parameter and temperature of Microwave Background radiation and compare them with the experimentally measured values.”

Clearly, his mathematical model has no explanation for cosmic structure in general and Abell85 in particular!

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21. On the Existence of Aether

Comment from book author:

Subject: Irrefutable proof of the existence of aether

After reading articles on aether written by you and others, and conducting private research, I came across solid irrefutable evidence regarding the existence of aether. As you have correctly stated, it is the raw essence of the universe including the matter constituting our bodies and all other objects. The presence of aether alone gives rise to the gravitational fields around celestial bodies.

My book, The Seven Deadly Misconceptions, explains how your ideas about aether are 100 percent correct.


H. V. Mohanlal, Bangalore (2016-7-8)


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22. “So easy to understand!” (comment from an engineer)

Dear Conrad,

I love your DSSU stuff. …

I read your recent 2014 article Velocity-Differential Theory of Cosmic Redshift. A wonderful article, and so easy to understand!

(It appears that Louis Marmet, whose web-posting presents an extensive comparison of redshift mechanisms including your DSSU redshift theory, isn't aware of this article.)

My warmest regards.

Mac Rynkiewicz, Civil Engineer, retired, Victoria, Australia (2016-11-29)

Dear Mac Rynkiewicz,

Thank you for the kind words and your interest in my work relating to the Dynamic Steady State Universe.

The articles, the Cosmic Redshift in the Nonexpanding Cellular Universe (subtitled, Velocity-Differential Theory of Cosmic Redshift) as well as DSSU Validated by Redshift Theory and Structural Evidence, are what I call my “checkmate” papers. I see no reasonable way they can be refuted. This simple redshift mechanism makes any big-bang hypothesis irrelevant.

I was aware of Louis Marmet’s earlier (2013) version of redshift mechanisms; but I was not aware of his 2016 updated version. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. I am baffled by his claim that cosmic cellular structure is an ad hoc concept, when in reality it is surely the most commonly observed characteristic of the large-scale Universe! Incidentally, the same misunderstanding appears on Wikipedia, the last time I checked.

It always amuses me how seemingly rational and intelligent people fail to see what should be rather obvious (and not just with respect to physics and cosmology). No doubt, Marmet’s oversights will, sooner or later, be brought to his attention. I am rather reluctant to spend my time contending and correcting other people’s misconceptions of DSSU theory. My energy is strictly focused on presenting DSSU concepts in absolutely uncompromising clarity. The strategy is to circumvent the big-bang esoterica of the academics and to make Cosmology “so easy to understand” for the average person.

All the best.    –Conrad (2016-12-4)

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23. Gravity, aether, discussion groups, and the purpose of the DSSU website

Comment & question: My name is George Rhude, I am not a scientist in any way. I have been involved in construction and sales as a business owner all my life and am now semi-retired.

I write to you because, I’ve always had a deep interest in gravity and the centrifugal force and the aether, and would now like to attain a full understanding of the subject.

I believe there is an aether of some type because that will explain the gravitational lensing of light and should also explain the speed limit of light. I believe knowing the structure of the aether will solve the gravity question.

Are you a member of any discussion groups? Or are you open to an exchange of thoughts?

Sincerely  –George M Rhude (2016-9-5)

Reply: Thank you for your interest in the website and my research into the Dynamic Steady State Universe —a cosmology built around a defined aether.

Generally, when you refer to the aether it’s always a good idea to specify the type. For example, the DSSU aether is not physical, but it is mechanical. It has no energy or mass particles, but it does have discrete units/entities.

In regards to the aether, you are on the right track. Aether solves the problems of gravity (along with many other problems plaguing conventional astrophysics).

As far as discussion groups are concerned, I am not involved in any. My focus is on making available the evidence, arguments, and proofs that are utterly devastating to Standard Cosmology/Astrophysics. My website serves as a powerful source for those involved in overturning the Big Bang hypothesis (especially those involved in discussion groups). As you may be aware the Big Bang has lost its status as a scientific theory. It is now little more than a new-age religion for academic true-believers.

You could not have picked a better time to enter this field. There is no greater experience than finding out the truth. Good luck. And enjoy.

Warm regards    –Conrad (2016-9-10)

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24. Gravity: photonic cause and “fluidic” conveyance

C & Q:  Hello Conrad,  Thanks for your reply, much appreciated. Well done on your success in building your theory and gaining positive traction.

I have been trying to find more information on your theory of how light particles generate gravitational force. You have referred to it in numerous places but I would like to understand if it is a theory with supporting experimental evidence or simply a hypothetical idea? Is this information in your new book? Will it be available online? …

–Michael Hodges (Wanaka, New Zealand, 2017-03-25)

[Michael has a website on what he calls Liquid Gravity (]

Response:  Hello Mike, DSSU is so highly integrated, that when one tries to explain one aspect, one is automatically explaining other aspects. The theory is so conceptually “tight”, that, for example, when one grasps the explanation of photon propagation, one automatically has the causative mechanism of gravity.

There are three mechanisms involved in gravity, and the photon (the EM force) is the sole root causative component. A secondary causative factor is attributed to an axiomatic feature of the space medium.

Another important point: Gravity is not a fundamental force. It is only an apparent force. (This is why the preferred term is “gravity effect”.)

All of this is discussed in the new book.

Let me address your query about the status of the theory: You can be reasonably sure of having a powerful theory when the editor of a prominent journal allows you to state “… theory validated …” in the title of the article.

DSSU Validated by Redshift Theory and Structural Evidence, Physics Essays, Vol.28, No.4, pp455-473 (2015 Dec) (Doi: 10.4006/0836-1398-28.4.455)

Furthermore, in key papers I make it quite clear that what follows, or what is about to be presented, “is NOT a what-if exercise.

Warm regards  –Conrad (2017-4-19)

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25. How is the universe cellular? Does space warp? Does gravity push or pull?

C & Q: Subject: Cellular model / three questions

Dear Conrad,  I just stumbled over your amazing website: ( And I must say: That is a work of at least one life-time! Wow!

I would like to ask you three questions:

1. I was wondering, if you actually postulate a real cell structure, like a bubble multiverse, as the term "Cellular Universe" is suggesting?

2. Assuming space has no properties, no form, weight, substance, whatsoever. Do you accept the notion of warped space?

3. Is gravity pushing or pulling?

Best regards  –Philip Mikas (Aying, Munich, 2017-10-13)

  Dear Philip,  Thank you for the kind words and your interest in the website (featuring the Dynamic Steady State Universe).

Regarding your wonderment of how the universe is cellular:

To suggest that the Cellular Universe (the DSSU) is a bubble-like multiverse would be grossly misleading. There can be only one universe. This is simply because, by definition, the term “universe” is all-inclusive —it includes EVERYTHING. The cellularity of the Cellular Universe can be understood in two ways.

First, the observational configuration. A cell consists of a Void surrounded by galaxy clusters. The shape is non-Platonic dodecahedral.

Second, the fundamental configuration. Every significant galaxy cluster is the heart of an individual cosmic-scale gravity domain. These gravity domains come in two shapes, tetrahedral and octahedral, as required by basic geometry.

What is revolutionary, here, is that these cells are unified-gravity domains —they incorporate expansionary “antigravity” AND normal contractile gravity into a single cosmic cell.

Regarding the DSSU meaning and usage of “space”:

“Warped space” or curvature of space is a mathematical description —a geometric concept of descriptive importance but NOT of explanatory value. In DSSU theory, space is the empty stage, or the nothingness container. And all that may be said about space-as-a-container is that it has no properties whatsoever, except its three abstract dimensions. Those spatial dimensions are permeated by an ethereal medium. Although this medium is dynamic, I would not say that it warps.

So, a concise answer to your question is that space-as-a-container does not warp, and neither does the space medium.

Regarding the question, Is gravity pushing or pulling?

According to the DSSU definition: Gravity is the tendency of matter to move in the direction of the maximum gradient of inhomogeneous flow of aether. It means: in the direction in which the fundamental space medium is accelerating.

Because gravity manifests ONLY when there is a center of gravity, it may properly be said that gravity is a pulling effect.  However, I like to think of matter being “carried along by the aether” rather than being “pulled by gravity.”

Wishing you all the best in your research. Regards  –Conrad (2017-10-15)

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26. Galaxy age misinterpretation. Does cosmic distance have any relationship to a galaxy’s age?


Another extremely distant fully-formed and wholly-active galaxy has been discovered. Here are my comments on a published report from Carnegie Science headlined “Found: The most-distant supermassive black hole ever observed”  December 06, 2017…

Artist’s conceptions of the most-distant supermassive black hole ever discovered, which is part of a quasar from just 690 million years after the Big Bang. ...  Illustrations by Robin Dienel, provided courtesy of the Carnegie Institution for Science.

There are two stories here. One is legitimate the other is fake.

First and foremost, we have a fascinating story. The discovery of a quasar galaxy located at a redshift distance of 7.54. This is an enormous distance, to say the least. As for the detected object itself, it is important to note that, by virtue of being a quasar, this is a mature galaxy. The report states, “Quasars are tremendously bright objects comprised of enormous black holes accreting matter at the centers of massive galaxies.” These are the hallmarks of a mature galaxy.

Then there is the fake story. This most-distant galaxy yet discovered was supposedly formed in 690 million years. The experts want us to believe that a cloud of primordial gas grew into a mature galaxy within a brief time span (cosmologically speaking) of a few hundred million years; and yet we know it takes over 5 BILLION years for a modest planet (like the Earth) to reach maturity!

Only in the Big-Bang fairytale is it blissfully allowed to have a galaxy that is younger than its various constituents. Think about it, a half-billion-year-old galaxy with planets that are 10 times older! An obvious paradox.

No wonder the experts find it so challenging to come up with an explanation. One of the discoverers stated, it “is an enormous challenge for theories of supermassive black hole growth.

This kind of story comes out about once a year. And each time the galaxy is “younger” than the previous one. I’m sure the spectator-public must be wondering: “At what brevity in the formation of a full-fledged galaxy will the astro-scientists recognize that they have slipped into a make-believe realm?”

–CR (2017-12)

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27. The Train Wreck of Modern Physics and Big Bang Mythology.

The son of an eminent and dissident physics professor writes:

Modern physics is indeed one big train wreck in slow motion, a 100 year slow-motion scene; but now we are getting to the really catastrophic part where the engine explodes and the tracks disappear as the canyon opens up beneath a collapsing bridge.

The reasons for [adherence to] the big bang mythology cannot be scientific with 90% made-up evidence and whales in the room that must be ignored, rather it is political. Humans are social primates, consensus is mandatory for the crucial social cohesion it provides.

Science is often described as a search for the truth, but in reality it is a search for falsehood. Science is about ASKING questions; once they are answered with certainty, science is done. Uncertainty is a liability politically however, an individual’s ability to project an air of certainty is their greatest possible asset socially since in the natural environment false certainty often equals death. Numerous experiments have shown that the public tends to trust people who project confidence and to be suspicious of the doubtful individual, which suggested that the public tends to be suspicious of the scientifically minded individual. Science is composed of doubt, of falsification, it’s a process fundamentally built on eliminating models. If you can't eliminate a model, science is done and you have a fact, at least until you find a way to eliminate the model later.

It’s like [the demands on] a race car driver. You must focus on where you want to go, the space, the gap, and never focus on getting away from what you want to avoid because in fast action the brain becomes attracted to whatever it focuses on so focusing on rigid but unproven models is like focusing on barriers to science during a scientific race where you are supposed to be looking for the gaps, the spaces between the barriers, not obsessing on the barriers.

We use a rigid top-down authoritarian system backed by economic threats and enticements to lure students into lifelong debt as part of the "education" process. In the past "lifelong unforgivable debt" was simply called "slavery".

When scientists are corporate employees with profit obsessed bosses how scientific are they? If security clearances restrict what I can say, how scientific am I? If I've spent my formative years being  bossed around by teachers and employers, told what to do and when to do it all day, how much opportunity for creativity is there?

One will discover troubled educational and employment records for most of the famous creative people who are acknowledged to have changed the world; it’s hard to be creative while cowering and begging for grades or wages.

My father had a tired light redshift model; and brought up much of what you are saying as well —really interesting ideas.
–"arrayist2" (2018-8-18)

RESPONSE:   Thank you for your Interesting observations and insights —good information for young people to consider before they become trapped.

And thanks for sending the link to the website dedicated to your father James Paul Wesley and detailing his life and work. Very impressive.

Just want to point out something about the DSSU redshift mechanism: Because it encompasses both energy loss AND energy gain, it cannot be classed as a tired-light model.

Regards, Conrad (2018-8-28)

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28.  Response to a Fake Review of gravity-unification paper (2018)

Who would believe such opposition to the unprecedented unification of gravity?

My open response to a Fake Review by an astrophysics journal:

Here we go again! Another round of dealing with indoctrinated closed minds. Latest research paper rejected.

Reason? “The paper contains too many acronyms …” How many? Hey! It contains only one well-known acronym (DSSU)!  “The manuscript is based on diverse undefined words,” but the review gives not a single example. Let me point out, DSSU theory eschews special terms and does not use undefined words; the meaning of all terms is self-evident and are the same as dictionary-defined counterparts. It is a theory and cosmology readily accessible to anyone with a basic reality-rooted education.

 Although clearly written and logically presented with an easy to follow style (text, examples, mathematics, graphics), the Reviewer/Editor found “The paper contains too many acronyms, undefined metaphors etc that makes [sic] it impenetratable [sic] and therefore impossible to referee in any detail.” … No examples, no particulars, it was just hopelessly “impossible to referee.

“Undefined metaphors”!? Seriously? … I ask, is there anyone who knows anything about science who does not understand Isaac Newton’s simple metaphor of absolute space as being an empty container for the stuff of the universe? The paper draws on Newton’s comparison when it states that DSSU background space serves as “a metaphorical empty vessel.” And this one. Is there anyone who does not grasp the meaning of mass particles as being bottled-up light waves, or being confined radiation, (as metaphorically explained in those terms by British physicist and astronomer Sir James Hopwood Jeans)? No, of course not.

No, whoever examined the Article, understood the acronym and the metaphors only too well —all were simple and accurate but threatened to undermine the FLAWED orthodox interpretation.

The seeking and exposing of errors is the essence of a legitimate review process. Evidently the Reviewer/Editor failed to find anything that could be considered demonstrably false, and so, found it necessary to concoct BS objections (acronym for bovine excrement). And as a further demonstration of incompetence, it seems the Journal editor “forgot” to send out the rejection notice (causing a needless four week delay!). What happened here was simply a FAKE review.

 –CR (2018 November)

UPDATE: The article was subsequently published in a different journal:

Conrad Ranzan, The Nature of Gravity – How One Factor Unifies Gravity’s Convergent, Divergent, Vortex, and Wave Effects, International Journal of Astrophysics and Space Science. Vol. 6, No. 5, 2018, pp. 73-92. Doi: 10.11648/j.ijass.20180605.11

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29.  Where does the information in the universe come from?

Q: Hello Conrad, I read your articles on your website. I have two questions:

Where does the information in the universe come from? … The coded patterns that we see in everything from living cells and organisms to the mathematical rules the universe is anchored in?

… [the second question appears below]

Thank you, –Scalar (2019-4-5)

RESPONSE: Hello Scalar (I presume this is a pseudonym),

Thank you for your interest in DSSU research.

Regarding the question: Where does the information in the universe come from?

Information emerges through evolution —pre-biological and then biological. In its ultimate manifestation, it is called consciousness.

There are worldviews in which everything is considered to be information. It is then proper to say that ALL information is derived from, or is in some way connected to, aether.

As an example: In the early 1980s, Edward Fredkin originated the idea that the universe itself may be a cellular automaton and that energy and mass are just information. In Fredkin's model, both space and time are grainy rather than continuous, so space is permeated with exquisitely small, discrete cells whose states change at extremely brief, discrete intervals, just as patterns generated by computers' cellular automata do. Edward Fredkin's "Digital Philosophy" is posted at

"Digital Philosophy" is probably worthy of serious consideration with one caveat —regarding its concept of time. I reject the conventional view and, instead, adopt the New Cosmology interpretation. “Time”, in accordance with DSSU theory, has no independent existence; only motion exists.

I do not place great emphasis on “information” as a unifying principle. It is too ambiguous a term —too subjective.

Regards, –Conrad (2019-4)

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30.  Can energy be extracted from aether?

Q: Are there manmade mechanisms that can be used to tap into the aether and use it as a power generator system, and to replicate and assemble and transmute matter?

RESPONSE: On the question of energy extraction from aether:

I do not believe there is any technological way to extract energy (in the conventional sense) from aether —and certainly not in any meaningful quantitative way. Notably, it does not possess any energy — energy in the proper sense of the word. In the Mechanism described in “Natural Mechanism for the Generation and Emission of Extreme Energy Particles” (Posted at: and “Nature’s Supreme Mechanism for Energy Extraction from Nonmaterial Aether”; in this mechanism, the aether produces energetic photons and neutrinos, even of extraordinarily high energy. BUT NO energy is transferred from aether and into those same particles!

The question can also be addressed another way: All manmade mechanisms do tap into the aether. All power generator systems are ultimately dependent on aether. But one must be careful to draw the distinction between the quantum level of energy and the subquantum level of non-energy (the level called aether); and recognize that the energy level is utterly dependent on the non-energy level. This is best understood in the context of The Fundamental Process of Energy .

–Conrad (2019-4)

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31.  What astrophysicist Richard Gott missed!

Hi Conrad,

I found two YouTube videos by J. Richard Gott that might be of interest (links are below).

Gott mentions voids, edges, corners, honeycomb architecture, cellular structure, polyhedrons, sponge-like geometry, Swiss cheese, slices, cells, froth of bubbles, great wall, super wall, filaments (making a sponge), tunnels (joining the voids), cosmic web (which is also the name of Gott's book).

But no mention of the DSSU!  And no mention of aether!?

     Mac Rynkiewicz – Australia. (2019-5-6)

Link to 66-minute lecture at The Royal Institution: The Mysterious Architecture of the Universe –J. Richard Gott (YouTube Published on July 12, 2017)

“J Richard Gott leads a journey through the history of our understanding of the Universe’s structure, and explains the ‘cosmic web’: the idea that our Universe is like a sponge made up of clusters of galaxies intricately connected by filaments of galaxies.”

Link to Q&A:


My comments:

What astrophysicist Richard Gott missed, both in the 2016 book (The Cosmic Web) and in the lecture, is the key space-filling polyhedron: the rhombic dodecahedron! His original idea was to use a truncated octahedron as his space-filling cellular unit.

Since he lacks a proper causal mechanism for matter density distribution, he focuses on the randomness. This is why he favours the chaotic nature of sponge-like models and Swiss cheese simulations.

Ironically, if he had followed the instructions [p68] in his own book —instructions on how to form a 3-D Voronoi honeycomb— he would have arrived at the rhombic dodecahedral cell-shape.  And THAT shape does have a fundamental causal mechanism associated with it.

–Conrad (2019-5)

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32.  Is there a place in DSSU for the concept of "Deus"?

A philosophy professor from Ottawa asks: Cellular cosmology, dynamic steady-state universe ... Is there a place in it for a "cosmological singularity" that theologians identify with the concept of "Deus"?
–Rene (per email 2018-12-16)

MY RESPONSE: Dear Professor Rene:

The DSSU is a Natural cosmology. A singularity is not something natural. There is no descriptive modifier that can make it natural. A “black hole” singularity, for instance, although it is a real mathematical concept, is NOT natural (due to its paradoxical infinities). Similarly, although a "cosmological singularity" may be a real theological concept, it is not natural. It too is challenged by paradoxical infinities. And when identified with the concept of "Deus", it enters the realm of the supernatural.

So, the simple answer is NO. … However, there is a place for "Deus" as a concept. God is a concept that manifests in sentient beings possessing a sufficiently high level of consciousness.

I believe the great popularity (now and throughout history) of the God concept is that it can be, and has been, used to “explain” anything and everything without having to conform to reason and logic, and without having to provide evidence and repeatability. But I must add this in defense of the God concept: It has been an enormously successful adaptive strategy in the evolution of mankind. The belief in a supreme being has competitive advantages when there is a survival-of-the-fittest struggle.

–Conrad (2018-12-17)

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33.  German philosopher questions theological aspects and endorses DSSU theory!

This truth-seeker considers himself a Pantheist. Follow his reasoning, below, as he explores theological insights, praises Cellular Universe website, and endorses DSSU theory.

English translation of Markus Schumacher's email (2019-8):


Original email in German:

Pantheism: "A doctrine or belief which identifies God with the universe, or regards the universe as a manifestation of God." Concise Oxford Dictionary

Pantheism: "Doctrine that the universe is God and, conversely, that there is no god apart from the substance, forces, and laws manifested in the universe. Pantheism characterizes many Buddhist and Hindu doctrines and can be seen in such Hindu works as the Vedas and the Bhagavadgita. Numerous Greek philosophers contributed to the foundations of Western pantheism. In the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, the tradition was continued in Neoplatonism and Judeo-Christian Mysticism. In the 17th century Benedict De Spinoza formulated the most thoroughly pantheistic philosophical system, arguing that God and Nature are merely two names for one reality." Britannica Concise Encyclopedia


To: Philosopher Markus Schumacher,

Thank you for your very interesting letter; also for your enthusiastic interest in DSSU Research. Your letter has been translated to English. Both the English and the original German version are now posted on the website.

I like your suggestion of making some of the website material available in the German language. The main problem is finding someone who is capable and willing to do the proofreading/editing and give it a professional touch so that it will sound natural to a native German speaker. (My German is not good enough for this.)

You have obviously given the mystery of reality and existence considerable thought. Your struggle towards, and achievement of, enlightenment does not surprise me. There is something I’ve known for a long time. In some of my writings, a few years ago, I did express some warnings of the power of DSSU theory and its mind-altering potential. It was, and remains, a game-changing theory. Your analytical struggle with traditional doctrines and unraveling their internal contradictions is living proof of its power. And as several people have commented, the theory is remarkably easy to understand. (See items #14 and #22 above.)

Thank you for pointing out and emphasizing something very important, something that disturbs many people: “Infinity is completely beyond our imaginations.”

There is much more that I still need to present (publish); some of it is of a truly profound philosophical nature. For instance: I will be discussing my principle of limited existence, which affects everything IN and OF the universe but not the universe itself. I find it hard to believe that philosophers over the past 3,000 years have missed this essential concept!

Yes, there is more to be web-posted. I’m sure you will enjoy; and no doubt will lead you to further enlightenment.

Warm Regards,
Conrad Ranzan, DSSU Research, (2019-9-4)

German version: Philosoph Markus Schumacher,

Vielen Dank für Ihren sehr interessanten Brief; auch für Ihr begeistertes Interesse an DSSU Research. Ihr Brief wurde ins Englische übersetzt. Sowohl die englische als auch die deutsche Originalversion werden nun auf der Website veröffentlicht.
    Ich mag Ihren Vorschlag, einige der Website-Materialien in deutscher Sprache zur Verfügung zu stellen. Das Hauptproblem besteht darin, jemanden zu finden, der in der Lage und willens ist, das Korrekturlesen/Bearbeiten zu machen und ihm eine professionelle Note zu geben, damit es für einen deutschen Muttersprachler natürlich klingt. (Mein Deutsch ist dafür nicht gut genug.)
    Sie haben dem Geheimnis der Realität und existenz offensichtlich beträchtliche Gedanken gegeben. Ihr Kampf für und die Errungenschaft der Erleuchtung überrascht mich nicht. Es gibt etwas, das ich schon lange kenne. In einigen meiner Schriften habe ich vor einigen Jahren einige Warnungen vor der Macht der DSSU Theorie und ihrem bewusstseinsverändernden Potenzial ausgesprochen. Es war und bleibt eine bahnbrechende Theorie. Ihr analytischer Kampf mit traditionellen Lehren und die Auflösung ihrer inneren Widersprüche ist ein lebendiger Beweis für ihre Macht. Und wie mehrere Leute kommentiert haben: ist die Theorie bemerkenswert leicht zu verstehen.
    Danke, dass Sie auf etwas sehr Wichtiges hingewiesen und betont habt, etwas, das viele Menschen stört: "Die Unendlichkeit … ist völlig jenseits unserer Vorstellungskraft."
    Es gibt noch viel mehr, das ich noch präsentieren muss (veröffentlichen); einigedavon sind von wirklich tiefgründiger philosophischer Natur. Zum Beispiel: Ich werde über mein Prinzip der begrenzten Existenz sprechen, das alles im, und von, des Universums betrifft, aber nicht das Universum selbst. Ich kann kaum glauben, dass Philosophen in den letzten 3000 Jahren dieses wesentliche Konzept verfehlt haben!
    Ja, mehr Material wird für die Veröffentlichung auf der Website vorbereitet. Ich bin sicher, Sie werden genießen; und zweifellos wird Sich zu weiterer Erleuchtung führen.
    Herzliche Grüße,
    Conrad Ranzan
    DSSU Research, Niagara Falls, Kanada


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34.  Fantasyland Physics versus Objective Physics

Hello Conrad,

 … [A]t some point in the future I plan to critique some of the silly notions (and perhaps a few valid ones) that I encountered on a recent YouTube presentation made by Bill Whittle, who himself has some well-deserved scientific credentials, but seems to have slipped off the rails a bit with this one:

Infinite You and Quantum God: Multiverse Theory Grows, Challenges … Everything (22 min; posted 2019 Oct 24; Bill Whittle)

As summarized on his post:


“Theoretical physicist Sean Carroll at California Institute of Technology is among the growing cadre of scientists embracing a kind of multiverse theory that builds on Schrödinger's insight about the power of observation to fix location of an object in the quantum realm. If a new universe is created each time a choice is made, along with multiple versions of the chooser, then infinite versions of you could be out there somewhere. Does this vast mystery point to an infinite intelligence —a quantum God— outside of time?”



If you have any immediate observations or insights to offer on Whittle's theories that might escape my own notice, they would be appreciated.

Bob Metz (Just Right Media) 2019-11-1


How is anyone supposed to make sense of such wild and wacky ideas —eccentric to the point of being absurd?! After viewing the Bill Whittle 22-minute video, I decided to organize my thoughts and do some categorizing.

Polarization of science:

Today’s Theoretical Physics is Platonic in nature —the numbers, the equations, the symbols are more important (more real, more perfect) than the perceptions (Plato’s cave-wall shadows).

The opposing perspective is what I think should be called Objective Physics. It is based on (i) reason; (ii) sensory perception and their extensions; and (iii) the principle that all the foundational assumptions and the known facts have to fit together logically.

Success of Theoretical (Platonic) Physics is indirect: success rests primarily on the fact that mathematics can be used to model anything anyone may choose to imagine. It’s mathematical magic. Connection to reality may be coincidental, tenuous, or non-existent. Without such a constraining connection, it is undoubtedly far easier for a person to pursue and obtain an academic degree.  And let us not forget the success that comes with money —the resources provided by government/taxpayer funding.

Success of Objective Physics is direct: something either works or it doesn’t. Processes are primary. Mathematics is secondary; it serves in a supporting role.

Interestingly, it is far easier to discredit Objective Physics than it is Platonic Physics.  As Steven Weinberg, Nobelist, explains,

“All logical arguments can be defeated by the simple refusal to reason logically”

(It just occurred to me that mathematics can be described as something obviously objective BUT something that is not necessarily associated with functionality of the real world.)

And then there is Fantasy Physics. Practitioners here take some legitimate aspect of science and extrapolate it far beyond all reasonable bounds. This is the domain of the discussion between Bill Whittle and Scott Ott on multiverses, infinite intelligence, quantum God, and multiple hyper-dimensions! (Your assessment is correct; they start with something valid but somehow end up with silly notions.)  The quantum world is the domain of single photons and individual fundamental particles; the quantum world does not affect the macro world. Schrödinger's cat, infinite intelligence, God, and the multiverse are concepts of Fantasyland. Add the numbers, symbols, and equations and, lo and behold, you’ve got Fantasy Physics. Unfortunately, as evidenced by the video, Bill Whittle has bought into this Fantasy Physics of Sean Carroll and “the growing cadre of scientists.”

Regards, –Conrad (2019-11)

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35. Higgs field versus DSSU aether —How do they compare?

Q: One of the reviewers of the article Mass Extinction by Aether Deprivation asked about the Higgs field versus DSSU aether. What is the standing of the Higgs mechanism in the context of a universe filled with aether? How do they compare?


In light of the prominent role that aether plays in the Law of Mass Extinction (as well as several of the other laws overlooked by 20th-century physicists), it is natural to ask But what about the Higgs field? According to the 20th-century model of physics, the universe is permeated by a so-called Higgs field. The question then is How does this field differ from the DSSU aether? And in particular, one would like to know how the Higgs bestows the property of mass onto particles compared to how the same property is acquired through an aether environment.

Here are the key points:

● The conventional view is that mass particles acquire their property of mass from the Higgs field by interacting with an intermediate particle —the Higgs boson. In contrast, the DSSU aether is not a "field" in the usual sense and, therefore, needs no force carrier. It needs no bosons whatsoever. It should be emphasized that this aether is not a conventional field but rather a subquantum universal medium.

● The Higgs mechanism involves extremely massive Higgs bosons; but there is no explanation of where this self-mass comes from! The DSSU mechanism does not have this problem. There simply are no bosons; moreover, the aether, being a subquantum medium, possesses no mass.

● Under the DSSU framework, particles acquire the property of mass directly from aether. It is accomplished via a combination of processes, namely aether excitation, aether absorption, and aether vanishment.

● What drives the Higgs mechanism?  It is a complete unknown as to what generates the Higgs field. Essentially, it is purely an elaborate mathematical construct. In contrast, the generation of aether, as the essence of the universe, is unambiguous. The process of the steady-state emergence of aether is axiomatic. (Unquestionably this is revolutionary. But since aether units are subquantum entities, there is simply no violation of thermodynamic laws.) The existence of a discretized universal essence is the foundational premise of DSSU theory.

● Understand that the Higgs may describe, mathematically, to a limited extent, the mass-acquisition process; BUT it does not explain it. On the other hand, DSSU aether theory provides the explanation; and it does so in clearly understood terms.

● Lastly, DSSU aether has the added ability, lacking with the Higgs mechanism, to literally destroy matter —it accomplishes this via the aether deprivation process.

–Conrad (2020-10)

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36. Negative Mass versus Positive Mass

Q: In response to a video ( about Negative Mass versus Positive Mass, Mac Rynkiewicz posted a comment in which he suggested the possibility that mass, instead of being a sink for aether, might be a source of aether.
His query: “I wonder whether you have ever seen reference to negative mass.
–Mac Rynkiewicz (Ballarat, Australia) (2021-10-11)


Hello Mac.  Your comment/suggestion is that aether might be created by mass, and flow out of mass.

Not a chance.

● Mass is not something independent of aether. It exists (it is sustained) by a continuous consumption of aether. (Because this is a foundational principle, it cannot be reverse.) Since aether is more fundamental than mass, the relationship CANNOT be reversed. That is to say, aether can exist without mass; but mass cannot exist without aether!

● Where does aether come from? … Aether emerges in the cosmic Voids. It is an axiomatic process —requires no causal factor. At the fundamental level the emergence of aether is axiomatic; HOWEVER, in practice the process is augmented by the tension that exists in the “space” between galaxy clusters on opposite sides of a cosmic Void (and pulling in opposite directions).

● Mass (all mass particles) is just confined EM energy. (“Bottled up” energy as Sir James Jeans called it.) That opens the door to a really simple and logical explanation: Positive Energy is Lambda (the emergence of aether). Then, Negative Energy is anything, any process, that absorbs/consumes aether.

Bottom line: MASS, then, is already NEGATIVE.

It all boils down to whether one wants to do physics in the REAL world or in the abstract MATH world.

I do realize I need to do a proper write-up on the fundamentals of DSSU theory. The most recent Paper that discusses much of this is: Law of Physics 20th-Century Scientists Overlooked (Part 6): Cosmic-Scale Conservation of Energy, Physics Essays (Vol.34, No.3, 2021).  A copy is posted here Directory.htm

–Conrad (2021-10-14)

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37. The Fermi Paradox. Where are other advanced civilizations?

Q: How does DSSU theory intersect with the study of life in the universe (in light of the unbroken increase in complexity and intelligence we have witnessed over time on Earth and presumably occurs on other Earth-like planets out there)? Given the rate of technological progress, and the fact that the universe is likely infinite in age and extent, what is your view on the role of life? Where are other civilizations?

My suspicion is that certain astronomical phenomena are actually signs of intelligent life. In particular, the regions around Superneutron stars and Supermassive regions are never ending wells of energy, which life needs to sustain itself. I can imagine intelligent technological civilizations sustaining themselves permanently at the center of central node galaxies, constantly feeding in the jets emitted by Supermassive regions.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this topic, as you have a more rigorous philosophical perspective than most on questions like these.

Sincerely, Nakul Gupta, California (2023-1-23)

My RESPONSE:  My comments in response to “the unbroken increase in complexity and intelligence over time on Earth …”

There is no question about the remarkable rate of technological progress that Western civilization has achieved. … But because of a deep fundamental problem, the future looks grim. Earth’s civilization does not seem to recognize the reason for its success.

With every succeeding generation the AVERAGE intelligence of the populace declines. This is, sad to say, part of a purposeful strategy. The dumbing down of society is in large part the result of the policy-driven practice of diseugenics. Whether purposeful or unintentional, overly taxing the competent high achievers (the producers of society) and simultaneously subsidizing the dependent poor (the net non-producers) and the criminal class, these have obvious detrimental long-term consequences. Yet this is what our so-called governments are doing! If the average intelligence of society continues to decline, Earth’s civilization will go nowhere ---it will gradually decay.

Interesting question. Where are other civilizations?

You’re right. They are out there. Probably lots of them. Since the laws of physics are the same everywhere, the progression of localized complexity tends to produce life, consciousness, intelligence, and ultimately, technologically advanced civilizations.

Here’s the irresolvable problem of networking with advanced civilizations (and why we haven’t received any messages and, thus, invoke the Fermi paradox). The distances separating them are just too vast. Robotic missions can, in theory, deal with the distance (and time spans) but any communication link would eventually be impossible to maintain. I believe without some kind of communication link any motivation for sending out probes would be lost. Why bother to undertake a blind mission and never receive an answer!?

I concede that an advanced technological society may, for one reason or another, decide to migrate away from its home planet and star. This may be the only type of intelligent ‘encounter’ we should expect.

The ultimate challenge for long-lasting technological civilizations (multi-billion year spans) is not a matter of finding a source of energy. The challenge is a gravitational one. The Earth will eventually ‘fall’ into the Sun; the Sun will eventually ‘fall’ into the Galactic core; and our Milky Way galactic remnant will eventually ‘fall’ into the Virgo supergalaxy, M87. To counter such a fate, Earth’s inhabitants will have to migrate to other stars, stars located in the opposite direction ---always away from M87.

Final point to keep in mind: We really don’t want to be anywhere near the emission beam of a Superneutron/Terminal star (or the combined beam of a cluster of Terminal stars). Being in the path of such a beam would be equivalent to (actually worse than) being at the target end of the CERN particle accelerator.

–Conrad (2023-2)

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38. Question on the universe’s most misunderstood component

Q: … I’d love to hear your view on is the perspective of “black holes as the ultimate computers.” There are a lot of theories that combine information theory, computation theory, and (Einstein’s) general relativity to postulate that black holes could be the most optimal computation devices ever created.

It does appear that denser configurations of matter become more computationally optimal (in the sense of Moore’s law and nanotechnology). But in light of DSSU’s aether extinction theory, it seems like this would no longer be the case. Still, I do wonder, is there any useful computation that can be extracted from the aether/mass extinction process?

–Nakul G., California (2023-2-19)

My RESPONSE:  Yes, there are a lot of theories that combine information theory, computation theory, and GR to postulate that black holes could serve as computation devices. My reaction?  I see two warning flags. (i) The several components involved ---information theory, computation theory, general relativity and black holes--- are all mathematical theories whose relevance to reality is highly questionable and is endlessly debatable. The problem lies in the abstract nature of mathematics; it can, and too often is, used to describe abstract worlds. Physics, I believe, should properly be for the study of the real physical (and the real sub-physical) world. (ii) Moreover, what is being employed is a ‘postulate’ (or several postulates), which means the whole enterprise is based on assumption(s). A postulate means an assumption. In other words, it is not based on empirical evidence!

Something to keep in mind about the universe’s most misunderstood component. Black holes are abstract mathematical objects (objects with emptiness between the core mass and the surrounding event horizon). They do not actually exist in the real world. Any and all gravitational collapse, when it finally ends, ends in the formation of a Terminal star (as defined under DSSU theory). The so-called supermassive black hole at the center of the Milky Way is actually a rotating compact cluster of Terminal stars ---with total mass equivalent to 4 million Suns.

Turning to your question on the usefulness of the “aether/mass extinction process.”  By the term “aether-extinction theory”,  I presume you mean mass extinction by aether deprivation. … No, the extinction process and the Terminal-star mass are not useful in any conceivable way. The density is too extreme for anything to happen. No possibility of any interaction. The Terminal star’s superneutron mass has no temperature whatsoever (absolutely no vibratory motion of the neutrons or whatever the identity of the actual mass particles). The density is just too great. Conclusion: No motion, no thermodynamics, no computation, no activity whatsoever.

–Regards, Conrad (2023-2)

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